Ann Coulter is a Deadhead

Guess it’s time to throw out our Europe ’72 disk. Ann Coulter confesses to being a Deadhead. [From the most retarded site known to man,]

Jambands: When and how was your last Dead show?
AC: I have no recollection of it whatsoever, other than that it was awesome…
Jambands: It’s time to name names. Who are the other Deadheads who have infiltrated the conservative movement?
AC: As a Deadhead and a freedom-lover, I am wounded to the bone that you think the two do not naturally go hand in hand. The Deadheads I just met casually and not through conservative politics were almost always right-thinking, whatever they called themselves. Deadheads believe in freedom ‚Äì not a government telling people how much water they can have in their toilets or where they can smoke or whether they should be allowed to own a gun. (Remember the photos of Jerry testifying before some Congressional committee while chain smoking? Yeah, he’d really bond with Henry Waxman.)
One of my Dead friends I met at Vail made candles for Grateful Dead merchandizing. His daily routine consisted of waking up, smoking a bowl, and turning on the Rush Limbaugh radio show while he made his candles. (It’s true. He’s so far out there he practices this weird, freaky ritual known as ‚”commerce.” Don’t try telling me pot is harmless!)
Also there was a big Deadhead Christian group that handed out terrific pamphlets at Dead shows. Admittedly, many of them found God staring into a puddle while high on LSD, but whatever the path, they were very serious Christians – they made Jerry Falwell sound like a secularist.

Predictably, Coulter doesn’t just like the Dead (a respectable band in their prime), she’s a jamband aficionado:

Jambands: Are there any other jambands you like?
AC: All the usual — String Cheese Incident, Phish, Dave Matthews Band, Blues Traveler, New Potato Caboose.

Now we understand the root of Coulter’s insanity. If our iPod was filled with Widespread Panic, Sugar Ray, and fifteen gigs of jamband bullshit, we’d lose our minds too. Read the whole interview here. [Thanks Kevin.]


  1. this disgusts me, but her comments show that she is absolutely real about her Dead love.
    My beef is this: that pic up there is SO photoshopped that it invalidates the whole article as a falsity. Look at the big hairy arms… obviously not Coulters.
    Also, I totally agree with her about Space. What an epic waste of time when not on excellent drugs.

  2. Bongo Barry says:

    I’m seriously not a fan of Ann, but wanted to see what she looked like when she was a Deadhead… as the last comment pointed out, this is obviously fake.
    But here (from her own website) are a couple REAL pictures of her from the “Dead era” of her life.

  3. I love how at the end it mentions 15 gigs of jam band causing us to lose our minds, and I have 17 gigs of grateful dead, and another 4 gigs of other jam bands 😛

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