Another man down- The Brooklyn Ale House closes August 27


I wasn’t even half way finished moving into my Northside apartment when I first sipped a cold one at Brooklyn Ale House. Sad news.

Here is the official statement:

The Brooklyn Ale House under current ownership, is announcing that it will be closing its doors on the 27th of August, 2014.   It’s been an amazing party and one hell of a ride.

From the day Adam’s Grocery was transformed into the “new bar” in 1997, the Brooklyn Ale House has stepped up to the plate and has been serving the locals of Williamsburg, New York City and world drinkers with a fiery passion for fun.  We were often copied but never duplicated, and through it all, you were never on camera.

From the end of the Clinton era, through the horror of 9-11, the Blackout and the gentrification, we never stopped believing in the old neighborhood.  The solid blue collar workers and builders, the firemen, pool and dart players, the rock freaks, art freaks, and freaks in general, along with the new-comers who knew how to behave in a bar and tip properly, we thank you.  You all became family and again, we thank you.  Regardless of complaints about noise, music, or the city laws regarding dogs, we stuck to our guns and continued the party.

The Brooklyn Ale House has always supported a dog’s right to accompany its owner into an adult drinking establishment, even as we paid the fines.  We look to always be remembered as the original “Dog Bar,” with the best free chili cook-offs, fried chicken-offs, corned beef & cabbage and the best Kentucky Derby party in the city.

Sean Connelly, George Wright, Dave Moore and the entire staff of the Brooklyn Ale House, wish to thank you for the incredible highs and lows of the past 17 years.  We maintain that our old-school approach to drinking and running a bar will always be remembered.  The Brooklyn Ale House is expected to reopen under new ownership, in the very near future.  The dog bone will be passed to the new owners, as we all transition and step into a new era.  So for now, enjoy our bar.  Drink and remember all the great times.  Thank you for coming back again & again.  BAH

What are your fondest Brooklyn Ale House memories? Tell us in the comments and stop by BAH for one last cheers.


  1. Gina Santonas says:

    Such a sad be inevitable circumstance. I knew it was coming but with most things the shock is still there. All of my best adult memories of Brooklyn were because of this bar and the wonderful and colorful people I know from there. It was a place you could always go for a drink and and a story. It will be missed but never forgotten, Thanks Sean, Daniel, Christa, Shane, Virginia, Trippy. Heather, Ginger and everyone else that took care of me and often made me laugh.

  2. With the corporate businesses and their corporate style soulless people spreading everywhere, it is no surprise that places of character are closing even out in Brooklyn. Sad about NYC

  3. Actually – it’s going to become another bar. The guys for Lucky Dog are taking over the space – everyone can back down from the ledge now…

  4. Many fine memories here when it first opened. I’ve seen many a dawn through those front windows- usually in double vision.

  5. doug doesn’t know.

  6. I guess everyone is missing the irony that you are reading this news on a site that originally was made to expose how great Williamsburg is and all the new places opening. This website, along with many other factors, has supported the expansion and cost increase of the neighborhood.

    It should be no surprise that a bar which had a lease agreement based upon pre-trendy prices can’t afford to keep the doors open. It requires more sophistication to survive in a more costly area.

  7. thanks freewilliamsburg for exposing how great williamsburg is. if it wasn’t for your big mouth bloomberg would have never even have known about it.

  8. Erin Stellmon says:

    Thanks for the memories, BAH! I spent most of my 20’s here and was able to live for a year off my paintings being sold off the walls, thanks especially to Sean for that. Come open a bar in Vegas!

  9. Chinesesumacgrowsinotherplacestoo says:

    One may get older, marry, have kids and hit the suburbs, but will never forget my 20’s and most of my 30’s on the North side and places like the Brooklyn Ale House. Fuck, what’s originally left from 20 years ago? – Mugs, Teddy’s, Turkey’s, The Abbey?

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