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It’s a blog eat blog world. That said, one of the dominating music blogs on the internet is no doubt, Pitchfork. But if you’re anything into indie music, you probably reaped over the discontinuation of Altered Zones. Altered Zones branched off of Pitchfork, featuring the most underground music. Basically, the ones that weren’t big enough to make it onto the main site. Fans were loyal to Altered Zones and their logo empowered the lives of many. Some hipsters even tattooed the design onto their skins.

Now, the grievance of Altered Zones can now be rejoiced because founding members, Emilie Friedlander and Ric Leichtung have started a new project called Ad Hoc. With the same elements of their previous blog, here is their purpose ” a collective of ten tastemaking music blogs from all over the world, Ad Hoc is a daily destination for MP3s, videos, mixes, interviews, artist’s writings, and cultural commentary– curated for quality, and with an emphasis on emerging artists and musical movements that best exemplify the new grassroots, Internet-fueled DIY.”.

Ad Hoc is an integration of physical and virtual writings from bands, blogs, magazines, and other music journalists. Just to name a few, Real Estate, Neon Indian, Dirty Beaches, Brooklyn Vegan, Impose, Decoder, No Fear of Pop, Chocolate Bobka and our head man of the DIY scene in Brooklyn, Todd Patrick is involved. To launch this project, Ad Hoc is using Kickstarter to raise $33,333. The link to their kickstarter page contains an intimate video of greetings and explanations of Ad Hoc. You might recognize some faces because the people affiliated are the same crowd at every show in Brooklyn. The video is quite friendly and welcomes all to support. Along with each donation, there are sweet rewards for every level of entry. This fund raiser ends March 5th, so do your share. Whether it’s $1, $5 or $100, feed the DIY music community now!

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