Cat Power, Zombies, Lasers – Chan Marshall’s New Video ‘Cherokee’

Williamsburg Fashion Weekend is here

Andy Warhol is alive and well and Williamsburg Fashion Weekend is in full swing. Watch video edits of all of last night’s designers below. Details for tonight’s affair at Windmill Studios at 287 Kent Ave can be found after the jump.

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Yep, That’s Girl Talk’s Cat Singing Collective Soul

From Pitchfork:

At first, we were all like “oh haha look at this funny video of this cat ‘singing’ Collective Soul’s ‘Shine’.” But then Girl Talk’s publicist confirmed that yes, it actually is Gillis’ own pet cat in the video. Which brings it to a whole other level of awesome.

Two Williamsburg and Greenpoint Stops on The “Brooklyn Spirits Trail”

New York Distilling Company's Perry & Parker Gins

From DNA:

Brooklyn has a proud history of brewing, and the craft is making a comeback in a major way, with breweries and distilleries dotting the borough. In fact, seven are within walking distance in Red Hook and Sunset Park, and three others are a short hop away in Greenpoint and Williamsburg. To highlight this enterprising spirit, Cacao Prieto, a rum and dessert maker on Conover Street, helped develop the Brooklyn Spirits Trail, which winds past rum, rye, whiskey, gin, sorel and beer-makers and offers participants delectable samples of food and drink. “Wear comfortable shoes,” said Jackie Summers, 44, who owns Jack from Brooklyn distillery. “Plan on having terrific food and sampling some really unique liquors and seeing how things are done.” The self-guided tour kicks off at Red Hook Winery. Maps can be found at the distilleries and breweries and Dry Dock Wine and Spirits in Red Hook.
10 stops, 12.4 miles

New York Distilling Company
Where: 79 Richardson St. in Williamsburg
Tours/Tastings: Monday through Thursday at 5 and 7 p.m. The distillery’s cocktail bar opens at 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 2 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays
Cost: Free
Contact: 718-412-0874,
Must Try: Dorothy Parker American Gin, $33 per bottle. For $3 more try the 114-proof Perry’s Tot Navy Strength Gin
“The Shanty” at the New York Distilling Company is where to sample its critically-acclaimed American and 114-proof Navy Strength gins. The bar serves cocktails and craft beers in addition to the distillery’s own spirits, is open every night. [Read more…]

Stream The New Kanye

Listen to it all here.

Brooklynization? And We Remember When They Just Hated Williamsburg….

Now the whole concept of Brooklyn (according to this dude) is a negative thing.

Brooklyn has a downside. Those who abandon their RMS [Regional Music Scene] to come to Brooklyn risk co-option by an aesthetic Borg. Things get mushy. There’s too much input, and there’s not a lot that’s not known. Somebody’s band sounds like Howlin’ Wolf and ESG and Gang of Four, but also sounds like REO Speedwagon and Glenn Branca and The Pointer Sisters. There aren’t many secrets. There are no mountains to go over.

Do not confuse Brooklyn with, well, Brooklyn—the New York borough that sits about 230 miles from Washington on the southwest end of Long Island over the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge off of I-278. There are many Brooklyns. Los Angeles is Brooklyn. Chicago is Brooklyn. Berlin and London are Brooklyn. Babylon was the Brooklyn of the ancient world. In the 1990s, Seattle was Brooklyn. Young Chinese punks challenging Communism risk prison to make Beijing the Brooklyn of tomorrow.

Some Brooklyns aren’t even places. MySpace is Brooklyn. YouTube is Brooklyn. Facebook is Brooklyn. Spotify and iTunes are perversely, horribly, unapologetically, maddeningly Brooklyn.

I’m against it….

I wonder whether many of my peers fell for Brooklyn via the process Svenonius outlines, abandoning the scene they had helped build for an imagined other. Artists wanted to live in the city of Pollock, Warhol, and Basquiat; writers wanted to live in the city of Kerouac and Thomas Wolfe; bands wanted to live in the city of Suicide, ESG, and Talking Heads. And the musicians, once they got there, started sounding more like Suicide, ESG, and Talking Heads…. [Read more…]

Rosamunde – The Popular San Fran Sausage Joint – Now Open In Williamsburg

We can’t wait to try it!

Giggity: the wildly popular San Francisco sausage grill Rosamunde is now officially slinging meat on Williamsburg’s Southside, in the space formerly occupied by the sexy Savalas and, briefly, the snooty Masten Lake. This place has “smash hit” written all over it: the track record is proven, price is right (8 bucks get you a delicious sausage sandwich with two toppings), vibe is casual, and the options are myriad—in addition to all the real sausages, there are three different kinds of vegan sausages, plus vegan baked beans, potato salad (that has bacon), and fries. And we haven’t even gotten to all the draught beers and the house-made sodas and the highballs!
Rosamunde (the name is taken from a German “Beer Barrel Polka”) has 24 beers on tap and 15 in bottles. In the basement, they make eight different soda syrups ranging from ginger to cucumber to licorice, and you can order these straight up for $3.50 (the licorice is sublime) or mixed into a specialty highball ($8). Last night we tried both the licorice soda (spectacular) and the refreshing Pimm’s Cup, made with the Cucumber syrup. Of all the sodas, principal owner Josh Margolis tells us licorice is his favorite, but he’s most proud of the cola. “Cola’s not easy,” says Margolis. “Everyone’s got an opinion on cola. It took me a long time to get that right.”
The vegan baked beans—a rarity in our experience—are crazy good; vegetarians should get them as a side with the tasty Vegan Apple Sage, which we recommend with the sauerkraut and sweet peppers.

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Red Bull Curates Exhibition Tonight!


Colin Young-Wolff/Red Bull Media House

Red Bull has come up with a really cool art competition – turn a standard Red Bull refrigerator and turn it into a work of art. Or, as Red Bull puts it: “The medium? A Red Bull refrigerator (covered in canvas). The mission: Create.” And create they did!

Elizabeth Harper/Red Bull Media House

25 New York artists gathered at Villain on Sunday, September 9 to create and fulfill this “mission.” Of these 25 works of art, only 3 will be coined winners. And these winners will be revealed tonight, September 13!

So what are they competing for – what’s the grand prize? A chance to show at the “Scope art fair during December’s Art Basel in Miami Beach, the biggest international art event on the calendar.”

Again, the event takes place TONIGHT, September 13 at Villain at 9:00 PM. Go and enjoy the art!