3rd Ward Offering Class in Starting a New Religion, Finding Your Spiritual Path

Are you a street preacher screaming through a bullhorn day-in, and day-night, but feel like you just aren’t connecting with those sully New Yorkers? Are you a subway prowler, constantly warning sleepy commuters of the impending wrath of God, but feel like nobody hears your cries? There’s good news! The reason, I would argue, is you’re being unoriginal. OK, we get it, God’s coming and he’s going to destory New York first. We’re not all that surprised. It’s time you step out of your comfort zone and try something new — like your own religion.

Thankfully, 3rd Ward’s offering a class to help you find your own spiritual path. It’s “Start a New Religion.”

In this class students will each write, design and craft a new spiritual path (as far out or traditional as desired), to be summed up and presented at the end of the course through presentations, handouts and booklets. Over the four weeks students will create hymns that can be used to exalt their beatitudes, define the tenets of their path so others will know what it’s all about, produce propaganda in order to call the willing to the Light, as well as explore the role of (read: draw/mold/create) deities in their new spiritual path.

Bob Doto’s teaching. It’s $185 for non-members, starting October 27th. Sign up now before the Gate closes its doors!

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