R.I.P Monster – Brooklyn Brewery’s Beloved Cat

If you’ve visited Brooklyn Brewery you likely crossed paths with Monster, the brewery’s resident cat. Sadly, after thirteen years the little guy passed away today due to kidney failure.

From their blog:

“It’s safe to say that few other cats have received more attention and love (and table food) from more people than Monster. When he wasn’t working the crowds, visitors to The Brewery would find Monster perched above the Company Store watching/napping over his guests, and glaring eagle-eyed at any and all intrusive dogs. In his tenure as Tasting Room Host, Monster has made fans from across the world, and has been featured in the media via Animal Planet, Time Out NY and numerous magazines and blogs. Monster quickly became one of the most photographed objects in The Brewery, and aside from possibly Brewmaster Oliver has posed with more Brooklyn fans than any other member of the team.”

Today’s Teens Don’t Know About No Doubt, Ughhh

screencap from YouTube

No Doubt and Gwen Stefani are trending on Twitter right now, but not because the newly reunited group just released the first single off of their first studio album in eleven years. They’re trending because they performed at the Teen Choice Awards moments ago and apparently none of today’s teens know who they are. See a handful of the unfortunate tweets after the jump. [Read more…]

Nude Pics & Make Outs: What’s Up With Lana Del Rey And Her Sister?

via ATRL

It’s no secret how we feel about Lana Del Rey. But there’s something going on between her and her sister and no one seems to be talking about it.

cecilfloyd's tumblr

Back in April photos surfaced of Lana kissing kissing a blonde girl who bloggers claimed was Jennifer Lawrence of The Hunger Games. Those bloggers eventually updated, identifying the girl as Lana’s sister, Chuck Grant. The photos were for an art project in which the girls were recreating a scene from the film Gia starring Angelina Jolie. This isn’t innocent sister kissing. It’s closed-mouthed – as in Gia – but they’re passionate. Chuck has her hand on Lana’s neck and Lana’s head is tiled sideways. There are two photos of the sisters like that, plus a third one of them gazing into each other’s eyes.

Then there are the nude photos that surfaced this week. There appear to be five photos, all from a photo session five years ago for Lana’s “Kill Kill” EP back when she was Lizzy Grant. Chuck took the photos, and all Lana is wearing are a few plastic leis.

Here’s what we know about Chuck Grant: She’s a photographer. She hangs out with Lana all the time. She has a Tumblr and a website. Most of her photos are of Lana. They take selfies. She shot some of Lana’s “National Anthem” video.

(Sidenote: I find it interesting that Chuck is boy’s name when in these instances she’s taking the position of the male, first when kissing the overly-feminized Lana, and second when acting as a male voyeur objectifying Lana’s body.)

What’s most odd about their relationship and these pictures is that despite the intense scrutiny the media put Lana through earlier this year, no one is talking about it. Does that mean the public is ready to accept Lana as an artist and let her do what she wants? Or does that mean no one cares anymore?

You Can Still Catch Tonight’s Cancelled Waterfront Show At A Secret Venue

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Organizers of the Lacoste L!VE Williamsburg Park Concert Series announced this evening that the Refused and Off! show would be cancelled due to the weather. But word around town – and confirmed by both bands’ Twitters – is that Refused will be playing a secret show at Europa Club on Meserole. Unlike the originally scheduled concert, this one is free. Doors at 9 p.m.

According to those on the scene, there is a humongous line. Some people are saying the club is already at its 550 person capacity. Here are some pictures of the line.

The Most Blogged About Shows This Week

Beach House

If the temperature is any indicator… we’re smack in the middle of summer.  The buzz temperature seems to indicate the same thing, because there’s a plethora of bloggable shows this week.  Quite honestly, there’s enough going on JUST TONIGHT to fill up a blog post.

If there’s a MOST BLOGGED ABOUT artist this week, it’s Lower Dens, and I mean that in a very literal sense.   I interviewed them for THIS blog just a couple of days ago. They’re the headliner at Bowery Ballroom tomorrow night, with shoegazers No Joy and Wham City alum Alan Resnick opening.  Oh, and that’s just a warmup.  Lower Dens are playing Central Park Summerstage on Monday as well, supporting blog all-stars Beach House.  That’s our MOST BLOGGED and EDITORS PICK for this week, and unsurprisingly sold out a long time ago.

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The Williamsburg Park Series Opened Tonight

After months of planning – including turning a random parking lot into a feasible concert venue – the Lacoste L!VE Williamsburg Park Concert Series opened tonight with Counting Crows. If you live in the area and opened your window at around 9 p.m., chances are you heard them playing “Mr. Jones.” Here’s what concertgoers and locals are tweeting about the show: [Read more…]

NYPD Uses Pepper Spray In McCarren Pool Melee

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We told ourselves we were going to take a break from posting horror stories about the McCarren Park Pool after it’s first week of long lines, fights, theft, increased police presence, and feces. But the pool made news again hours ago when the NYPD had to use pepper spray against bathers before shutting down the site.

The Daily News has video of the incident, but not a whole lot of details. Apparently around 6:15 p.m. unruly teens began forcing their way into the pool, which was at capacity. Both lifeguards and police tried to stop them, to no avail. That’s when things got ugly. A police officer may have tried to forcibly remove a teen, causing his cohorts to “come rushing in.” The cop responded with pepper spray.

Three arrests were made and the incident gets added to the list of reasons why no one is happy about this pool.


Camp Bisco comes but once a year … BUT fret not, the founders of the festival The Disco Biscuits seemingly play 26 times over the course of the three day festival.

This year we were graced with three days of perfect weather and a beautiful late night torrential downpour which served as the only shower most of the festival goers cleansed themselves with. [Read more…]