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War On Brunch in Williamsburg: Group Tries to Ban Outdoor Dining on Sabbath

Via Brooklyn Paper

A Williamsburg neighborhood group is waging a war on brunch — pressuring restaurants in one of the city’s mimosa-strongholds to open later, hush their patrons, and keep their diners inside.

Community Board 1 members want the city to enforce a little-known rule prohibiting restaurants from serving diners at outdoor sidewalk cafes on Sunday mornings.

“This would keep the sidewalks open for Sunday morning walks to church,” said Community Board 1 public safety chairman Tom Burrows. “Lokal, Enid’s, and Five Leaves consistently open their sidewalk cafe hours before noon on Sundays.”

But cafe owners say they will continue to defy a regulation barring them from serving poached eggs with duck hash to hungry outdoor diners before noon rather than risk losses to their bottom line.

“This is bulls—, it’s not good,” said Lokal owner Gino Kutluca, who starts serving sidewalk patrons at 10 am. “We get 60 percent of our business on Saturday and Sundays.”

The front lines of the bloody mary battlefield is a three block area near the northern tip of McCarren Park where several restaurants operate sidewalk cafes.

The community board has already fired its first shots at Greenpoint brunch mainstay Five Leaves, which preemptively removed two sets of unsanctioned outdoor benches last weekend after a warning from the neighborhood group.

The eatery’s owners hauled away the wooden planks from their 20-seat sidewalk cafe to avoid heavy penalties after residents complained the benches draw a cacophonous crowd that lingers while waiting to order ricotta pancakes, egg sandwiches, truffle fries, and brussels sprouts beginning at 8 am.

“Do they need a threat to be good neighbors?” said Burrows, who has adopted the rule of General Patton in the board’s war on brunch. “Take reservations so there aren’t hordes standing around not moving out of the way!” […]North Brooklyn’s brunch lovers — the foot soldiers in the conflict — vowed to continue dining in the face of a law they consider unjust.

“It doesn’t seem very relevant for city life,” said Williamsburg resident and brunch fan Jay Tate. “People in New York work a lot and if they want to be able to enjoy brunch on a Sunday, they should.”

Stoopid Things Happening In Slow Motion


Cronenberg Adapts Don DeLillo’s Cosmopolis

And it looks awesome. [via]

Girls on Conan: ‘Love is Like a River’

Food Book Fair in Wburg May 4th-6th

The first ever food book fair is coming to Williamsburg on May 4th-6th, taking place at the Wythe Hotel which officially opens May 1st. The weekend-long conversation and celebration of food reading and writing will consist of daily panel discussions with keynote speakers Dr. Marion Nestle, Harold McGee and Carolyn Steel, over 20 book signings, and a Pop-Up Bookshop run by mobile bookseller Mobile Libris fittingly located in the Library of the Wythe Hotel, with titles hand-selected by the Food Book Fair.

The event will highlight cookbooks, memoirs, magazines, and books about science, food systems, agriculture, urban design and food art and culture, and serve as a meeting place for food enthusiasts from all food disciplines.

At night, the Food Book Fair will curate unique, intimate events that reflect the fair’s spirit of moving forward the conversation and culture of food. Below is a rundown complete with details:

Saturday Night: Foodieodicals, a “Festival within the Fair”, will be a marketplace and gathering celebrating over 10 small, independently published zines, quarterlies and periodical such as: Lucky Peach, Diner Journal, Edible Brooklyn, Gastronomica, Laphams Quarterly: The Food Issue, Meatpaper, Put A Egg on It, Remedy Quarterly, Swallow Magazine, The Art of Eating, The Runcible Spoon, White Zinfandel, Wilder Quarterly.

Directly following Foodieodicals will be Pecha Kucha Night, an event originating in Japan. Seven presenters show 20 slides for 20 seconds each, which will highlight creative food projects.

Sunday Night: George Weld and Evan Hanczor of Egg will host a literary-themed dinner inspired by Earnest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises at their newest venture, Parish Hall.

Entrance to book signings are open to the public, individual panels are $15, and a 3-day pass is $215. To reserve tickets and for additional information on panels and book signings, visit

The Most Blogged About Shows This Week


I’m dreading the day where I’ll have to announce a holographic show.  By now you’re well aware of the meme that is holographic 2Pac.  If you’re not, check the blog post below.  And while I hate to contribute to the memeification of the internet… this one is pretty relevant here.

Because… it’s probably coming.

Detox?  Fuck, Dr. Dre wasn’t hauled up for the past decade working on rap’s version of Chinese Democracy.  He was potentially ushering in the next era in the live music.  Or… I hope not.  It’s a multi-pronged problem.  Is the era of holographic concerts upon us?  Will artists need to tour anymore?  Will we see a series of bastardized “revivals” or “resurrections” as musicians and record labels attempt to cash in on this hyper-futuristic, post-modern craze?

Cost is a big factor; the holographic 2Pac reportedly cost Dre and Snoop a cool four-hundred grand, so us indie-minded individuals are probably safe.  I don’t think Matador has the cash (or desire/questionable ethics) to book a Jay Reatard hologram tour, but how far away are we from Kurt Cobain fronting a Nirvana show with Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic?  Will Peter Hook try to go on tour with a holographic Ian Curtis in a big “fuck you” to the rest of New Order?  I’m unquestionably bordering on paranoia here – especially with Cobain (Hook is more likely, see the Unknown Pleasures and Closer tours), but hey, anything can happen.  I just hope Courtney Love doesn’t get any wild ideas.

I think I’ll jump off this slippery slope for now and dive into the MOST BLOGGED shows this week.  Refused’s own RESURECTION at Terminal 5 is our most blogged show, and not surprisingly, is sold out.  Ceremony open for the Swedish hardcore-punk legends on Monday, and if you’re sans-ticket, you can stay downtown and catch Ceremony over at Mercury Lounge later in the night.

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What If Every Coachella Performer Was A Hologram?

Tupac Shakur’s surprise hologram performance at Coachella last weekend made headlines (although it wasn’t really a hologram). But what if the entire lineup consisted of holograms, bringing back performers and reuniting groups long since gone? That’s the thinking behind this imaginary hologram-only Coachella line up from, which includes Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, and Mozart.