New Spike Lee Trailer: “Red Hook Summer”

Lykke Li, MGMT, and Antony Cover Fleetwood Mac

Via East Village Radio

As we noted last week, there’s a whole hullabaloo going on in regards to Fleetwood Mac. No, the band’s not back together, but there are a great number of new and established talents who’ve joined forces for tribute compilation and we’re beginning to hear the first outputs. Best Coast’s live rendition of Rhiannon was, um, heard earlier this week, but we’re more amped on a few n00bs that are streaming today. MGMT goes for a 9-minute weirdo psych vocoder version of Future Games, Swedish chanteuse Lykke Li tugs at the heartstrings on Silver Springs and Antony provides a simply straight-forward and crisp take on Landslide.

Pre-order Just Tell Me What You Want: A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac.

McCarren Park Pool Is Finally Open!

The long-awaited reopening of McCarren Park pool has arrived. The 37,950-square-foot pool will be open daily 11am-3pm and then from 4pm-7pm.

Best of all, it’s FREE!

HOURS: 11am-3pm and 4pm-7pm

Today, the pool will be open from 2-3pm and the from 4-7pm.

For more information, visit

The Most Blogged About Shows This Week

Laurel Halo

There’s something to be said for normalcy.

The last couple of weeks brought our fair city of Gotham a plethora of summer festivals and concert series that thoroughly wore us at My Social List out (in all the best ways.)  There’s no big summer series this week… but that doesn’t mean there aren’t buzzworthy shows to enjoy.

THE MOST BLOGGED ABOUT show this week is a very danceable one over at 285 Kent, a venue that seems to be skewing increasingly in that direction over the past few months.  Slava headlines with sets from Laurel Halo, Gatekeeper, Anenon, Wish, Brenmar and a DJ set from none other than Teengirl Fantasy, whose upcoming LP is one of the most anticipated releases of the year.  Laurel Halo guests on their new album, so I wouldn’t be too surprised to see them collaborate at some point in the night.  Sounds like a party destined to rage on until the sunrises with a lineup that stacked.

Speaking of anticipated releases, Japandroids recently dropped their second full-length, Celebration Rock, which is already showing up on everyone’s album of the year lists; from the most obscure indie blogs to big-time mainstream magazines.  And with good reason, the LP’s collection of celebratory punk party anthems is a welcome breath of fresh air in today’s electro and shoegaze-saturated market.  The album doesn’t veer too far (if at all) off the path they blazed with Post Nothing, but that’s not exactly a bad thing.  They’re this week’s EDITOR’S PICK, and they’ve sold out two nights this week at Bowery Presents’ mid-sized venues, Bowery Ballroom (tonight) and Music Hall of Williamsburg (tomorrow.)  Cadence Weapon opens.  Next stop, Terminal 5…

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Video Premiere: Slothrust – The Couch Incident

Our friends over at Meerkat Media just sent us over their latest video for Slothrust’s The Couch Incident. The sofa-bound lead singer is confronted by her very younger self, and instead of some lovey-dovey, idyllic realization about ourselves as children, shit gets real when the girl turns out to be elusive, destructive, and violent. The song reminds me a little bit of what the At The Drive In would be like if they had listened to more death metal.

Slothrust was recently a featured artist at Adrian Grenier’s Brooklyn studio (which I did not know was even a thing), Wreckroom.

McCarren Park Pool Construction Timeline

This is very cool. McCarren Park Pool opens tomorrow!

New Joanna Newsom Track: “The Diver’s Wife”

Listen: The Diver’s Wife (live in San Francisco)

Video: Lana Del Rey’s “National Anthem” (with A$AP Rocky as John F. Kennedy)