Animal Collective’s Own Amanda Palmer Kickstarter Scandal

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If the recent Amanda Palmer controversy has accomplished anything — besides getting some people paid to play their instruments — it’s made music fans take a harder look at the ethics of crowd-sourced funding in artistic endeavors. One subject of the intensified scrutiny has been Animal Collective’s Josh Dibb, aka Deakin, who raised nearly $26,000 on Kickstarter in 2009. The funds were to go towards Deakin’s trip to perform at the Festival in the Desert in Mali, Africa, the creation of a book and CD, and a charitable donation to TEMEDT, a Mali organization working to help enslaved black Tuareg people.

And here’s Deacon’s response:

I am writing to you once again to thank you for the tremendous support that you all gave back in December of 2009. I am writing you now to deeply apologize for the amount of time it has taken to come back to you with the rewards of your support. I have heard from a number of you expressing deep disappointment in the way that I have handled this project…
I also want to be clear so that all of you know that none of the money you donated was used for my trip. Nor is it being used to fund the materials that you will all be receiving (yes, you will!). All of these things are things that I have paid for myself or will be paying for myself. All of the money that you donated is being used by TEMEDT to continue their work to change the social dynamic in Mali…
…The crux of what has held this up is to record the songs that I was working on around that time in a way that I really felt good about. I am sure it seems inexplicable to some of you that that has taken nearly three years. On a personal level I have been coming to terms with my own creative process and some of that has been to accept that things take a long time to work through me.
So despite the fact that I know that I intend now and have always intended to turn this all into something that you all would be psyched about, I know that I have not been good about keeping you up to date and feeling included in the process which you all have the right to feel. I promise that for the rest of year my only two priorities will be to finish this and to be on tour with Animal Collective. I will keep you updated monthly on what is going on. Lastly I would like to speak to all of you directly if that is something that you would like…


  1. staring problem says:

    sounds like a really boring, sincere guy

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