A house party against judicial activism!

house party against judicial activism
We can’t all afford a five week vacation, but it’s time for us to take a short, well-deserved break nonetheless.
See you next Tuesday.
In the mean time, here’s a great idea for a fun-filled Labor Day Weekend. From The Family Resource Council’s Website

As the summer officially winds up and you are planning what to do for Labor Day weekend, may I make an unusual but important suggestion–a house party against judicial activism. By ordering a free FRC Save the Court Kit, you can gather family, friends and fellow church-goers not only for a taste of grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, but to watch the DVD of Justice Sunday II. You’ll also be able to read what you can do to return the courts to their proper role and protect issues important to you, like the Ten Commandments and marriage, from activists in black robes. While it might seem like an odd way to spend part of a relaxing weekend, it is fitting that while you celebrate this extra time with family and friends who share your values, you also take action to protect those principles.

We can hardly wait! Save a Jesus burger for me.

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