Nighthawk Cinema receives OK to serve booze IN theaters

We’re hearing rumors that beginning tonight our favorite new spot Nighthawk Cinema will begin serving booze IN the theater as opposed to in the lobby before or after the show!!! This amazing news perfectly corresponds with a special midnight screening tonight of The Rum Diaries tonight at 12:10AM. The featured drink for the movie is “Rum Punch” which contains is a tasty mixture of Banks 5 Island Rum, Sencha tea, Moroccan mint tea, lime juice, and Demerara sugar, and it’s served over ice with some grated nutmeg on top. If you’re into food (who needs that now that you can drink), the special is Rum Raisin Pudding.

Nighthawk Cinema is one of the best things to come to Williamsburg in a while, and this new addition makes it even more awesome.

Check out their full movie listings here:

Truck Yeah! Mobile Meetup Coming to Williamsburg

This Sunday, October 2nd from 12pm-6pm at The Crown Victoria Bar (one of our favorite must visit new spots!) is the first mobile meet up for trucks (not just food) in Williamsburg. The event is being called Truck Yeah!

For the first annual Mobile Meet Up, a group of eleven trucks, each representing a different player in the rapidly growing “mobile culture” of New York City—from gourmet food, to fine art, music, design, and fashion—will convene in Brooklyn.

We’re excited to see Art Cart NYC’s mobile exhibition with work from Amia Yokoyama and Kennedy Yanko. Yokoyama will transform the truck into a cave-like environment and induce altered states of awareness through the use of light and sound. Employing digital frequency modulation, algorithms, and light projections, she will channel the sacred nature of prehistoric caves in a contemporary iteration. Yanko will stage her paroxysm paint sculptures inside and around the truck. These poured pieces are boundless outbursts of vibrant pigments, which form eerie, intoxicating, surreal sculptures that are malleable to their surroundings.

There’s no better way to spend one of the last nice Sunday’s of the year, we think you’ll like it.

Current Truck Yeah participants include:

Art Cart NYC™
Bang Bang NYC
BangOn! NYC
Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwiches
El Camino ARTRV
Etta Place
Gawker Artists
Green Pirate Juice Truck
Lonely Goat Dance Company
Rickshaw Dumpling Truck
Tiffany Nicole Mobile Vintage Shop
The Mud Truck
Truck Farm

Truck Yeah: Sunday October 2nd, 12pm-6pm. The Crown Victoria Bar, 60 S. 2nd Street at Wythe.

New Food & Drink Openings Round-Up

Cafe Esquina

There’s a slew of new openings in Williamsburg these days. Below, a round-up of the best of the best. Highlights of the openings include: Mexican tacos in a garden at Cafe Esquina, A Brooklyn outpost from the founders of Peels & Freemans, American Comfort food at a cozy tavern, and an Italian eatery from the owners of ‘ino, ‘inoteca, & Corsino.

Cafe De La Esquina: A SoHo favorite comes to Williamsburg in the old Relish space. This Brooklyn outpost is divided into two parts: a takeout taqueria in front, an outdoor garden and a classic diner with brown booths, and a candle-lit backroom for a more traditional dining experience. Over 100 sipping tequilas and mescals are offered. See the full listing here:
Cafe De La Esquina: 225 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211.


Isa: Taavo Somer’s downtown Manhattan’s Peels and Freemans are well known in the city. He’s now opening his first Brooklyn eatery: Isa. Isa’s decor is warm and rustic, with plenty of exposed wood beams. The food is eclectic American and for now they’re BYOB. See the full listing here:
Isa: 348 Wythe St., Brooklyn, NY 11211.

Two Door Pizza

Two Door Tavern: This new comfort food spot has finally opened in Williamsburg. The tavern serves brunch, lunch, and dinner, in additional to a large selection of craft beers. The decor is cozy and was sourced from salvage yards in the Tri-state area. See the full listing here:
Two Door Tavern: 116 N 5th St., Brooklyn, NY 11211.


Betto: Betto is a bi-level Italian restaurant from restaurateur James Denton (‘ino, ‘inoteca, Corsino) called Betto. Featuring a Greenmarket-heavy seasonal menu that, that focuses on Italian, Spanish, and French flavors. Both small and large plates are served.  See the full listing here:
Betto: 138 N 8th St., Brooklyn, NY 11211.

Waffles, Whiskey, + Grilled Cheese: Waffle & Wolf & Noorman’s Kil

Waffle & Wolf

This week’s new openings bring you waffles, whiskey, and grilled cheese!

