A very Mayer Christmas

Christmas time really is here! I know it might be hard to tell in the middle of all this rain and crap weather, but I ate some gingerbread cookies last night and there are tons of lights up on the Avenues. So there is really no denying it.

Add this Mayer Hawthorne track to all your holiday mixtapes and iPod playlists. The soulful singer’s take on the Vince Guaraldi classic is pretty subtle. The kind of thing you can just put on in the background while your sitting by your fireplace sipping on some egg nog and falling in and out of sleep.

Don’t celebrate Christmas? Neither does Mayer. “All the best Xmas songs were written by Jews, and Chanukah songs suck,” he said on Twitter. It’s true, too! And “Christmas Time is Here” is the kind of track that can be played all year, regardless of religious practices. Stream it below or download it here.
Mayer Hawthorne – Christmas Time Is Here by Mayer Hawthorne


  1. The album that includes this track is Christmas Cheers released on November 30 2008.

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