Arrested for having a pug on the L Train

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Was arrested by police at L train today – ffor a 15lb pug that I took out of his tote bag for throwing up and overheating. Held for very long time – photos and video and about 12 cops involved. Pug okay,. but me, very sad,. They gave me 3 tickets – recesssion that bad?[…]
I took the day off of work, because my wrists are so swollen from the handcuffs that I’ve had trouble typing. Basically, I had my pug in a tote bag, but he overheated and threw up in the bag on the L Train btw 1st ave and Bedford. I took him out and had him in my arms – he’s a foster pug with a few health issues for
As I was walking up the stairs a transit cop grabbed my arms and pushed me up against a wall – I couldn’t produce ID (left my wallet at home) he handcuffed me. From there it went downhill fast and people were calling the police and taking photos and video.
They took my pug and he told me he was taking him to the pound where he would be “put down.” I was taken to the J stop headquarters. I wasn’t allowed to call a lawyer and I was put in a cell.
I was given 3 tickets: failure to produce ID, disorderly conduct, and failure to have dog in a containter. I have a court date in July and August.
My pug was returned. They had him behind their desks and were playing with him. [..]
I think that because so many people were yelling at the cop – it made him more angry, but he was yelling at me – “If you’re going to act like a woman I’m going to treat you like a woman.”
-name withheld by request

UPDATE: via Gothamist:

According to [Name Withheld], the arresting officer’s name is Witriol (badge number 942838). After seeing a photo, she identified him to us as Joel Witriol, who in 2006 became New York’s first Hasidic cop. [Name Withheld], 32, says Witriol would not accept her explanation that she was carrying the pug because it was sick, and she believes that the disturbed crowd that gathered to witness the arrest only made him angrier. She tells us, “He punched me in the back (there are bruises), he handcuffed me, and in the scuffle grabbed my breasts and pinched them.”
Melissa Randazzo, a speech language pathologist who lives in Williamsburg, witnessed the arrest and tells us, “something about it seemed very wrong. The cop’s tone seemed really inappropriate and he kept saying things like, ‘Are you going to act like a woman?’ She tried to walk away, and then he grabbed her and pushed her against the wall outside the turnstile.” Randazzo ran up to the street level to call 911 to, as she says, “call the cops” on Witriol, and soon some 20 officers had descended into the Bedford station. They then ordered the witnesses to disperse.

Pictures of the arrest after the jump.

images c/o Jason Wagner


  1. that really sucks. please RT all around.

  2. it’s funny how dog owners and lovers think everyone is on their side or should be. forget that pugs are disgusting. forget that vomiting pugs are remarkably more disgusting. forget that it has health issues and you still drag it all over the place. and forget that stuffing your little toy in your purse or tote bag is hardly a container suitable for toy animal transport. have you forgotten all that? goooood. it was out of the “container,” right? ticket. don’t have id? ticket.
    welcome. the rest of us call this the real world and sadly (for you) mtv isn’t always there to film.

  3. chris f says:

    kat: agreed tickets are fine. The cops attitude and the handcuffs are not. Tickets are just that tickets, there’s no need for an arrest nor incarceration. Sounds like the cop was having a bad day and decided to take it out on this woman. A complaint should be lodged against the cop for excessive force( there was no need to grab/touch ) and needless arrest. end of story.

  4. This is just horrible. you’d think the cops would have something better to do and the use of force is reprehensible.

  5. wow how horrible. you’re also not required to produce nor carry an ID in the united states

  6. the dog overheated inside your purse/bag and that was your fault dear… from then on KARMA took care of you…

  7. nkatyoyo says:

    WHAT?! Unreal! Fine if people want to say the dog shouldnt have been out of the bag, but I would rather sit next to a sick pug than a sick smelly homeless man which are free to roam the subway! Also, no need to be grabbed with such force. Hey Kat – I hope you overheat and vomit, youre so nasty!

  8. yea @nkatyoyo! we need more good commenter vigilantes to stump down the meanies!!