Waffle & Wolf was opened by Arman Sen and Daniel Richardson who said that they felt there was a void of “quick, to-go food in the neighborhood”.  Arman Sen, originally from Turkey wanted to bring the popular Turkish hand-held waffles to Brooklyn, partnered with Daniel Richardson who formerly worked at DuMont and is a pastry chef. They came together to create the perfect offering: both waffles with dessert toppings (our favorite: is the Almond Waffle with honey whipped cream and strawberries), or filling savory ingredients (we like the tuna salad with grapes, tomato, walnuts, and parsley) that could be eaten as a meal. Waffle & Wolf also serves coffee from Dallis Bros. Check out the full listing here:
413 Graham Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11211

Noorman's Kil

If you’re in the mood for whiskey and grilled cheese, Noorman’s Kil is the place to go. NY Mag has the full scoop below. Here’s the full listing:’s-kil

“Whiskey for Williamsburg is nothing new, but at Noorman’s Kil, opening Wednesday, the focus won’t be the usual Maker’s Mark drunk by bearded dudes in the ‘burg, but rather more obscure brands like Old Potrero and Springbank, plus Scotches. “We wanted to kind of educate a younger generation of whiskey drinkers. There’s that weird stigma that it’s all Park Avenue guys with suits,” says Marcel Simoneau, one of the four young co-owners of the Grand Street spot. As for pairing this with grilled cheese, well, “Those are the two things we really like,” Simoneau explains.

But don’t worry if hard-core whiskies aren’t quite your bag. There’ll be regular tastings during the week for seasoning the taste buds, plus twelve beers on tap and a rotating lineup of three whites and three reds. The partners built out the 174-person space themselves, lugging the 1880s bar down from Amish Country, and freshening up the backyard with grapevines and benches*. Bread for sandwiches like the Jane — made with sourdough, New York sharp Cheddar, and My Friend’s Mustard — comes from Orwasher’s and Grandaisy, and cheese from Murray’s. Expect whiskey and grilled cheese pairings once things get rolling.

Brooklyn Cupcake & Whiskey at Williams & Bailey

Here’s your regular new openings round-up.

Brooklyn Cupcake

Brooklyn Cupcake: Brooklyn Cupcake’s owner Carmen Rodriguez comes from Puerto Rican and Italian Roots which she has successfully infused into the offerings at Brooklyn Cupcake. Our favorite flavors include tres leches, dulce de leche, guava con queso, rainbow cookie, and tiramisu. The cute bakery also serves coffee and tea. Check out the full listing here.
335 Union Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11211

Williams & Bailey

Williams & Bailey: Replacing the old location of 507 Bar and Grill, Williams & Bailey offers top shelf whiskey, cheap beers, and pretty good American food under $10. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, with plenty of tables and dark corners. Check out the full listing here.
507 Grand St. Brooklyn, NY 11211

Café de La Esquina Takes Over Former Relish Space

c/o Urban Daddy

Details about the La Esquina outpost opening in Williamsburg are beginning to emerge, with Urban Daddy getting the latest scoop. Urban Daddy says:

Just like the corner deli locale of the original, outpost numero dos is divided up into three distinct sections. There’s the takeout window/taqueria (always wise to bookend a bar night with veal tongue tacos). The intimate back room (think chile de árbol braised brisket by candlelight). And a vintage diner area that’s now technically a saloon with 100-plus sipping tequilas.

And by the end of August, the taqueria is getting an all-important outdoor cerveza yard—complete with tree canopies and strings of festive lights—which you’ll make your spot for alcoholic shaved ice and grilled corn rolled in lime mayo, chili and cotija cheese.

We miss Relish, but are excited for the prospect of additional excellent Mexican food in the ‘burg.

Egg Expanding to North 3rd

Exciting news for anyone who loves Egg: owner George Weld has been renovating a space on 109A North 3rd next to Mast Brothers Chocolate. Eater has the details on the new spot.

Eater says:

“Details are still hazy, but Weld says the new, “more relaxed” restaurant will “grow organically out of Egg,” and better integrate their farm. Expect a focus on dinner service this time, along with a stronger emphasis on vegetables. Weld is still looking for some more funding, so there’s no word on an opening date just yet.”

We’ll keep you updated as more details develop.

New Restaurant Openings Round-Up

It’s time for a round-up of all the delicious eateries that have opened in the past few weeks. Below is the full list.

Forcella (pictured above): The most delicious new pizza place to hit Williamsburg since Motorino. Headed by 4 time pizza world champion Giulio Adriani this pizza is worth trying.
485 Lorimer St. Brooklyn, NY 11211
Full listing here:

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