A Locally Sourced Mental Health Collective: Williamsburg Therapy Group


Williamsburg Therapy GroupWilliamsburg Therapy Group
A Full Service Mental Health Collective

Finally, residents of Williamsburg no longer have to travel to Manhattan to find quality mental health care. As the Williamsburg Therapy Group continues to expand, it is proud to offer one of the first full-service therapy collectives to serve the growing North Brooklyn community. The practice was developed by Dr. Daniel Selling to meet the needs of this dynamic and vibrant neighborhood, brightening the lives of local residents in need of mental health care.

Williamsburg Therapy Group is a growing practice staffed with top doctoral-level psychologists and psychiatrists with years of experience in both private and public spheres of the mental health profession. Dr. Selling and his group, which includes Dr. Maureen Lindmeier, Dr. Jacob Kaplan and consulting psychiatrist Dr. Jason Hershberger, incorporate tenets of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Family Systems Theory, Solution Focused Therapy and Psychoanalytic Theory to provide patients with customized and practical solutions to achieve a more balanced, fulfilling life.

Areas of practice include: Relationships, Anxiety & Depression, Severe Emotional Conditions, Addiction

Williamsburg Therapy Group
64 Grand St
Brooklyn, NY 11249
(347) 765-0904

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