Fake Menus Handed Out at GoogaMooga – AKA The Best Thing We’ve Seen All Week

Fucked in Park Slope posted these fake menus handed out at GoogaMooga and somehow all seems right with the world now.

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SOKO – “We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow” (NSFW)

Perfectly somber for a rainy day like today:

Googa Mooga Organizers Admit “Glitches” And Will Refund $250 Tix

Googa Mooga

Well this is embarrassing: the event organizers behind last weekend’s controversial The Great Googa Mooga food and music festival in Prospect Park announced today that they will be offering a full refund to those who purchased “Extra Mooga” tickets for $250. They’re even refunding the $17 service fee.

Perhaps even more surprising is that Superfly came right out and acknowledged the event’s largely negative feedback on the event’s website. “To those who had a frustrating experience on Saturday – we are sorry,” the organizers write. “We truly regret the first year glitches and really appreciate your patience as we worked to smooth them out.” Interesting that they only mention issues happening on Saturday.

There doesn’t appear to be any info on the event site about the refunds, but Superfly released the following statement to the press: “We promised you a terrific Extra Mooga experience this past weekend and we didn’t deliver, particularly in providing an adequate amount of food and beverage on Saturday…To officially extend our apology, we’re offering you a 100% refund of your Extra Mooga ticket price, including handling fees.”

You can submit a request to refunds@googamooga.com.

Beloved in Greenpoint

via Grubstreet

Monday evening the fiance and I braved the rain for a much anticipated night cap at Greenpoint’s newest bar, Beloved.  I had already read a number of great reviews and am happy to report that every word was true.

We stepped into Beloved and found a couple seats at the end of bar.  The crowd was a little sparse around 9pm but started filling up as the next couple of hours passed.  The bar is beautiful – well designed and offering ample seating as well as a yard in the back.  The environment was comfortable and laid back and the bartender genuinely nice and personable.

I ordered that evening’s drink special – not sure what it was called but it consisted of a honey syrup, lime juice, and bourbon shaken together with blueberries.  It was, in my humble opinion, perfect.  The drink was not overly sweet, balanced by the lime juice and the smokey bourbon.  I also appreciated the perfectly ripe blueberries that garnished the drink as well as the very reasonable $8 price tag.  The fiance ordered the Allsorts Inc, consisting of tequila, mezcal, and an assortment of ingredients that we had to ask the bartender about, like Falernum.  The result was a delicious multilayered drink that had “a lot going on (but in a good way)” that the fiance thoroughly enjoyed.

All cocktails on the menu are $10.  All draft beers are $6 and cans of Tecate are an easy $3.  Beloved is located at 674 Manhattan Ave in Greenpoint, close to the intersection of Manhattan and Norman Ave.

Brooklyn Public Library Doors To Be Restored

Image c/o Brownstoner

Via Brokelyn and MarketWatch:

Brooklyn Public Library will receive $250,000 to restore the main entrance doors of their Central Branch thanks to your votes through the Partners in Preservation Project.  Good job Brooklyn!

Wednesday: Free Screening of Work by Noelia Santos

Tomorrow, the Filmwax Film Series is featuring new work by local filmmaker Noelia Santos:

Filmmaker Noelia Santos presents two of her short films and a work-in-progress. Her work blends narrative storytelling with nonfiction approaches and a highly cinematic visual sense. In ”Triptych,” three women in transition are portrayed against the backdrop of a teeming metropolis. Though they don’t know each other, the characters’ intersecting paths form a larger storyline of emotional growth and cyclic experience within the city – itself a figure of constant change and renewal. In ‘Focus,’ a photographer works alone in her studio, struggling with an idea for a new project. Her wanderings through the lively city streets fuel her search for inspiration. When she finally discards her original idea, new connections in the work compel her to find the “missing image” out in the world.

More information here.

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The story behind the Wythe Hotel

Via NY Observer:

“We didn’t cut any corners,” Mr. Walentas said. “If we had, this just wouldn’t have worked.” ….
The hotel’s website, proudly declares: “Wythe has rooms for artists, friends, brewmasters, musicians, concertgoers, mothers, brothers, grandmothers, bowlers, interns, twins, engineers, vignerons, and chefs,” which sounds exactly right.

The same exacting quality is behind every bar (four, counting the event spaces) and on every plate in Reynards. “You won’t read the farmer’s name on the menu because we’re not into boasting, but know that we’ve met every single one of our producers and shaken their hand, and that is the kind of experience we want to share with our guests,”

Coping With Mother Nature

Mother nature teased us with amazing weather all weekend only to wake us up Monday and Tuesday to an intense case of blue balls. “Rain rain go away come back another day!” because you’re ruining my life with this rain crap. I’m so ready for McCarren Pool (capacity 900 hipsters = roughly 15,000 tattoos) to open this summer. In the meantime, we have no choice but to cope. If you’re lame and don’t plan on coming out to play after work today, no worries, here are a few videos to keep you occupied and get some testosterone circulating in those “Gonads”. I’m Justin Little by the way, whisper sweet nothings into my ear if you hear something you like. Enjoy!

Chicago – I’m a Man

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