Captured live at the Afro-Punk Festival: Ninjasonik

I made my way over to the Afro Punk Festival this weekend at Commodore Barry Park. First on my list was Ninjasonik. They played the skate park stage during the amatuer skate competition. See it how I saw it. Enjoy!


Listen to the New Cat Power: ‘Sun’

Listen here.

But on Sun, Marshall’s first full-length collection of new songs in more than six years, the Georgia native has taken a surprising turn from her long-established themes and sound to produce her most joyful, sonically adventurous album to date. Sun, out Sept. 4, is also the best record she’s ever made.

Fans hoping for another rainy-day companion won’t find much comfort on the appropriately titled Sun. The delicate guitar and piano lines — and the wispy, introspective poetry of earlier Cat Power recordings — have been obliterated by propulsive synths, drum machines and urgent, densely layered vocals. It’s a bold, sometimes epic and thrilling sound Marshall crafted and produced entirely on her own, playing every instrument and singing every part at her Malibu studio. The songs were later mixed by Philippe Zdar.

Marshall didn’t arrive at this point in her music easily. After releasing her soul-inspired album The Greatest in 2006, the singer was crippled by debt, went bankrupt and was briefly hospitalized for stress. She eventually began writing again, but abandoned everything she’d done after a friend told her the songs were too sad and familiar. So Marshall took time off to reevaluate her approach to music. After an extended hiatus, she returned to the studio with a new game plan that relied heavily on the electronics and driving dance beats heard on Sun. Marshall calls it her “rebirth.”

It can be hard for longtime fans of an artist to embrace changes as dramatic as the ones Marshall makes here. Sun may alienate some listeners who prefer to snuggle under a heavy blanket with Cat Power’s sadder, older sound. But the album is also likely to draw in a new batch of fans struck by its power and triumphant beauty. Either way, it’s one of 2012’s biggest surprises and best records: an irresistible collection from an inspired, fearless and curious artist.

Captured live: Flatbush Zombies at the Williamsburg Hall of Music

I never heard of the Flatbush Zombies before Converse’s showcase at The Music Hall of Williamsburg lastnight. Obviously I live under some sort of rock or something because the crowd was singing word for word and going crazy. A group of artist this dope and I’m just hearing of them now? I should be ashamed of myself.

These dudes murdered it! When was the last time you went to a hip hop show with mosh pits and crowd surfing? If you don’t know who they are I suggest you find out real quick. A bleach blonde mohawk, Platinum grills, and woman everywhere. The Flatbush Zombies are stirring shit up! Great set!


Captured live: Action Bronson at the Williamsburg Hall of Music

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Justin Little, August 23, 2010
Lastnight I hit up Converse’s showcase at The Music Hall of Williamsburg. This was probably the best showcase I’ve been to in the last decade. It was a very personal show. Anyone who was in the crowd during the Flatbush Zombies or Action Bronson had to feel alive. Layton(the drummer from Courtesy Tier) and I both agreed this shit was incredible. I’m not going to get into specifics or anything. I’m not going to say anything about how you made it rain on the crowd with some of NYC finest greenery. I’m also not going to talk about the many pairs of $600 dollar shoes you threw onto the stage either.Action Bronson you’re the man for about a zillion reasons! PS: Jacob at Converse, thanks for the hospitality!

Captured live at Brooklyn Bowl: The Drums

I went and caught The Drums over at Brooklyn Bowl lastnight. Thank you Spin Magazine and Diet Coke for a great night of music. I wasn’t in a drinking mood so I definitely drank atleast 4 of those free sodas being passed out. I’ve always thought The Drums studio stuff was good but I must say they’re about 2X’s better live. Outstanding set! Enjoy!

Lena Dunham Bringing Her Girls Entourage To Greenpoint Tonight

First, Buscemi nearly blows up Commercial Street. Now, we spotted this on the corner of Manhattan and India:

Sleigh Bells Host Anthony Bourdain in Austin on “No Reservations”

Sleigh Bells are the latest musical guests to guest on Anthony Bourdain’s traveling food show “No Reservations”. Bourdain joins them at their rented SXSW home in Austin, where he roasts a pig, drinks avocado margaritas and gets a tattoo (!) from the band’s touring guitarist Jason Boyer. They appear to have a supremely fun time together.

The episode– which kicks off a new season of the show– airs on September 3 on the Travel Channel.


New Grimes Video – “Genesis”