Are we the only nerds losing sleep with excitement?

CBS News chief White House correspondent John Roberts reports the prosecutor has informed targets of the investigation of his intentions – and that can only mean indictments are coming. [read it all]


  1. I’m giddy about watching all these people who screwed us by voting for Bush eat some shit. It’s all going down in flames and it’s because they elected a lying, incompetent gang of jerks. What are these people going to say after Rove goes to jail(we’re hoping)? Cheney is the kingpin, though. Too bad they’ll probably protect the shit out of him. Bush is a tard but he deserves to get more than just going down in history as the absolute worst president in history. It would be great if he were busted for being involved too. By the mere fact that he didn’t immediately weed out the perpetrators betrays the fact that he is.

  2. about time those cronies in the white house had their sleazy tactics showcased to all the red states. “It is expected that any indictments will be very detailed and discuss the involvement of other White House officials who aren’t being charged.” –WSJ ….can’t wait for the books that will be written about these stories

  3. Paul Begala:
    The last thing this President wants is the first thing he needs: someone to slap his spoiled, pampered, trust-funded, plutocratic, never-worked-a-day-in-his-life cheek and make him face the reality of his foul-ups.

  4. No, but you’re probably the only nerds that mispelled “losing” when they wrote similar articles. Nerds are notoriously good spellers.

  5. Why was my last post deleted? This is not the first time this has happened. My post was neither abusive nor inflammatory. I guess you will censor any ideas that are not identical to your own. Typical.

  6. If you like the idea of the unelected CIA trying to undermine the elected POTUS, then woo-hoo!
    Who needs Democracy? Not the Left!

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