  9. To the post-ers blaming the victim of harsh treatment by the cops and of threats to take dog to the pound, which is totally inappropriate as the cops cannot just take away an animal from someone unless there is cruelty (and even that they hardly ever do unfortunately): maybe the dog was going to or from the vet; why can’t a dog with some health issues be taken somewhere? And its safest to carry a dog in a carrier; pugs often get overheated because of the way the breeders unfortunately made their nose, so the owner did the right thing by giving him some air. And not sure why the hostile anti dog comments. I hope the victim files a complaint for excessive force and illegal arrest. I’d add on psychological harassment (I’m not using the right terminology) as they threatened to take his dog to the pound and he didn’t know if they were actually doing that.

  10. And this poor woman was fostering a rescue pug? I hope this asshole cop goes down. I guess that’s what happens when you are raised in a culture of misogyny.

  11. Francesco says:

    i think the MTA in their shameful spiral of debt and price-hikes and ineptitude gave the subway station cops a code red terror alert to be colossal shitheads and free-wheel ticket anybody for anything. sounds like this cop should win first prize though.

  12. PugsRock says:

    What do you expect from a smelly hasid? Those people are total aholes.

  13. B. Goetz says:

    Here’s a sure-fire way to avoid handcuffs and bruises and tickets and arrest:
    “Yes, officer.”
    “No, officer.”
    “I’m sorry, officer.”
    It’s just that simple. Don’t agree with the officer’s assessment of the situation? TELL IT TO THE JUDGE! That’s why you have a court date.
    That “sick, smelly homeless man” is a HUMAN BEING. I don’t like standing next to him any more than you do, but he has just as much of a right to ride the subway as any of us do. I find it repugnant that people would sooner empathize with this law-flouting hysterical bitch and her mangy cur than with another less fortunate member of society.
    I’ve seen some pretty crazy and disgusting things while riding on the subway but one thing I NEVER, EVER, EVER need to see is your little lap dog and his filthy fucking puke. That’s why we have laws prohibiting such selfish and repulsive behavior. I can’t understand why they allow ANY non-service animals on the subway at all. If we spent one penny out each of the FORTY ONE BILLION DOLLARS people spend on their pets EACH YEAR, there wouldn’t be any “sick, smelly homeless people” on the L train.
    I hope they spend every last cent of this inconsiderate entitled whiny hysterical “See You Next Tuesday”‘s fines on increased services for the poorest and most troubled members of our society.
    p.s. – If you’ve got the money to feed and care for half a kennel’s worth of dogs, spring for the freakin’ cab next time one of them is sick.

    • sometimes people put pugs in inappropriate carriers that’s all. pugs need air.not a backpack. I take mine on subway all the time and no problems. it doesn’t bark- I tell people don’t pet, and we get were we are going. the owner had the wrong carrier.

  14. Wondering says:

    Why did you withhold the woman’s name but publish the officer’s name and badge number?

  15. i have to agree with the people that think that puking dogs are not okay on the subway. i don’t know the situation, but was there an immediate reason this dog needed to go on the subway? i am totally against the idea of cops treating her this way, but unless dogs need to travel the subway in a tote…. don’t bring them. it’s simple. i get really sick of dog owners thinking their dogs can just go anywhere they want and get pissed off when dogs aren’t allowed there.

  16. that cop makes me sick. he’s clearly a (tiny) dick who gets off on beating up on women cause he’s got no balls

  17. Dr Know says:

    nothing will happen to this guy no matter how many witnesses step forward. how many pigs get reprimanded for their law breaking actions? 1 in 100? and if the city fires this guy he’ll claim it’s cause he’s a hasid and sue.

  18. Stop whining about dogs on the train, you yuppies.
    And to the “yes officer, no officer” dipstick:
    you are either a cop or a dick.
    (And people take dogs on the train because they have the right to, you lonely deuche.)

  19. Keep your nasty mutt off of public transportation. Animals are nasty dirty things, don’t bring them around other people unsolicited, you big dumb jerk.

  20. Reasonable Man says:

    How could a jew be a pig??!!
    They’re religiomatic against pork.

