Whisk: a better on-demand car service app for Williamsburg and NYC



If you’re looking for the best way to get around from Williamsburg, look no further than Whisk, the newest on-demand car service app in the city, which just added more than 100 app-activated cars in Williamsburg. This means that when you want a ride, Whisk has you covered.

New riders get $10 off any ride originating from Williamsburg. Use code WB10 to redeem.

With Whisk, you’ll be using a consumer-friendly interface with pricing displayed like in a cab ride; you’ll have real-time control; and you’ll be able to switch between personal and corporate profiles without having to log in and out. Rides with Whisk are generally within 10-20 percent of the cost of a taxi rides. Bonus!

And, Whisk regularly comes up with new innovations for its subscribers – from the Ride Pass, offering flat-rate weekly memberships for unlimited rides, to Priority Peak, a loyalty program that allows regular riders to jump the queue when demand is highest and bypass any surcharges related to peak travel.

Try it out by downloading the app at http://get.whisk.me.

Offer terms:
Riders should use code WB10 to register. Offer is valid for new riders only. Should a ride cost less than $10, the remaining amount is forfeited. Gratuity and tolls are not included. Offer is valid until June 1, 2014.

Coming soon to Williamsburg: Taiwanese Night Market


This looks delicious. Get your tickets here.

TAP-NY will be holding its third annual Taiwanese Night Market on Friday, April 25th. For one night only, we’ll be transforming a Williamsburg warehouse into a one of a kind delicious and traditional experience. An event flyer is attached.

Attendees get a “Passport to Night Market” with which they’re entitled to a dish from each of our hand picked vendors – some are totally new to NYC, some are a Night Market exclusive, and others are well known.

A-Pou Dumplings – Pan fried dumplings, just like from a Taiwanese mother’s kitchen.
General Tso’Boy – A never before seen vendor making its debut, an Asian twist on the classic Po’boy sandwich
Macaron Parlour – A delectable array of unconventional macarons
Nom Wah Tea Parlour – Catered food from the first dim sum parlour in NYC
Outerborough – Outerborough, a Brooklyn Flea staple, is bringing a new dish…the time-honored night market and Taiwanese staple: stinky tofu
Sweet Pleasure Confections – Delicious Asian inspired sweets
Taicken Chicken – Making their glorious return, Taicken continues to impress with delicious Taiwanese popcorn chicken…and a brand new hand crafted dish
Thirstea - A tasty twist on bubble tea, this isn’t your run of the mill drink
TKettle - Authentic and delicious Taiwanese candied fruit
Wooly’s - Authentic, healthy, and delicious shaved snow topped with fresh fruit and sumptuous syrup

New video from Ejecta – ‘Eleanor Lye’ (NSFW)



Popular East Village staple Max is now open on Driggs

Photo: Daphne Wester

Photo: Daphne Wester
Max is located at 740 Driggs Ave. (at South 2nd) 347-987-3645

From DNA:

The eatery has spent more than a year in flux, after electricity issues caused by Hurricane Sandy forced its longtime home on Avenue B to shutter prior to its lease ending, explained owner Luigi Iasilli.

Then, after signing a lease on the South Williamsburg address in late 2011, problems with that building required repairs that didn’t allow Iasilli and his team into the space until this past October, he said.

With the real estate snags behind him, the native of Potenza in southern Italy is ready to serve the patrons he followed to Williamsburg as part of their collective exodus from the East Village, Iasilli said.

“Our customers were asking us, please, move to Williamsburg, move to Bushwick,” said Iasilli, who told the Wall Street Journal that his East Village traffic had become “slow.”

They haven’t updated their website, but will be serving the same menu and are open for lunch and dinner.

Dumont’s landlord posts eviction notice on beleaguered restaurant’s door

We spoke with Kristina Greene last month and she assured us that the restaurant would be opening this spring. This doesn’t look promising. Bedford and Bowery spotted this on April 4th, so the clock is ticking:


Now open in Williamsburg & Greenpoint: The Sandwich Shop, Lucky Luna and Northern Territory

Lucky Luna's Taiwanese-Mexican fusion, (c/o Time Out)

Lucky Luna’s Taiwanese-Mexican fusion, (c/o Time Out)

Lucky Luna has been open in Greenpoint for a couple of weeks and the Times recently paid them a visit:

I wished that the menu were closer in spirit to the restaurant’s logo, a mash-up of the Chinese character shou, which stands for longevity, and the eyelashed crescent moon from the Lotería (a Mexican form of bingo). Perhaps in time Mr. Jang will dare more.

For now, the excitement lies in unexpected details, like the house-made hot sauce, which starts off Chinese, with a strong hit of vinegar, and finishes Mexican, with a swaggering heat. It’s too bitter to eat alone. But add it wherever it’s needed, and suddenly everything flares into life.

More about Lucky Luna here.

The Sandwich Shop is now open in Williamsburg, with an eclectic menu of sandwiches including The Tokyo Breakfast – Japanese style egg custard, cheddar cheese, smoked ham, roasted tomato and arugula with dijonaise vinaigrette on warm brioche bread. Yum:

The Sandwich Shop is owned by cookbook author Chef Clarisa Penzini and husband artist Ricardo Picon. They offer inventive, high quality sandwiches inspired by different cultures as well as new takes on the classics. Sandwiches like “The Tokyo Breakfast” (baked egg custard, cheddar, ham, arugula on brioche), “The Korean” (Kimchi, Cheddar, Sriracha Mayo on Ciabatta) and the classic “Cubano” (roasted pulled leg of pork, ham and Emmenthal) have become neighborhood favorites.

More information about The Sandwich Shop here. [Read more...]

This Saturday: Cozy Cosmic pop-up shop and art exhibit in Williamsburg


cozy-cozCozy Cosmic is a mixture of clothing, art and music. The concept of Cozy Cosmic is that it is a virtual band of three characters that are about space travel, creativity, innovation, and pushing the boundaries here and in the cosmos. My influences come from a wide range of artists from different forms of media.(Art, Photography, Music, Fashion) We express our vision through these different forms. The intergalactic music group is called the Cozy Theme, and the art that is made is deep in the forms of color and shapes and at this event I will be showcasing art, music, and fashion. You can check out the website cozycosmic.com to see some of our garments. 10%-30% off of items and the special is if you buy two items you get a cozy cosmic item for free.

cozy-coz-orangeCozy Cosmic

Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn
230 Grand Street and Driggs Ave
(next to Vaute clothing)
L train to Bedford Ave.
Walk up from Driggs ave to Grand Street.
The event time is 1:00pm-8:00pm Saturday April 5.

Art and Fashion: cozycosmic.com
Instagram: instagram.com/cozycosmic
Music page: soundcloud.com/thecozy3

There’s a Kokie’s yoga mat


In case you weren’t around for Kokie’s, Vice published an nasal oral history a few years ago. From Hyperallergic:

Designed by New York–based artist Jon Kessler, the object is part of a series of yoga mats by Grey Area, which includes versions created by Daniel Arsham, Wim Delvoye, and others.
The sales blurb for Grey Area’s yoga mats is so very insightful, as it suggests: “If you consider the many hours people spend staring at their mats, often in a grounded and conscious state, unencumbered by their mind’s preoccupations, they are in an ideal condition for viewing art.” And, in case you were worried that Kessler was going to obscure his objet d’art with a blizzard of pretentious theory explaining the basis for his idea, he seems to say “fuck it” and tell it like it is. Commentary on his mat, from the site: [Read more...]