Life Size Maps Tear Up Shea Stadium

Courtesy: Life Size Maps

Thursday, November 10th – Ascending the stairs to Shea Stadium, the sultry chords of St. Claire echoed off the walls. Front woman Emily Forsythe’s commanding, yet distant presence was certainly in contrast to the succeeding post punk/pop groups, but set an intimate tone for the small DIY venue. Reminiscent of Mazzy Star circa 1993, St. Claire relaxed the handful of attendees into comfortable sways and sauntering melodies with her acoustic guitar as her backing Richenbacker, synth, and later, banjo, pedaled the soothing tracks to a pacified and dignified close.

The Fagettes and Heavens Gate followed, waking the crowd from the somber mood, but it wasn’t until Life Size Maps took to the stage that Shea Stadium felt truly alive. The once disassociated crowd burst into bloom when the driving intro of “This Same House” broke out as their first track.

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