Six week L train shutdown coming soon to a weekend near you


Well THIS sucks!

Ah spring, season of rebirth, season of hope and coming soon, season of godawful L train shutdowns that will prevent easy access from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Yes that’s right, after already breaking your spirit in the winter, we got a tip, later confirmed by an MTA spokesman, that L train will put you back on the rack in spring, with nine straight weeks of weeknight track work starting March 24 that will shut it down between 8th Avenue and Bedford Avenue. Plus, you get six straight weekends of no L train between 8th Avenue and Bedford Avenue starting April 11. At least the weekend track work might keep Manhattanites out? [Read more...]

Williamsburg now has the country’s only bar dedicated exclusively to Matcha


Credit: Melissa Hom, Grub Street

Whatever the heck that is. Luckily, Matcha Bar explains this mysterious concoction to newbies like us:

1. A Japanese powdered green tea, historically used to enhance one’s focus, energy, and alertness.
2. The stone-ground powder derived from the topmost leaves of the first harvest of a green tea crop. [Read more...]

Graffiti artist Xerorocks tagging Bushwick Collective’s murals, blames them for gentrifying


In the last several weeks, Xerorocks has been tagging — and sometimes painting over — many of Bushwick Collective’s murals:

ZEXOR, a graffiti writer born and bred in NYC, has been on a rampage lately, defacing (or beautifying, depending on who you talk to) one mural after another with spray paint. His main target? The Bushwick Collective, an ongoing street art project that facilitates the painting of scores of walls by urban artists. [Read more...]

Rudy’s Barbershop – on Williamsburg, drug-induced freak-outs, and wasted beauty



Rudy’s Barbershop officially opened its doors to Williamsburg last month, offering quality haircuts and a dedicated pop-up shop from leather goods manufacturer and retailer, Tanner Goods. The ten-chair barbershop is also home to a stunning wall mural by New York-based artist, Romon Yang.

Rudy’s Director of Store Design and native of Brooklyn, Marshall Ryan, had this to say about the beautiful building that now houses our shop, “There’s a strange grime on the façade that I want to believe is some byproduct of the millions of pounds of sugar that was refined daily by our late neighbor, the Domino Sugar Factory. Under all of that soot is an unusual 1890s Neogothic structure that stands out from the bulk of building types in the neighborhood. 33 Grand Street was originally Northside Bank, later a chemicals storage warehouse, followed by an assortment of tenants from the 70s to now. I’ve been told that one tenant, in the 90s, ran something kind of like a speakeasy, but for hard drugs and prostitution – that tenancy allegedly ended in a drug-induced rampage in which all the original 1800s casework was destroyed and left on the curb for collection. We’re going to throw some pretty cool parties… but maybe not that cool.” [Read more...]

Attention chillwavers and alt bros…. Hipster Runoff is for sale


Yep, “Carles” is selling his niche-famous aughts site:

Famous niche hipster PR 5 Site w/ 168,648 uniques/mo making $1,300/mo w/ no work

Well-established site that has gone inactive but still generates traffic. Quality inbound links from NYTimes, Gawker, Wired, & more. Great opportunity to take brand and rebuild audience.

We’d say it’s the end of an era, had that era not already ended. The current bid is for $2500. [via]

Yotel Williamsburg: another butt-ugly hotel coming to Williamsburg


Look at that fucking thing. Wow. Williamsburg is becoming Miami:

The 14-story hotel, a collaboration between Yotel and Synapse, will be located at 646 Lorimer Street, near Meeker Avenue and the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. The street level of the building will host retail, with a roof garden at the level of the BQE and the hotel rising above that. The top levels of the structure will house six to eight condos with views of the East River and Manhattan. “Williamsburg is an amazing community — it deserves architecture that strives to match its richness and vibrancy,” said Marc Kushner, HWKN principal.

Another HWKN principal, Matthias Hollwich, said “We felt it was important to create a distinct and modern design that would establish Yotel Williamsburg as a destination for global travelers, while the sculptural qualities of the building also connects with Williamsburg’s artistic bent.”

This godawful thing is set to open in 2017.

Gnarly bacteria-spreading rug-rats giving Williamsburg residents diarrhea


It’s mostly affecting kids thus far, but wash your hands! Kids ruin EVERYTHING:

Children have been sick and highly contagious by an infection caused by the Shigella bacterium, which has been spreading across Brooklyn.

As CBS2’s Ilana Gold reported, the bacterial infection has been a particularly big problem in Borough Park and Williamsburg. Eighty cases have been reported since November – most in children – and the number has been growing…. [Read more...]

Williamsburg bar to have 150 rooms and bar inside a water tower


How long do we have to wait before we get a rollercoaster in Williamsburg? Via Eater:

Hotel developer Toby Moskovits is planning to open an 150-room hotel just down the street from the Wythe Hotel, and with it the most twee bar to ever come to the hipster capital of NYC. If the hotel gets the SLA sign-off, it will host a restaurant and six or so bars intimate bars including one that looks like a grand ballroom, a cellar bar, and (drumroll), a 30-seat bar inside a water tower on the hotel’s roof.

The unnamed hotel will be at 63 North 10th Street in Williamsburg.