Modern Love – a new vegan cafe is open in Williamsburg

Brussels & Shitake Bacon: credit Christian Hansen

Brussels & Shitake Bacon: credit Christian Hansen

If you’re a fan of inventive vegan cuisine — Butternut Gnocchi, Brussels & Shitake Bacon, Hen Of The Woods Piccata, you’re in luck.

Isa Chandra Moskowitz describes the menu of Modern Love, her recently opened Williamsburg restaurant, as “swanky vegan comfort food,” but mostly it’s just inspired by the food she ate growing up here in the city.

“When people think comfort food, they might think Southern, but I just look at all different types of food that have comforted me throughout my life,” she says on a Thursday afternoon at the restaurant, as staff prepares for their 5:30 p.m. opening. “Chinese food, Indian food, Jewish food obviously. Our menu has some Russian influences, some French-Canadian influences, but it’s really all through the lens of a Brooklyn Jew.” [Read more…]

Restaurant round-up: Bar Velo and Taqueria Santa Fe open, Paulie Gee’s gets petitioned and more


Bar Velo

In Williamsburg, a new vegetarian restaurant and bar has opened in the former home of Moto called Bar Velo:

Longtime Williamsburg haunt Cafe Moto has been reborn as a cycling enthusiast’s temple to two-wheeled transportation called Bar Velo, opening Monday on Broadway. John McCormick shut down his 14-year restaurant a few months back to retool the design a bit and update the menu to be completely vegetarian. And in the spring, they’ll launch Velo-To-Go, offering grocery-type things like bread, fruit and flowers plus…cycling gear. [Read more…]

Priests playing Brooklyn Night Bazaar, tickets on-sale now


If you haven’t seen Priests perform, they put on a fantastic live show. We’ve been enjoying their new single “Pink White House” from the forthcoming album Nothing Feels Natural which drops January 27. Check it out below. You can grab tickets to the their January 28 show in Brooklyn here at Brooklyn Night Bazaar. [Read more…]

Photos: GWAR played House of Vans last night

14639668_10154794626238694_642152710955047330_nHalloween would not be Halloween without GWAR, and Brooklyn was lucky enough to have the Richmond band perform a free blood-drenched show at House of Vans on Saturday. Playing into the angst of the 2016 political season, the show featured a cage-match between a costumed Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump – neither of them fared well.

As is to be expected at a GWAR show, no one left the venue without getting completely drenched in synthetic blood. [Read more…]

Dario Argento’s Suspiria screening at new events space


Have you noticed the strange new blue building near McCarren Park? It’s called Dobbin St. for the short street it sits on, and if it’s Instagram is any indicator, they’ve been hosting some wild events lately.

This halloween week, Dobbin St will transform for one night only into an immersive homage to Dario Argento’s 1977 horror film “Suspiria”. [Read more…]

Have you seen this sick bastard who stole a puppy in Bushwick?

The incident happened on Monday at Knickerbocker Laundry Station in Bushwick:

A man was caught on video stealing a 4-month-old puppy named Pippen from a locked room in a Bushwick laundromat Monday afternoon, police said. [Read more…]

Taculito pop-up serving tacos at Brooklyn Safehouse


We already loved Greenpoint’s Brooklyn Safehouse, but now they’ve gotten even better. That’s because this under-the-radar bar now has TACOS on Fridays from 7pm-1am:

The tortillas are handmade on site (and it’s actually pretty cool to watch them smash them by hand), which gives each one a unique texture. All their ingredients are sourced with care, to be as close to a legit Mexico City taco as possible. The pair were inspired by the colorful and tiny taco stands that are ubiquitous there… [Read more…]

Alligator Lounge racially slandered by Trump supporters

Credit ABC3

Credit ABC7NY

According to a local bartender at Williamsburg’s Alligator Lounge, a late night argument with patrons led to a racially-charged incident:

I am a bartender at the Alligator Lounge in Williamsburg. If you aren’t familiar its a dive bar that gives out free pizza with every drink. Our pizza chefs are Mexican. We stop serving pizza at 3:30 a.m. Last night around 3:40 one of our customers became very upset with the fact that we were no longer cooking pizza. For what its worth they already had several pizzas. Anyway they yelled at us and apparently were much more aggressive and disrespectful with our pizza cooks. They left shortly there after. [Read more…]