Captured Live at the NorthSide Festival: The Bach Street Boys

Bad news is I lost one of my HD cards during Northside Festival. Good news is someone was nice enough to return it to me. There are some good Samaritans out there after all! Back to the topic at hand.

Justin Little, June 15, 2012
Caught up with The Bach Street Boys on the street during my Northside Festival adventures. Very soothing stuff. They definitely got me in the mood for like a spot of tea and a nice game of chess.

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Boy George Covers Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games”

Headline Round-Up: Don Draper Dresses as Apple in W-burg and The Times Discovers, um, Greenpoint

A visit to the new restaurant, Lake Trout Greenpointers

Fury at Hasidic dress codes in W-Burg NY Post

Boathouse adrift: Greenpoint’s nautical plan hasn’t set sail yet Brooklyn Paper

Inside The Well with Cam’ ron (Report from the Inaugural Party) Bushwick Daily

Kombucha comes to W’burg’s old Pfizer building Brooklyn Paper

For McCarren Pool Security, Swimmers Turn to ‘Lock Man’ DNA

Don Draper Dresses as Apple for Williamsburg Comedy Show DNA

The Times Discovers, um, Greenpoint (ugh) NY Times

Formerly Isa chefs are now doing a weekly pop-up on Tuesday nights at Whirlybird Eater

This Weekend: Bushwick Block Party

Bushwick Block Party

Bushwick Block Party

Is it too early to start thinking about the weekend? From Brooklyn Paper:
The blocks around the Morgan L station will erupt in a music-art-and-pizza-filled blowout on July 28, say event organizers who will shut down Moore Street between Bogart and White streets to bring out the seemingly abandoned neighborhood’s art-loving denizens for a not-so-old-fashioned block party.

“When we first opened here, there was nothing around,” said Anthony Falco, the director of mobile operations for Roberta’s Pizza, which is the main sponsor of the event. “It’s been great to watch the whole area grow, and this is a celebration of that.”

And though closing down a street to party is standard Brooklyn fare, this isn’t a standard Brooklyn street. Moore Street has, in many ways, become a social hub for the young people who have flocked to the area for cheap live-work spaces […]

This is the third year of the Bushwick Block Party and organizers are optimistic it will be the biggest yet, with rocker Andrew WK as the celebrity draw. Other local performers include Heems, Tournament and Wild Yaks.

Phillip Gilmour, owner of Momo Sushi Shack, said the block party helps to showcase what makes Bushwick unique among New York City neighborhoods.

“It’s a younger and more eclectic neighborhood,” said Gilmour. “There are all these young artist people out here. It seems desolate, but it’s not.”

Check out the hilarious promo video after the jump:

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How Many Times Can The Times Deem Williamsburg the “Next Big Thing”

From last week’s Times:

The dazzling hotel and night life complex, a staple of the Manhattan circuit, has finally washed up on Brooklyn’s hype-friendly shores, bringing with it the kind of crowds eager to finally explore the Next Big Thing. And what are they finding across the river? Communal tables, artisanal beer, saltwater pools and a cast of characters right out of the HBO series “Girls.”

Since opening in May at a restored factory building, the Wythe has helped spiff up a once-desolate corner of Williamsburg — North 11th Street and Wythe Avenue — into an artisanal-food-and-drink playpen.

Bored of the hotel’s commanding view of Manhattan? Pop over to the Kinfolk Studios, an experimental emporium that houses a design studio, gallery, cafe, bar and a popular Scandinavian restaurant.

Craving live music with a side of smoked trout salad? Cross the street to Brooklyn Bowl, where Questlove spins music on Thursdays, Blue Ribbon serves cozy nibbles, and bowling is an ironic (or would that be unironic?) pastime for 20-somethings.

And that’s just the start. Turn the corner and find the Brooklyn Brewery, a fabled local beer manufacturer that, aside from offering tours, now opens its industrial red doors as a beer garden on the weekends. Or stumble a couple of blocks and find Berry Park, a two-level sports bar that plays house music and soccer games, a newly sanitized waterfront and another yet boutique hotel — this one with a South-Beach-in-Brooklyn poolside ambience.

Ugh. Really? Is this news to anyone? In fact, here they are in 1998 saying the same thing. At least they also have Greenpoint to talk about now.

Sam Flax – “Fire Doesn’t Burn Itself”


The Story Collider: Medical Misadventures

With modern medicine, we live longer, better, and with more pills. But no matter what side of the stethoscope you’re on, there are still infinite possibilities for things to go wrong. The Story Collider hosts another evening of story telling tonight at Union Hall. Join them for an evening of six stories of Medical Misadventures.

More details on their website.

PHOTO GALLERY: Yacht Rockin’ away with Nicky Digital, Andrew W.K., Cherie Lily and 33Hz! PLUS FREE YACHT ROCK MIX TAPE!

In celebration of his birthday, Nicky Digital took us sailing this past weekend with his buddies Andrew W.K., Cherlie Lily and 33Hz. Guests were treated to amazing DJ sets from Andrew W.K. and 33Hz and a fancy live performance by Cherie Lily!

If you weren’t lucky enough to be on the vessel or are just dying to relive the magic, we’ve got some great recap pics and a FREE Yachty By Nature mix tape by 33Hz for you to download after the jump! [Read more…]