sleepmakeswaves are here

Australian instrumental post-rockers sleepmakeswaves are currently in the US for a short tour. They played at The Acheron in Williamsburg last night. A 2 song video edit of the show is below. Those that couldn’t make it will have the chance again tonight to see the quartet at Saint Vitus in Greenpoint. For more details check out the FB invite.

A Notorious B.I.G./Lana Del Rey Mash-Up Album That Will Surely Make The Internet Explode

In Honor of the 15th Anniversary of Biggie’s Death, DJ Terry Urban has released an album that mashes-up B.I.G.’s Ready to Die and LDR’s Born to Die. Yep. It was bound to happen and it now it has. Urban is a skilled masher-upper so if anyone was going to do it, we’re glad it’s him.

Download the soon to be much discussed album here.

The Most Blogged About Shows This Week

The Black Keys

I gotta be honest.

The “Most Blogged About Shows” this week seems to be a bit… thin.  That doesn’t mean there aren’t some really good options for you, if you happen to be “hangin’ round these parts” this week.  But if you’re like a lot of the bands we normally feature here… you WON’T be “hangin’ round these parts” this week.  You’ll be down in Austin for SXSW.  Oh, and my usage of “hangin’ round these parts” in a paragraph about Austin, Texas, is purely coincidental.  I assure you.

Anyway, I digress.  I will be here for the week.  And I’ve got some shows that will make you and I both feel A LITTLE better about being in Brooklyn, while everyone else sweats their asses off at “south by.”

Our most blogged about show this week is SOLD OUT (as is GENERALLY the case), and it’s a big one – The Black Keys and Arctic Monkeys at Madison Square Garden.  It’s kind of crazy how HUGE The Black Keys have gotten, but I guess it makes sense; they’re talented and have a pretty “inoffensive” sound.  I gotta be honest.  Again.  I’ve never personally been able to get into either of these bands, but hey, if you got a ticket, enjoy.

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Child Abuse at Secret Project Robot

Child Abuse are about to embark on a European tour and played a warm-up show last night at Secret Project Robot. Also on the bill was Oneida’s Kid Millions, performing a set full of free jazz improv congeniality with Jim Sauters. Sandwiched in between, were Normal Love. Rest assured, there’s nothing ‘normal’ about those guys as you can see for yourself via the video(s) below. Sonic bliss all around.

Atheist Group Places Billboard In Williamsburg… A Mile From Intended Location

Via City Room:

Call them equal-opportunity disbelievers: American Atheists, a national group that seeks wider acceptance for those who reject religion, has put up bilingual billboards aimed at Orthodox Jewish and Muslim communities in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and Paterson, N.J. The new billboards are the latest step in a campaign that has been going on for the past two years to ask Christians to question their beliefs near Christmas.

One billboard reads, “You know it’s a myth…and you have a choice.” The message is also rendered in Arabic on the Paterson billboard and in Hebrew in Williamsburg. Both billboards were put up on Wednesday, just in time for, among other things, the Jewish holiday of Purim, which begins Wednesday evening.

David Silverman, the president of American Atheists, denied that the billboards were intended to be provocative. “It’s not provocation for Coke to advertise in a Pepsi area; it’s advertising,” he said. “Some people will say that that’s a provocation and offense, and some people say that we are a provocation and offense.”

At least one person, the landlord for a building at 109 South Fifth Street in Williamsburg where the Hebrew billboard was to be placed, seems to have been provoked. Mr. Silverman said the building’s landlord refused to allow the billboard to go up after pressure from the Jewish community.

Propertyshark says the building is owned by Stier 109 LLC. Calls to a Kenneth Stier at that building were not returned.

The atheists had to settle for placing the billboard above the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway near Meeker Avenue — about a mile and a half north of the Hasidic enclave in South Williamsburg. The billboards were meant as a call to nonbelievers who feign religious belief in order to avoid being cast out of their communities, Mr. Silverman said. “These communities are very insular, so the atheists in them often feel very isolated, so they feel that they are alone,” he said. “We want to let them know that they count and that they don’t have to live the life of a lie unless they want to.”

“Leonard” by Sharon Van Etten

Aputumpu is only two weeks away!

Aputumpu Flyer

Platinum Badge: $1395

Gold Badge: $1150

Interactive Badge: $950

Music Badge: $750

Aputumpu 4 Day Festival Pass… Priceless.

Alright.  Maybe not PRICELESS, but honestly, who has the money to burn on one of the above SXSW badges – and that’s not even accounting for travel and hotel?  Especially when you’ve got an amazing music festival going on in your own backyard, the following weekend, for the LOW COST of $30?  That’s right, THREE – ZERO DOLLARS for FOUR DAYS of music.

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New Beach House Song

Rumors are that the new album Bloom will be released on May 15.