Captured Live: Infernal Devices at SpinSpinNYC Fashions Night Out Party

On Fashions night out I made my way to SpinSpinNYC’s party to catch the newest artist signed to their label, Infernals Devices. I’ve seen these guys a bunch of time and they always do a great job. They go to work, to say the least. Great show. The Phenometron(that glowing light thing) was looking amazing! Enjoy!


Gangs of Racoons Invading Brooklyn

Clinton Hill Racoons

From Brownstoner

Have you seen any raccoons lately? We’ve had reports of sightings from all over Brooklyn. A reader in Clinton Hill sent in these photos of a family of five in the backyard. “The raccoons are getting out of hand,” the tipster wrote. “Tried calling city for help, but was told its my problem.” They have invaded people’s houses on the block as well. Another reader posted in the Forum (under the headline “Raccoon BIG problem Park Slope”), “We have raccoons on our deck, in our yard. We saw two of them on our neighbor’s roof. We have heard scratching noises on the top floor of our brownstone…One of them bit and scratched our dog (vet gave her an additional rabies shot and antibiotics.)…They are everywhere, walking down the sidewalks at night…Any ideas of what to do or who to call?” Meanwhile, a friend who lives in Greenpoint posted on Facebook, “I am sitting here minding my own biznatch reading quietly on a lit screen and I look up and there is a goddam raccoon, a raccoon!, walking up the short flight of steps to the second floor where I sit, not five feet way. Of course I left the back door open, but still! After we evicted two living in the attic for two or three years, it’s theirs, isn’t it?”

Tops – “Diamond Look”

Captured live: Tonya Morgan at the Music Hall of Williamsburg

I caught Tonya Morgan’s last song during their performance at The Music Hall of Williamsburg during Converses showcase. The mob of people outside was a complete shit show. After some complications me and my boy Layton were able to get inside. Thanks Jacob at Converse. I didn’t really get set until half way through this video. So it’s a little sketchy. I literally just walked into the venue got my cam out and tried to get what I could aiming over heads. Enjoy!


The Most Blogged About Shows This Week

Kendrick Lamar

If you listened to our blog-o-meter last week, then you attended Warm Up and were privy to three brand new songs from Atoms For Peace; so new that Thom Yorke was singing lyrics out of a little book on at least one of them.  It was quite the spectacle: moist pony-tail peering over a composition notebook full of unintelligible lyrics (they need to do something about that PA at PS1.)  We’ve got a host of bloggable shows for you again this week, as you could have guessed.

The most BLOGGED ABOUT show this week is one for the kids; a hip-hop show from the ultra-buzzed Kendrick Lamar at Terminal 5 on Saturday, with support from fellow blog rappers Ab Soul, Jay Rock, Stalley and Fly Union.

That’s all well and good, but this week is all about Thrill Jockey for me.  The label is celebrating their 20th anniversary, and they’re doing it in style with two incredible showcases.  Friday night, Death By Audio hosts a virtual whos-who of today’s experimental scene: White Hills, Guardian Alien, Man Forever, Dan Friel and Rhyton and on Saturday, TORTOISE RETURNS to headline the night’s festivities with Future Islands, Matmos, Liturgy and D. Charles Speer in this week’s EDITOR’S PICK.

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Breaking Bad Intro – Illustrated

Woods – “Cali In A Cup”

Listen to the new Grizzly Bear: ‘Shields’

You can listen to it all here.

For a band with a firm grasp on pristine, precise production and immaculate vocal harmonies, Grizzly Bear can be inscrutable at times: Its members have been known to use their formidable studio chops in the pursuit of what can sound like puzzles waiting to be solved.

Take “Sleeping Ute,” the lead track from Grizzly Bear’s fourth album, the follow-up to its 2009 breakthrough Veckatimest. With its lush flourishes and strange psychedelic side roads, the song lurches in about six directions at once, testing listeners who like their songs to travel in straight lines. Shields (out Sept. 18) can be hard to latch onto in spots, but it rewards the effort — with both strange sonic surprises and a few hooky, expansive ringers.

With vocals that recall the choirboy-in-a-cavern anthemics of My Morning Jacket, “Half Gate” and especially “Yet Again” find a catchy, agreeable compromise between experimentation and soaring grace. In other spots, Shields gets spare and quiet — particularly in “The Hunt” and “What’s Wrong,” both of which drift into airy, barely there minimalism. By the time it winds down, the album has found an effective way to fuse its gentle and majestically booming sides in the seven-minute knockout “Sun in Your Eyes.”

Sometimes delicate and eccentric, at others grandiose — and always many steps beyond the Brooklyn band’s beginnings as a home-recording project for singer Ed Droste — Shields rarely sounds like a bid for greater commercial success. But it does showcase the considerable gifts of four guys willing to hover patiently through the detours, without sacrificing the beauty that makes the journey worthwhile.