  21. Why would you take a sick dog on a train? Why? Don’t you realize that PEOPLE ride the train? And that it’s completely inappropriate to expose those people to your sick disgusting puking dog?
    Perhaps being arrested was a bit too much, but that kind of inconsideration doesn’t garner much sympathy from me.

  22. russell says:

    you are an idiot for bringing that dog on the train. sure the cop over reacted but that doesn’t disguise the fact that you are STUPID.

  23. ann west says:

    This story could just as easily been a person with a child or someone for one reason or another could not speak for themselves. It does not matter if you like dogs , kids or non-english speaking immigrants there is a certain way that you handle things and beating and illegally detaining someone isn’t it. I feel that this “cop” was having a bad day handled the situation poorly and when his fellow cops came on the scene he had to save face with the stupid comments and arrest. Where is Bloomberg on all of this that media whore never hesitates to jump in front of cameras to comment on everything else.

  24. I am loving the “your dog was sick on a train the cop had every right to slam you on a wall, arrest you, threaten to have your dog killed, punch you, and fondle you” defense.
    not really a dog fan, but how about you all complain to the MTA and have dogs banned from trains (which even I would find ridiculous) rather than justify this spur jangling police officer’s actions?
    there should be nothing puking on a subway- but shit happens. whether it be dogs, drunks, children, adults, anyone. i don’t know about everyone else here, but some times people (and even animals) suddenly have to puke without getting a written notice before hand.

  25. Anonymous says:


  26. You dog/Pug-haters are really annoying. You don’t love them, fine, but have a little compassion. A sick animal is not something that anyone wants, and I’m sure the dog didn’t enjoy overheating and being sick. But regardless, the police brutality and behavior is unacceptable. The NYPD disgusts me more than any Pug ever will.

  27. just a citizen says:

    Hmmmm….she’s not african american and she doesn’t seem to be an immigrant. She’s a blond haired young girl that at best should’ve gotten a warning or a fine. Where is the white man’s “Rev. Al Sharpton” to stand up and rally and get this on the news?!

  28. 1. Cops abuse their authority and arrest people for ridiculous reasons all the time. He should be punished, but sadly, the commenter who said “if the city fires this guy he’ll claim it’s cause he’s a hasid and sue” is correct.
    2. I have sympathy for this woman about the cops abusing her, but the only reason this is internet “news” is because she’s a white lady riding the L train. If this happened to a latina on the J train the story would never have made it past the Myrtle Ave stop.
    3. On second thought, Maybe I don’t have any sympathy because “I took the day off of work, because my wrists are so swollen from the handcuffs that I’ve had trouble typing” is literally the most pathetic excuse ever, or at least so says this commenter, who is currently at work (on lunch break) while sporting huge bruises.
    4. Dogs should not be allowed on trains or buses. They puke and poop and pee without warning, and I swear to goodness if an animal ever does such to me on a train both it and the owner are going “straight to the moon.”

  29. There are far worse and more disgusting things than a dog on the train.
    -Smelly homeless people who stick their hands up their butts and rub them all over the poles.
    -Gross people who eat on the train.
    -Gross people who eat out of styrofoam containers full of rice and chicken and then throw their chicken bones on the floor.
    -Nasty ones who stuff their faces with McDonalds french fries and stink up the place.
    -Kids out of school with cheetos and doritos all over their fat, orange fingers.
    -Why can’t people wear fucking deoderant?
    -Summer hits and everyone with disgusting, rotting toenails decides to wear sandals.
    -Screaming children.
    -Mariachi bands.
    -Have you ever seen human poop on the train? I have.
    -Human vomit? Check.
    I could go on forever. Anyone care to add to the list?
    The poor animal doesn’t have rational thought. People should know better than to subject the rest of us to their bad manners and hygiene.
    As for those of you who are clearly dog haters…we don’t really like your kids. So I guess we’re even.

  30. You shouldn’t have brought your dog on the train, and you shouldn’t have taken it out of the bag until you reached the next stop. That takes about 30 seconds on the L train. You also shouldn’t have resisted arrest. It’s the dog owner’s fault.

