Eat To Host Silent Dinner, Now With 100% More Yoga

Via Eater/Via Eat's Facebook

Via Eater/Via Eat’s Facebook

From the “this is why we can’t have nice things in Greenpoint” file.

Eat, the Meserole Ave joint that is most famous for the concept of silent Sunday dinners is, for one night only (we hope) adding what eating in utter quiet has always missed: YOGA.

On Monday, December 16, Eat in Greenpoint will host a special dinner for people that like yoga, vegetarian food, and complete silence. The creators of the Sunday night silent dinners are teaming up with Pop Up Yoga NYC and Imagination Space for the event, which will take place entirely inside the tiny restaurant. First, guests will participate in “a 60-minute open level yoga class” in the dining room, followed by a cool-down with Prosecco, and then everyone will stop talking and start eating vegetables. The price is $40, and it’s BYOB. The organizers promise, “No phones, no chatter, just the company of 18 chill New Yorkers taking a much-needed break from the holiday season.”

–Via Eater

So, at the very least you won’t have to actually speak to the type of human beings whose idea of a good time is a pop-up yoga class inside a restaurant followed by the sound of strangers chewing.  Call us “unchill” if you’d like, but oh god, just the thoughts of the sounds are absolutely nauseating.

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