A burrito is no place for canned vegetables.

vegallA few weeks ago, I felt a little under the weather  hungover and absolutely craved a burrito. I usually order seamless from Taco Santana when I’m craving Mexican, but I ordered from there earlier that week and didn’t want to be recognized by the delivery man. Just a mere days previous, I was less than nice after having to walk down all three flights of stairs to obtain my torta due to his confusion over the buzzer.

To avoid any sort of confrontation or exercise in my ragged state, I decided to order from El Loco Burrito. It had four stars. A solid rating, so how bad could it be? Turns out Seamless reviews are not to be trusted blindly. After my order arrived, I took a big bite out of the “chili beef burrito.” Lettuce, cheese, tomato, tortilla. Not too disappointing, but not exactly good. Another bite. This time I taste the ground beef. Grey and bland, I can only imagine it was boiled. No flavor and not exactly helping to cure my hangover. I’m thinking to myself that it might magically get better… maybe not all of the beef is that weird grey color. I take one more bite, and I taste… peas and carrots? What? This can’t be! I am so thrown off by this strange combo I decide to dissect the burrito, and yes, there are factory shaped squares of potatoes, soggy carrots and peas that can come from no other than a can of Veg-All mixed vegetables. I REPEAT- VEG-ALL MIXED VEGETABLES! I was forced to eat the stuff as a child, but no more. There is no way I could bring myself to eat this sorry cafeteria lady excuse for a burrito any longer. I mean, how can you possibly mess up a burrito that bad to bring back flashbacks of elementary school lunch?

The “chili beef burrito” from El Loco Burrito took its title that day as by far the worst burrito I have ever eaten. I get cold sweats just thinking about it. For weeks I recounted what can only be described as the Seamless order from Hell, but to my surprise, most people I told had their own stories of horrible “Mexican” food encounters in the City. Why are canned veggies in burritos common and accepted? That is when I realized I had an obligation to the people of Williamsburg to spread the good word. There is an authentic, delicious Mexican option that delivers within our fine neighborhood, and that is Taco Santana.

From tostadas to cemitas, tacos to enchiladas, I have yet to order something I didn’t like. (In all honesty, I was disappointed in the size of the taco salad, but can you blame a girl for wanting more?) Words cannot fully express the love I feel for the place, but my Seamless history tells it all. If you want real legit Mexican, come here. Affordable, on time and always delicious.



  1. it’s called THREE TACOS for THREE DOLLARS

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