  31. wow this is insane! Look at those bruises! I don’t think it was that serious for a dog, but I tell you that if I was sitting next to this person I would’ve been mortified and grossed out. I once sat next to a lady with an animal in it’s cage that had the most repulsive odor coming out! A Seeing-eye dogs is one thing, but pets on the train should be regulated somehow.

  32. wow… c’mon, some of these comments are from some BIG aholes. I hope these cops do the same to you… basic human decency people, where is compassion? its really scary to know that these cops aren’t protecting the streets, but harassing the people. booo to NYPD!

  33. You people miss the whole point don’t you. She isn’t complaining about getting tickets. She is complaining about the treatment of the cops which you ALL should find offensive. You can see in the first photo that she has the dog in her hands. Ok, the rules are that he should be in the bag. But shouldn’t the cop be able to use his intelligent reasoning ability (I mean he is a man and she is the stupid woman) and figure out she is doing the best she can. are right kick her, hit her, pinch her breasts – that is the best option. Obviously there was something seriously wrong here if so many people stopped to bear witness.

  34. Jackson says:

    This entitled bitch didn’t get arrested and roughed up because of her cute little dog – she was arrested because she gave the cops an attitude. If she’d have used better judgement (even after she exhibited poor judgement stuffing her sick dog in a hot enclosed bag on a humid day), she’d have simply gotten away with a ticket and been able to tend to her poor sick dog in a matter of a few minutes. I hate dick cops as much as the next guy, but I learned at an early age that you’re NEVER gonna win that battle. Go ahead – ask your token black friend how he responds to the cops and why? It’s only spoiled entitled white kids who’ve never caught a beating that mouth off to cops.
    The dog is a whole separate issue. She broke the law and was cited for it. If she disagreed, she has ample time to prepare a defense before her August court date. She probably would have been able to have the citation dismissed. Instead, in a hysterical and emotional state because her poor little dog who I’m sure she cares for tremendously was in obvious discomfort, she thought it better to insult and egg on the cops. Who’s fault is that?

  35. puffpuffpass says:

    are we ever gonna get the dog’s take of this event?
    someone should call the pet psychic!

  36. Patrick says:

    i’d feel bad if the woman could type in proper english and wasn’t anti-semitic.

  37. Anonymous says:


  38. Rego Parker says:

    Her name is CHRISSIE BRODIGAN.
    And those of you jumping on her side without knowing the story – shame on you.
    First, when she was confronted with the allegations of her hurling anti-semitic slurs at the officer, she replied that she “couldn’t remember.” She repeated this on local TV news, that she “didn’t remember” if she had or hadn’t made anti-semitic remarks. She did, however, say she called him an “asshole” and other insults. She posted this on her Twitter page and other places, which she has since deleted.
    She also claimed the officer, “twisted her breasts” When confronted about this on another site, she replied that he “MAY have been excessive.”
    She claims she is too injured after this incident to go to work. Yet she has no trouble sending photos of her small bicep bruises and her ‘issues’ to various sympathetic blogs, such as this one, spinning this into her victimization fantasy.
    She also claims that she was punched by other prisoners at the jail and spit on. Though she forgets to mention this in her TV interview. She doesn’t have photographs of these alleged injuries.
    She does ask on her (now deleted) Twitter page, for help in finding an attorney.
    So, there you have it. Her lame ass story, full of contradictions, lies, BS and admissions.
    She admits to violating the law by not putting her pet in a carrier. She admits to resisting arrest. She admits to verbally abusing the police officer. She admits that she failed to produce ID as required by law.
    When the police held her dog on the leash as she was being arrested, that supposedly is them “taking her dog away”.
    She spins this whole self-inflicted psycho story into HER being abused by a cop doing his job ,takes NO responsibility for escalating a simple situation, and now is going for the ‘woman hater’ angle for sympathy. You see, the cop asked her to behave like a lady. (She, by her own admission was behaving like a jerk.)
    So, pile on the cop, those of you who are clueless and don’t want to hear the truth.
    This woman caused this situation, should apologize to the cop, pay her fine, and hope no one produces a video of her in action.
    Shame on you for convicting the cop here, and taking the side of this “name withheld” jerk who “misremembers” if she called a police officer anti-semitic insults, and has no regard for anyone but herself and her fantasies of victimization.

