Williamsburg institution Daddy’s is closing


Because we are no longer allowed to have nice things. This one is gonna hurt. The owners were vague about why they’re shuttering, but stated “times change, neighborhoods change, and this is our time to move on to other achievements.”

Dear Brooklyn,
These last days are very emotional. 15 years ago we started Daddy’s on a wing and a prayer. In 2001, literally the day after September 11th, we were still negotiating a storefront. Eventually we ended up at 437 Graham Ave avenue. We nickel and dimed ourselves a space, a labor of love, for our community: friends, neighbors, strangers… we would be nothing without you. You made the place home.

Thank you to all who have supported us over the years: those who built the bar, and worked their asses off behind the bar; those who celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, Halloweens, Thanksgivings, Christmases, Mardi Gras and Derby Days; those who DJed and those who rang in the new years; those who celebrated after-shows and those who sold their wares; those who met their spouses at Daddy’s, and later, celebrated the births and birthdays of their children; those who came to pass the time and those who swallowed shots in honor of all of their accomplishments.

We built the walls, but there would not be a community of Daddy’s without you. We have loved every moment of serving you, of commiserating with you, and celebrating with you.

Times change, neighborhoods change, and this is our time to move on to other achievements.

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