Americans drinking more PBR than ever, study shows

credit: egotripland

credit: egotripland

The hipster cachet of Pabst Blue Ribbon is spreading far and wide beyond the borders of Milwaukee, where it’s brewed by Miller, and Williamsburg, where it’s usually the cheapest beer at any given bar at $5 a can or so.

According to data collected by Quartz, PBR consumption has grown by 97.49% since 2008, making it the second-fastest growing beer brand in the U.S. The fastest growing beer is Blue Moon, likely owing to the fact that it’s “indie” enough to win approving nods from bartenders at Applebee’s, but “drinkable” enough to be on tap at Applebee’s in the first place.

Rounding out the top five are Yuengling, Stella, and Modelo.


[via Quartz]

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