  39. Rego Parker says:

    Also, notice in the above photos. She sits on the ground to resist arrest. The cops lifted her up to take her in and now she’s whining about “brutality” and ‘twisted breasts’ (later this became “may have been excessive”)…
    If she hadn’t been a schmuck, the cops wouldn’t have had to lift her by the arms and cause the tiny bruises she’s managed to photograph and distribute.
    In the second photo, she appears to be stomping her right foot on the ground and aggressively communicating with another officer.

  40. She broke a subway rule:
    “It is a violation to Litter or create unsanitary conditions”
    She knowingly brought her sick dog on the subway who could have easily puked on someone else or the train. Although the cop was wrong to beat her like that, she broke the rules and she faced the consequences and all of this could have been avoided if she just drove to the vet or took a cab.

  41. Rego Parker says:

    Dave – the cop DID NOT BEAT HER.
    She resisted arrest and sat on the ground. She was lifted up and got tiny bruises on her arm. She is blaming the cops for lifting her off the floor. SHE CAUSED THEM TO DO THIS.
    She also claims she was punched in the back and beaten up by three prisoners (and spit on too!). Though those severe injuries didn’t prevent her from appearing on TV earlier today, showing no signs whatsoever of anything other than small arm bruises.

  42. This girl worked at new york magazine. on her last day she got really drunk and flipped out at building security. there was another scene quite like this and she ended up going to jail. i imagine this too was her fault and i would not be surprised if she said the hasidic cop was not even human.

  43. entitled children says:

    I was angry when I first heard this. But when you look at all the facts, there’s serious doubt to her story.
    If we as a group keep crying wolf about “POLICE BRUTALITY!!!,” people will listen to us even less than they already do when we have something legit to decry.
    Stomping our feet and freaking out like entitled little brats. No wonder people hate us. If you think this is an appropriate way to react EVER, please go back to the small town you crawled here from. You’re embarrassing the rest of us.

  44. Hasidic culture=mysogynist culture
    Hasidic cop ergo mysogynist cop

  45. “Hasidic culture=mysogynist culture
    Hasidic cop ergo mysogynist cop”
    Wow. Now the bigotry comes out. Williamsburg- Liberals? Artists? Free thinkers? Apparently not.

  46. Dogs are cool. Pigs are cool. Fuck the NYPD. All cops are here to put you in your place. Which is powerless. Until you stop feeding them. Stop paying. Get out of the evil empire.

  47. rego parker. fucking die.

  48. Cops wrong.
    Dog owner wrong.
    Pugs are putrid disgusting animals.
    Maybe good for an emergency food source in case of famine.
    Let’s taze a pug and watch the beast writhe and convulse upon the ground.
    After tazing the owner.
    Then the cop.
    Tazes for all!!!!!!!

  49. Hey, CHRISSIE BRODIGAN! Thanks for making the trains just a little dirtier. Stuffing a poor dog into a bag, allowing it to overheat, creating a (perhaps unexpected for you) mess – all in violation of posted rules – and then getting mad when you suffer the consequences is pathetic and childish.
    Go back to whatever suburb you came from. Being a considerate citizen isn’t important there. Take your anti-semitism with you.

  50. Are you kidding me?
    Taxi drivers and Black people are treated like this ON A DAILY ROUTINE BASIS and no one blinks an eye, but a white woman from Williamsburg gets treated like this and EVERYONE HAS SOMETHING TO SAY!!!
    When will people learn, if you are not fighting for everyone all you have to do is WAIT YOUR FUCKING TURN!

  51. Are all you people mad how hartless whats world coming to that we judge people from simply taking adog on atrain. its better than leaving it on achain out back yard .as for girl arrested were you there no so dont judge un less your in her situtation why is there so mutch bitching in the world many of you who judge must have lousy lives if you got nothing better to do than this shit

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