NSFW but Beautiful

New video for “Amber” from the London duo; Emily Jacobs and Tom Evans, aka Labyrinth Ear.

Labyrinth Ear – Amber from oof video on Vimeo.

Madam Trashy Music Video Premiere

What’s good Wednesday? How about the honor of premiering a brand new video from BK’s Madam Trashy? We’ll take it. So, sit back and enjoy, and after…please delight yourself in an interview with the gentleman of Madam Trashy and Director, Brian Walsh.

Who and what is Madam Trashy?
A three-piece stoner/prog/metal trio featuring Garth MacAleavey on drums, Jacob Luke on guitar and Brian Murphey on bass. We all share vocal duties.

How long has Madam Trashy been around the block?
We’ve been playing together on and off for 10 years, but Madam Trashy has been around about 2 years in it’s present form.

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Are you…Can you…Were You…(felt)

Possibly the strangest song title, definitely my favorite track off of their latest album.

Hospitality’s New Video

There are many reasons to love Hospitality’s new video…its a great song, it stars Maeby from Arrested Development, it pits New York friends agains LA friends…and I’m pretty sure New York wins in the end, but, most exciting to me: it also stars Tammi Littlenut.

Hospitality – “Friends Of Friends” from stereogum on Vimeo.


Unrest is getting a rerelease of their 1993 album, Perfect Teeth, which has been out of print for a minute. The reissue is being released on Teen-Beat by Teen-Beat/Unrest founder Mark Robinson, including a 7″ vinyl box set on six colored records and with 7 additional non-album tracks. The new edition will be identical to the original, but will be printed in metallic gold ink (real fancy.) Also included is a 7-inch-sized, 24-page booklet, with photographs from the Perfect Teeth sessions, taken by Mark Robinson himself. Shipments won’t go out until Spring 2012. Below is a favorite of mine, awesomely entitled “Make Out Club.”

Friday the 13th

c/o @dietznutz Ben Dietz

Holy shit…

Moonrise Kingdom

Oh yes! Wes Anderson’s new movie ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ now has a trailer, and it looks as good as I hoped. The movie stars some big names as per usual; Bill Murray, Harvey Keitel, Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Frances McDormand, Tilda Swinton, and Jason Schwartzman, but newcomers Jared Gilman and Kara Hayward also grace the stage. The synopsis on IMDB reads, “Set on an island off the coast of New England in the 1960s, as a young boy and girl fall in love they are moved to run away together. Various factions of the town mobilize to search for them and the town is turned upside down — which might not be such a bad thing.”

The movie hits theaters May 25th, 2012.

Real Estate + Funny or Die

One more reason to love Real Estate. The dude driving the van also happens to be, Chris Gethard, a funny ass dude, and probably my favorite story tellers at UCB.