Work Begins At Waterfront Concerts Site



It looks like construction has started at Williamsburg Park, the site of this summer’s waterfront concert series. Here’s a view of the lot from earlier today, with several Parks department vehicles and what appears to be an enormous drill.

The organizers’ call for proposals states that “construction may not penetrate the existing asphalt,” so we’re guessing that this work is being done by the Parks department to prepare the site before the production company moves in.

Video: Miracles of Modern Science “Friend of the Animals”

Brooklyn via Princeton avante-rockers Miracles of Modern Science perform their song “Friend of the Animals” live at Spaceman Sound in Greenpoint. From Vice:

Considering their ambiguous lack of modern instrumentation, Miracles of Modern Science (AKA MOMS) could more aptly be described as miracles of classical science. The most expected piece of gear in MOMS’ set is that old backbone of any band, the drums, but besides that the group employs a double-bassist, a mandolinist, a violinist, and a cellist. Their music is pretty difficult to categorize but they might feel comfortable at a freak-folk festival alongside Joanna Newsom and Sufjan Stevens, although MOMS definitely bring a slightly goofier sense of humor to their sweet and swooning melodies.

Shot of course, by your boys at Big Ass Lens.

[via Vice]

Sondra Sun-Odeon and Sun Moon played Zebulon

From last night’s show at Zebulon. Unfortunately we were not able to neither catch “Yosh” nor “Bee and Flower”. However, below is footage from Sondra and Sun Moon’s set.

Sondra Sun-Odeon

Sun Moon

Even though we missed Yosh‘s performance yesterday, earlier this year we captured her show at Saint Vitus in Greenpoint. Watch it below the fold, along with more ‘full band’ Sondra…

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The Most Blogged About Shows This Week


It’s really hard for me to write this today.  I haven’t been in the best of moods since Rick Santorum decided to drop out of the race.  It’s just so fresh.  The initial shock has worn off, yes, but it’s a pretty deep cut, and I’m just starting to feel it.  So yeah, I apologize in advance if I’m not my usual chipper self.  I’m sure most of you can relate.  Oh well.  Time to get a head start on #Santorum2016.  Maybe some shows will make me feel better until then…

This week’s MOST BUZZED SHOW is definitely Santorum-approved: Mastadon, Opeth and Ghost: TONIGHT at the Roseland Ballroom.  Apologies to all you Brooklyn metal-heads; this one is sold out.

The (recently) late great John Chamberlain’s abstract expressionist sculpture exhibit Choices has been on display since February at the Guggenheim.  I haven’t had the chance to check it out yet, but I’m kind of glad I haven’t because Friday night is going to be the best time to see it.  This week’s EDITOR’S PICK is the first night of a three-part live music and art series at the Guggenheim, Divine Ricochet, which is inspired by Chamberlain’s 1991 sculpture.  Nothing against Zola Jesus or Cold Cave, who play the other two nights of the series: this is the night to see this exhibit.  Grouper AND Juliana Barwick are on hand for what promises to be a pair of captivating sets that are well-suited for this kind of event.

“Divine Ricochet takes its thematic cue from the poetic fusion, chaotic riffing, explosive color and sublime assemblage that characterized Chamberlain’s work.”

I can think of few musicians whose work better accompanies the work of John Chamberlain than Grouper.  She’s no stranger to experimental performances; just last year she composed a live score for Weston Currie’s visually stunning feature film, The Perception of Moving Targets.   And hey, Barwick’s ambient folk is nothing to scoff at either.

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NYC’s 2012 Bike Map

Get it while it’s hot!

Sadly, as Street’s Blog noted:

After building around 50 lane-miles a year since 2007, DOT only built 8.7 lane miles last year, thanks in large part to the sustained political and media attack on bike infrastructure that peaked that year.

Empire Mayonnaise Opens Shop in Brooklyn for all of your Artisanal Mayonnaise Needs

c/o The Brooklyn Ink

Move over, Hellmann’s. Prospect Heights is now home to the borough’s newest (and only) artisanal mayo shop brought to you by the good folks at Empire Mayonnaise. After great success selling their creamy concoctions to fatties foodies at Smorgasburg, the brains behind the operation decided to open their first brick-and-mortar store at 564 Vanderbilt Avenue. Now, I know what you may be thinking, “How can there be a whole store devoted only to mayonnaise?” First off, you should know that these mayo-lovers mean serious business. Empire utilizes their tiny (almost 100 square foot!) spot to produce all of their products as well as a place to sell their 4-ounce jars of spreadable deliciousness. There’s really something for every discerning palate in their long list of exotic and intriguing flavors, which include White Truffle, Saffron, Wasabi, Lime Pickle, and everyone’s favorite, Bacon. To hardcore mayo-haters, this may sound like a nightmare, but to me it sounds like a damn good reason to cook up some burgers and fries. (If living up to the Brooklyn foodie stereotype is wrong, I don’t want to be right.)

(via The Brooklyn Ink)

Psychojelly – Saturday April 14

Weirdness is on its way…

PSYCHOJELLY (aztec economy) is a multimedia performance with live music and video detailing a narrative involving radioactive jelly, turtle eggs, floppy discs, James Bond, and cold war escapism set in eastern-bloc Bulgaria in the 1980s. Aztec Economy has presented shows at the Obie-Award Winning Ice Factory at the Ohio Theater and 3LD in Lower Manhattan, as well as at P.S.122, The Tank (formerly in Tribeca), The Steamship Lilac off the Hudson River,
The Brick Theater, Brooklyn Fire Proof, New Orleans Fringe Festival, The Fridge in Washington D.C., and bars, backyards, rooftops, and churches all over Brooklyn.

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Moonface – “Teary Eyes And Bloody Lips” Video & Album Stream

Moonface is the latest project from Wolf Parade/Sunset Rubdown’s frontman, Spencer Krug. Stream the whole record here.