P.T. Anderson’s New Film Trailer: The Master

From Stereogum:

Paul Thomas Anderson’s new film, The Master, revolves around a faith leader known as “The Master” (Philip Seymour Hoffman) and a man named Freddie Sutton (Joaquin Phoenix) who becomes his unlikely associate. Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood, who memorably collaborated with PTA on There Will Be Blood‘s score, will reprise that role for The Master, and the film’s new teaser flaunts a new percussive orchestral track composed by Greenwood.

I Survived Googa Mooga (But Apparently No One Else Did)

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This morning we asked readers if they survived this past weekend’s The Great Googa Mooga festivities in Prospect Park. And from what I’ve read online and heard from coworkers, few did. People complained about issues like insanely long lines for beer and food, food running out, and logistical problems (no added cell reception or public transportation). Even those who bought the $250 tickets left dissatisfied.

I made it to the event at noon on Saturday and I remember thinking how much space there was to move around compared to other festivals I had been to, like Bonnaroo. I had lunch at 1pm after watching Fort Lean perform and waited in line for only five minutes before getting food (Num Pang Sandwich Shop). I even stood in line with a friend at a second place and waited only three minutes there (DuMont Burger).

Things changed however when we were done eating and went to get beer. The midday crowds were starting to flood in and the issues with logistics were quickly becoming apparent. There were too many separate lines (one for ID checks, another one for beverages, others for food) which faded into one another, made getting from one place to another nearly impossible, and each lasted at least twenty minutes. Event workers at an ID check tried to move things along by checking IDs for some people at the middle of the line, but that made things more confusing. It was 3 p.m. by the time we finished our first beers (not slow drinkers, just slow lines) and by that time the lines had grown so long that we would have had our second ones at 4:30.

I felt like I got what I paid for with those free tickets. But food blogger Joanne Wilson describes her negative experience at the Extra Mooga section: “I can’t believe that I paid $250 a head for this. A complete rip-off. I am not the only person out there yesterday who wanted their money back. The experience, considering the food amount, was worth about $50 at best…We left the show starving.”

Countless Twitter users echo these sentiments (although most didn’t get to enjoy the brief calm like I did). “Going to #googamooga was the human version of what my cat must go through when she runs frantically into a room & forgets why. Ate nothing.” “1000s starving, stranded in the heat, standing on endless lines for food.” “Our Katrina.”

Leave your horror stories in the comments.

The Bedford “Bomb” Was An Art Project After All

Miyakawa's site

People speculated – somewhat facetiously – that Friday’s bomb scare on Bedford Avenue must have been an art project because, after all, it is Williamsburg. Turns out they were right. 50-year-old artist and Brooklyn resident Takeshi Miyakawa was behind the installation and has since been arrested.

Police apprehended Miyakawa on Saturday when he was putting up another installation at the intersection of Bedford, Lorimer, and Nassau and charged him with planting false bombs. He was arraigned on Sunday and will be put through a 30 day mental health evaluation.

The objects – “I Love New York” bags that contain LED lights and battery packs – were for NY Design Week and supposedly would have come down today. An artist who works with Miyakawa described him as “polite, calm, and presentable.” The New York Times states that the artist intended the installation to be “a display of his love for the city.”

According to his website, Miyakawa was born in Japan and has been living in New York City since 1989. He mostly designs furniture, some of which is priced at $20,000.

Interview: Dinowalrus


Williamsburg’s own Dinowalrus recently released their critically-acclaimed sophomore LP, Best Behavior; a decidedly more dance-driven and synth-based approach than their debut, the noise rock-inspired %My Social List caught up with Pete Feigenbaum, their self-proclaimed “curator of riffs” at El Beit to discuss his band’s progression, the erosion of local music scenes, the continued gentrification of Williamsburg and what he described as a Warholian appropriation of culture as a driving influence in his band’s sound.

Peter Rittweger – You’ve said that Andy Warhol’s or Mike Kelley’s “appropriation” was a source of inspiration on Best Behavior. I almost immediately think of your album cover, which is an image of the Domino Sugar factory, this “iconic” Williamsburg landmark.  % was more “no-wave” or “noise rock” inspired, while Best Behavior seems to be more influenced by the best music AROUND you.  Would you say the image symbolizes that sort of appropriation?

Pete Feigenbaum – Yes and no.  I mean, the album cover is just an allusion to Animals, that Pink Floyd album… which isn’t a very good album, but that album cover really resonates with me.  I mean both albums (% and Best Behavior) are sort of appropriations in a different way.  I have this theory that nostalgia comes in twenty year waves.  I guess there’s only really been two years between the two albums, but in my mind it feels like more, so we’ve jumped from 1982 to 1992 in our minds, haha.

I was vaguely interested in this Madchester acid-house sound for a while, so it just made sense to dig even deeper into that and really let that influence the songwriting on Best Behavior, and the production too.  So I feel that that’s the biggest re-appropriation on Best Behavior…like taking ideas from the Happy Mondays, Stone Roses, Charlatans, Primal Scream, Candy Flip, Flowered Up… all those bands.  I feel like our interest in them is a very unique thing. It seems like no one else around here is into that.  Revivalism can be kind of hokey, or even a cheap thrill but I like to think the way that we’ve done it, we’ve kind of made it our own and made people see this style that they may have overlooked previously.

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Did You Survive The Great Googamooga?

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Did you make it to this weekend’s Great GoogaMoogaEater features some tweets from the fledgling festival, Brooklyn Vegan covers Day 1 and Day 2 festivities, and the Yelpers are already busy sharing their impressions.  What did you think?

The Story Collider Celebrates Two Years at The Bell House


Image via The Story Collider

Brooklynites love a good storytelling session.  The Bell House has been the scene of many and on Tuesday evening stories and science collide.  The Story Collider celebrates their two year anniversary with IAmScience.  The evening features stories of people’s twisted paths to lives in science, diverse and thrilling stories that span generations and challenge traditional ideas of who can be a scientist and what can inspire a scientist’s work.  Complete details can be found on their website.

A Bag In A Tree Shut Down Bedford Ave. Yesterday


The weird neighbor in American Beauty may have called that floating plastic bag “the most beautiful thing in the world,” but the NYPD, FDNY, bomb squad, and anyone trying to get down Bedford Avenue yesterday would have just called it a huge nuisance. Gothamist reports that cops shut down Williamsburg’s main drag midday yesterday from North 4th to North 6th streets for a suspicious package. Tipsters initially described it as “a shopping bag with wires coming out of it taped to a tree.”

Turns out it was just an “I Love NY” bag strategically placed on a metal rod. Police reopened the street at around 12:38 p.m. and so far no one has come forward with any information about the bag. More photos on Gothamist.

Ende Tymes Festival is under way

Ende Tymes “Festival of Noise and Experimental Liberation” is happening this weekend at Secret Project Robot in Bushwick and Outpost Artists Resources in Ridgewood. As a matter of fact, it started already last night. Here’s a clip of Lussuria’s performance.

More performances and details about the remaining days below.
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