Americans Are So Over Hipsters, Declares America’s Most Relevant Polling Firm

PPPLogo“Americans are so over Hipsters” declared a new poll out today from top political firm Public Policy Polling. The firm, which normally conducts research for clients such as the Democratic Governor’s Association and a slew of federal and state elected officials, found that only 16% of Americans have a positive opinion of hipsters, 42% of Americans dislike hipsters and a whopping 43% of Americans just aren’t sure what to make of the trend.

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Can musicians really make enough money to pay rent? These guys say yes.

Jesse Cannon in the studio.

Jesse Cannon in the studio.

Statistically, at least according to an informal survey of bar patrons I conducted last weekend, Williamsburg and Bushwick are home to more musicians than most other parts of the city. Which should mean that all of us are more than familiar with the tired trope of the struggling musician who’s just waiting to be signed: the bands playing to the same group of 20 friends each week, and somehow guilt you into paying that $5 cover almost every time; your drummer who hops from piss-stained mattress to piss-stained couch while he’s waiting for his “big break”; that 300-press of your band’s CD you made that you’re now using as a nightstand. As much as New York is the place we all come to dream big, it’s also the place we watch those dreams, and our bank accounts, slowly shrivel and die.

Enter Williamsburg-based music industry veterans Jesse Cannon and Todd Thomas. Cannon has not only been producing and managing bands for more than a decade, with groups like Animal Collective, The Misfits, The Cure, Leftover Crack, The Menzingers and Man Overboard; he, along with his partner Thomas, has been covering the way the music industry ‘s been rapidly changing on his blog, And just this week, the two of them decided to turn that blog into a comprehensive, 700-page look and DIY guide to the real way the music industry works today: Get More Fans: the DIY Guide to the New Music Business.

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TOMORROW NIGHT: The Naked (comic book) Heroes Play Cameo; Rock your World.

The Naked Heroes in comic form. By Benjamin Marra.

Last year we told you: no one in Brooklyn rocks harder than The Naked Heroes. This year we’re telling you again: These guys are fucking amazing.

Not only do they have an ass-kicking new record, Demon the Whiskey Down, out now, they’ve been turned into a fucking comic. By Benjamin Marra. Of Vice Magazine. You know, he did the Incredible Fantastic Adventures of Maureen Dowd?

Anyways, please, listen to their record (it’s available for FREE through Drug Front Records). If you like it you can even buy the LP and comic to have and put on display (I <3 mine) in your home. Their record release party is tomorrow night at  Cameo, which promises to be a damn good time. I better see you there.

Oh and guys? This is the video for their song Ugly Girls.  They fucking rule.

The Naked Heroes, W/ Weird Owl and MRC Riddims. Friday November 4 at Cameo Gallery, (93 N 6th Street, bet Wythe and Berry). $8, Doors @8:30 pm.

There are some people sleeping in a park near Wall Street.

And marching, and chanting, and actually making some pretty goddamn good points about the economy. Check out the information on the Adbusters/Anonymous Occupy Wall Street Protest, watch their livestream, buy them pizza, or read the interviews with the protesters over at the Awl.

Don’t ever let them tell you that Unicorns don’t exist.

The Vehicle of Dreams. Photo by Oriana Leckert.

Because the one above was just chilling out on Marcy and Hope last night.

Can someone let the owner of this vehicle know that I would like to marry them please? Thanks.

Photo by Oriana Leckert of Brooklyn Spaces.

Brooklyn Spaces: Chronicaling Weird Shit Before it Gets Condemed/Gentrified

Death by Audio. Photo by Maximus Comissar

You know how there was that one time? That your friend dragged you to that random warehouse party you’re pretty sure was somewhere in Bushwick but can’t be positive because your recollection of how you got there or how you left is kind of hazy? But all you know is that when you were there there was a zip line, and maybe some fire eaters, and quite possibly a trailer? As we all know, Brooklyn is full of “underground” spaces like that — everything from night clubs to DIY classes to make-you-own-liquor factories. And as anyone who’s lived here long enough knows, these places are so transient once you’ve been to a place once you maybe have a 50-50 chance of ever finding it again.

Well one woman, long time Williamsburg resident Oriana Leckert, has taken it upon herself to chronicle them, one crazy space at a time. You should really check out her blog, Brooklyn Spaces, which chronicles the many many many creative ways Brooklynites are, well using their space. Full of gorgeous photos and in-depth profiles on the history of each space, her site will let you see what you’ve been missing, or maybe evern finally figure out the name of that place you stumbled into in a drunken late-night stupor.

We sat down with her to see what she’s seen, what she loves, and what her website is all about.

Breuckelen Distilling Co. Photo By Maximus Comissar

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This Weekend: Roberta’s Hosts Ladies Arm Wrestling Brawl

5 Borough Ladies Arm Wrestling Flyer Bring your bucks and your biceps over to Roberta’s backyard this weekend for the Second Flex: Ladies Arm Wrestling competition. Eight decked-out lady wrestlers will compete in a round-robin style tournament to see who’s the strongest, and who plays the dirtiest. Outrageous costumes and betting? They’re strongly encouraged. Even better? The event is free, and net proceeds go to support Providence House — a not-for-profit organization founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph that helps transform the lives of homeless, abused, and formerly incarcerated women and their children – one family at a time.

The Five Borough Ladies Arm Wrestling league is a part of a national network of ladies arm wrestling league. We sat down with the last bout’s champion, Jackie O’Nasty, and organizer Kate McNeely  to get their take on what makes a champion.

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How did you survive the hurricane?

Hey Irene, Blow Me

Hurricane Preparedness

How did you survive Irene? Gorge yourself on canned goods? Swim in a bathtub of Poland Spring? Me? I evacuated, only to lose power in that apartment while my apartment stayed fine.