2011 Blip Festival Comes to NYC May 19-21

Don’t miss this fantastic celebration of chiptune music.

BLIP FESTIVAL NEW YORK 2011 from 2 Player Productions on Vimeo.

Entering it’s fifth year, this iteration of Blip Festival showcases an international chip community that stands at a crossroads. Now firmly entrenched in mainstream culture with chipsounds and pixel art finding their way into television, motion pictures, and ironically enough, modern video games, Chip musicians and artists find they are no longer expected to educate their audiences but, instead, are free to innovate. As the community becomes less of a genre and more of an ethos, documenting the ever-growing diversification of the community is the Blip Festival’s top goal.


All the Men in Williamsburg & Greenpoint Are Virgins

Can somebody please make some sense of this list that supposedly reveals the kinkiest and loneliest places in the U.S., based on dating site profiles, because I certainly cannot. For starters, Greenpoint and Williamsburg–yes, the nabe with a plethora of hormonally-charged watering holes–has the most virgin men in the country. Really? The only explanation here somebody offered was the Hasidic anomaly, but then why wouldn’t some Amish district, or a small, off-the-grid county in conservative Utah, perhaps rank higher? Color me presumptuous but I imagine their coital rates are comparable. Here’s a sampling:

  • Most virgin women: Louisiana 2nd (New Orleans)
  • Most virgin men: New York 12th (Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Park Slope in Brooklyn; Maspeth, Ridgewood, in Queens; Lower East Side in Manhattan)
  • Least virgin women: Texas 29th (Houston)
  • Least virgin men: Louisiana 2nd (New Orleans)

Also: New Orleans has the most virgin women, yet also claims the least virgin men?! Per another, perhaps those men are all sleeping with the small group of promiscuous women. Or each other. I’m so confused. Please, Internet, help me. Comment below or tweet your explanatory rage to me. One thing to note: this is all based on word cloud analysis on dating sites…so perhaps everyone in Williamsburg mentions their desire for virgins. In which case, God bless you in your honesty.

(I’d click through to the artist’s site for some clarity, but it’s on Columbia.edu’s servers and they are slow/down at the moment.)

Free ‘Brooklyn Country’ Show W/ W’Burg’s ‘I’ll Be John Brown’ This Wednesday

While Explosions In The Sky play Radio City Wednesday night, Williamsburg’s own I’ll Be John Brown will be a part of Spike Hill’s Brooklyn Country showdown — Live! Loud! Local! Free!

Spike Hill gets a countrified overdrive! 8pm Paul Thornton Band, 9pm Party Folk, 10pm I’ll Be John Brown, 11pm The Evangelines.

Here’s “Mine,” a track by IBJB that slips an aural peak at the kickass country in store. It’s off their self-titled album:

Introducing the Only ‘Friday’ Cover That Matters, As Performed by ‘Bob Dylan’

New York City’s own Mike Bauer recorded a fantastic cover of Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday,’ in his spot-on impersonation of a very internet-savvy Bob Dylan. Forget all those other covers out there–even Black’s original. This is the end-all, be-all of the ‘Friday’ party anthems.

Watch/listen to this awesomeness:

Side note: the ever-present Web Sheriff almost took this gem from our earballs, internet. Bauer had to have a little chat with the notorious internet copyright enforcer, who conceded it was all a misunderstanding. Yesterday afternoon, Bauer tweeted, “It was all a mix up, and the video is back up!” Forever, hopefully. ‘Cause it’s Fun. Fun, fun, fun. Lookin’ forward to the weekend.

Interview: Meet the Urban Hunters Who Created the ‘Hipster Traps’

Much like the urban hunters who’ve been silently setting up the NYC hipster traps, we’re semi-professional trackers too–practitioners of the fine arts in tracking someone down who’s done something of note somewhere on the Internet. I enjoy that pursuit. So imagine my astonishment when one of my Facebook friends–granted, we’ve connected because of a previous meme-y deed–owned up to the traps after the whole shi-bang blew up on Reddit!

So we got in touch. I asked a few questions. Behold, Williamsburg! Meet Jeff Greenspan and Hunter Fine, the urban hunters trapping hipsters and B&T types all across the city. These were answered over email, and they collaborated on the answers, so we’ll credit each one as JG/HF. Plus, below the jump, an exclusive video of smart hipsters avoiding the trap on Bedford ave.

FREEwilliamsburg: So, Jeff! You’re the urban hunter who’s placed hipster traps all over the city?

JG/HF: Yes, along with my friend my friend, Hunter Fine, we’ve started setting Urban Traps – the first ones aimed at hipsters.

FW: And who are you guys, exactly, when you’re not baiting the city’s ‘trustafarians’?

Beware the Hipster Traps

This alleged “hipster trap,” which includes a bear clamp fit with all the earthly pleasures a hipster would wish for, comes to us via gigaface on Reddit, who notes, “Just met this guy setting up ‘hipster traps’ in NYC, baited with PBR and American Spirits. Awesome work.”

[UPDATE: Meet the Urban Hunters Who Created the ‘Hipster Traps’]

PHOTO: NYPD Clown Patrol Helpfully Blocks W'Burg Bridge Bike Path

Jesse S., who took this photo, tells me officers were handing out pamphlets on bike safety and “ticketing everybody for everything.” My favorite part, as you can see above in Exhibit A, is the helpful construction sign asking, “What’s going on here?” on behalf of us humans. Somebody, answer this bridge’s sign.

Transportation Alternatives Barraging Lawmaker with "E-Faxes" to Stop Anti-Bicycling Proposal

Are you trembling, Councilmember Eric Ulrich? Transportation Alternatives has asked its supporters to send you angry faxes, a result of your “draconian” bike bill wherein we have to wear license plates like scarlet letters on our bicycles. It’s kind of an asshole proposal on your end, bicyclists say, and for that, you’re about to get yo’ ass faxed.

From their email:

As reported by the NY Post, Councilmember Eric Ulrich wants to introduce a draconian anti-bicycling bill that would require all New Yorkers to register their bicycles. Councilmember Ulrich has made bicyclists a scapegoat. His proposal will stop people from riding bicycles and make bicycling less safe. We need your help to stop his plans.

They ask you send an e-fax–which I assume is like making someone’s fax machine print out your email–telling the Councilmember “I strongly oppose your bicycle registration proposal and urge you to withdraw it without delay.” What’s your bike stand?