Drink Williamsburg Greenpoint-Tomorrow!

Celebrate Edible New York’s Eat Drink Local Week with Drink Williamsburg Greenpoint tomorrow night at The Brooklyn Brewery from 8-11pm. Enjoy “Sips” of signature cocktails created for the event from the neighborhood’s best including Dram, The Drink, Maison Premiere, The Richardson, Rabbithole, Manhattan Inn, Saint Vitus, Brooklyn Winery, 285 Bedford, and sample The Concoction, Brooklyn Brewery’s latest reserve, based on The Penicillin cocktail. Bar snacks to compliment the cocktails will be provided by local restaurants and food purveyors.

Tickets are $25 advanced purchase, $35 the day of and can be bought here.

All proceeds will benefit the building of the Northside Town Hall Community and Cultural Center a joint project of two longtime North Brooklyn neighborhood non-profits, Neighbors Allied for Good Growth (NAG) and The People’s Firehouse, Inc (PFI.) Located on the site of the former Engine Company 212 firehouse, the redesigned building will provide a permanent home for the two founding non-profits to continue to serve, organize, and advocate for the community, a flexible cultural exhibition and community meeting space on the ground floor and serve as a place for all to celebrate and build community.

Nighthawk Cinema + Booze = Heaven

Nighthawk Cinema

After all our complaints about wanting a movie theater in Williamsburg (in addition to IndieScreen) we can finally rejoice that not only has a theater opened that plays indie first run films, but also serves booze! Nighthawk Cinema officially opens this weekend with showings of Midnight in Paris, The Trip, and Submarine. Zagat has the full scoop on the theater.

“There are tables between every two seats, complete with drinks holders, and you can place written orders from a waiter throughout the flick. The drink list contains options that are themed around movies, while the food options range from homemade beef jerky to watermelon salad. If you don’t want to stay for a show, there is a bar area that is open to the public as well.”

Tickets are $11, and the food is all prepared by Chef Saul Bolton who won a Michelin star for his restaurant Saul on Smith Street. Here’s a peek at the whole menu.

Nighthawk Cinema; 136 Metropolitan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY; 718.963.2917

The Burger Guru Organic Eatery To Open Tomorrow

The Burger Guru

In keeping with the organic trend, The Burger Guru eatery is scheduled to open for business tomorrow. The Burger Guru’s founders have pledged to cook their burgers in the style of their grandfather from Greece. In addition to offering meat burgers, there will also be a few veggie options available. They say:

After years of traveling back and forth to the village of Laconia, we have resolved to reproduce his great tasting recipe for our patrons and with the same humble roots and passion for our meat, truly hope you enjoy our Burger Guru’s harmonious balance between taste and quality.

They’ll also be donating a percentage of their profits to various causes which are geared to fighting illness like obesity, ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), diabetes, cancer and heart disease as well as to benefit our much abused planet and animals.

Morgane on Bedford Ave.

c/o Grub Street

Grub Street got the first look at Morgane, which they call a “touch of Balthazar on Bedford Avenue”. Here’s what they have to say:

If you happen to miss Casanis on the Lower East Side (and before that, on East 1st Street), worry not: Yesterday that bygone bistro’s chef-owner Sebastian Maczko opened a French joint right across the bridge, on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg. He’s teamed up with his partners in Chloe 81, Mike Townsend, Brooke Smy, and M Kouger (known to most as simply M), and together they’ve opened Morgane. As you can see here, the menu is straightforward French, with a few Schiller’s-esque comfort-food additions like the Cuban sandwich and macaroni and cheese. Other nods to McNally include design touches that seem to come straight from Balthazar, as well as baguettes and pastries that actually do come from Balthazar Bakery. Morgane has one thing none of McNally’s restaurants have, though — a lovely back garden. It’ll be open for lunch as well, in the coming days.

Fingers crossed the food will be good, we’re always a fan of a nice back garden.

Williamsburg Walks Returns

CLICK FOR LARGER, c/o Greenpointers

Williamsburg Walks has returned this year on Saturday June 11th and Saturday June 18th  (we wish it was more, but we won’t complain too much). Below is a block-by-block rundown of this year’s programming:

North 4th to North 5th

Hosted by the Southside CSA
Saturday June 11th & Saturday June 18th

FUN WITH FOUR SQUARE (& other games)
Hosted by Craig’s Kitchen
Saturday June 11th & Saturday June 18th

Crest True Value Hardware
Saturday June 11th & Saturday June 18th

North 5th to North 6th

interactive fashion & art presentation from Woven Spaces, Inc.
Saturday June 18th

Hosted by the East River Ferry
Saturday June 11th & Saturday June 18th

Saturday June 11th & Saturday June 18th

Hosted by Auto Media
Saturday June 11th & Saturday June 18th

Presented by Namaste Yoga & Tranquility
Saturday June 11th & Saturday June 18th

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Weekend Plans: 11th Annual Renegade Craft Fair

Here’s your weekend plans: The Renegade Craft Fair hits McCarren Park for their 11th year. Hit up the festival for all things homemade, knitted, crafted, etc. The craft fair runs all weekend from 11AM-7PM.

New Bar: Nights & Weekends

c/o The New York Times/ Brian Park

A new bar brought to you from the owners of Five Leaves called “Nights and Weekends” adjacent to McCarren Park is now officially open for business. Nights and Weekends features a selection of liquor that’s very rum heavy (think Island beverages along the lines of frozen pisco sours, Red Stripe beer, Malbec wines from Argentina and Chilean Carmeneres), and a menu inspired by Cuba and the West Indies. We hear that the waffles slathered with spiced rum butter are a must order.

If you’re thinking the themed menu might be a bit much, remember that Nights and Weekends isn’t a cheesy themed bar, “We were careful not to skew too tiki,” says Dan Sabo, one of the bartenders. “This isn’t a Hawaiian shirt sort of list. Instead, it’s cocktails for pirates and desperadoes.”

Check out the full listing here: http://www.freewilliamsburg.com/listings/nights-and-weekends

Metropolitan Ave. Bagelsmith Location Opens!

Bagel lovers: rejoice! Bagelsmith has opened a Lorimer Street/Metropolitan Avenue location of their popular shop which offers a large variety of bagels, spreads, sandwich meats, and various types of caffeine.  They’re currently open from 6am-10pm, however they tell us that in the next few weeks they’ll switch to a 24-hour operating schedule.