Anthony Weiner at the Congressional Correspondents’ Dinner

Hilarious. Don’t miss his catchphrase near the end of the speech, “great interview, aces.”


  1. Observer says:

    Notice how the room is 90% filled with white males. Got to love the ‘wide and disparate’ perspective of America’s chambers of influence.

  2. What a horses ass this guy is! So full of self importance and arrogance and just not worth listening to! Fox News tried to interview this idiot, why I have NO CLUE, but he was the one that would NOT let them get a word in edge wise! His lifestyle is very questionable, and he has NO MORALS OR VALUES for the sanctity of marriage and respect for women! This guy just doesn’t get it, to err is human, to profit from ones mistakes is priceless, and unfortunately he doesn’t understand this concept!

  3. @Emily Mills
    You know he’s being funny, right? Implied self-importance and arrogance is funny.
    I’ll admit that he’s a difficult man to interview sometimes, but I can’t help but think that you only saw the snippets of interviews he showed during his speech. It usually depends on the nature of the person he’s talking to. It’s not hard to get mad at people like Bill O’Reilly who cut you off ever other sentence.
    When you’re talking about the sanctity of marriage thing, I assume you mean the pictures he sent over Twitter? Well, that’s just pictures, he never actually physically cheated. He’s acknowledged that he has a problem and is already seeking psychiatric help. Newt Gingritch has cheated on and divorced 4 wives now, 2 of whom were pregnant during the divorce, and no one is screaming anything about breaking the sanctity of marriage at him. Why is that?

  4. Sev Lima says:

    from 18000 followers on twitter to half of the world following, it’s a huge jump. ahaahhaha

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