Aputumpu is Tonight!

Aputumpu Festival

It feels more like July in Brooklyn this week, as record highs offer a preview of the summer months to come.  Our very own Aputumpu festival similarly alludes to the warmer months ahead as we kick off the summer concert season with four nights of music from some of the hottest up-and-coming acts in Brooklyn.

We profiled a couple of ’em last week, Brooklyn-based (via Minneapolis) electro-producer Mux Mool and Brooklyn institutions, Japanther, but they’re not the only acts we managed to book for our weekend of debauchery.  Although, maybe it would not be beyond the conceptual realm of Japanther to attempt to play an entire festival BY THEMSELVES.  But yeah, we’ve booked over twenty bands that should get you psyched for another summer here in Brooklyn.  Oh, and the fun starts TONIGHT.

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Counting Down to Another Wet Hot Williamsburg Summer

photo c/o Mike Thompson

Enjoying the warm weather this week? Well friends, don’t be fooled by global warming- it’s not summer quite yet. Here, in no particular order, are 10 summertime activities to mark in your calendar and start getting pumped for:

10. Kickball– Hardcore kickball fanatics already know that May 6th is opening day, but here’s a head’s up for all of you newbies out there. Sign up now if you’re interested in joining a team and prepare for a summer full of glory, camaraderie, and frequent Turkey’s Nest runs.

9. Brooklyn Flea– The eclectic shopping mecca will grace the East River Waterfront with its presence once again when it reopens on Sunday, April 8. That weekend also marks the return of Smorgasburg on Saturdays at the waterfront, which promises to be as mouthwatering as ever with favorite vendors including Porchetta and People’s Pops making a comeback.

8. Baseball- The Mets kick off their season on April 5th, which means those sweaty summer baseball games are just around the corner. It’s only a matter of time before you’ll be dodging stray baseballs in McCarren park.

7. Waterfront Concert Series– The new location is confirmed, and the season kickoff is June 1st. Now all we need is a band line up! [Read more…]

Trailer: R. Kelly’s “Trapped in the Closet” Returns

Listen: Ceremony’s “Zoo”

The whole thing is streaming here.

No cage can hold Ceremony, despite the name of the forward-thinking California punk thrashers’ thrilling new album. Like Fucked Up, No Age, Iceage, Pissed Jeans, and other impressively vital bands in recent years, the men behind 2010 evolutionary leap Rohnert Park masterfully combine mosh-friendly fury with headphones-blasted finesse. Zoo, Ceremony’s debut LP for indie stalwart Matador, takes another leap beyond the pit while still maintaining the visceral energy of the group’s years on the hardcore touring circuit.

We’ve already heard blistering opener “Hysteria,” frenzied call-and-response “World Blue,” and brutally bittersweet “Adult,” the last of which offers some smart coming-of-age advice for any well-meaning genre purists out there: “We have to give up the things we love sometimes.” We’re happy to present the exclusive premiere of the whole, wonderful thing, produced by John Goodmanson (Sleater-Kinney, Los Campesinos!, Blonde Redhead, Bikini Kill), right here.

What I Learned About Living In Williamsburg From Last Night’s 2 Broke Girls

I’ve spent years living in North Brooklyn but I really didn’t know anything about it until I was able to see how it was portrayed by 2 Broke Girls, a hackneyed, LA-filmed sitcom created by the “brain” behind Sex and the City and the “brain” behind Whitney. This column will keep track of all the knowledge dropped and questions answered, like: Why do hipsters wear knit hats? Because of Coldplay…of course (seriously, this was one of the first jokes of the series).

This week I learned…

Gay People Live Here And They’re Gay

What I really like (and by like I mean hate) about 2 Broke Girls is instead of shying away from stereotypes they build episodes around them. Since it’s a demographic yet to be mocked, this is the gay episode. This doesn’t mean the episode is filled with homosexuals – no, the episode’s single gay couple makes a brief appearance and the start and end of the episode, mostly to set-up and comment on an apartment sitting arrangement. I imagine the pitch in the writer’s room went something like this:

Michael Patrick King (showrunner): “Whom haven’t we made fun of yet?”

Writer 1: “Gays?”

Writer 2: “Oh, yeah. Gays!”

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Vaura played Death by Audio

Supporting their new album “Selenelion”, Brooklyn shoegazers Vaura played Death by Audio last night. Watch the band’s new promotional clip and a video edit of the show below.

Live at Death by Audio – “Obsidian Damascene Sun”

Promotional clip “Drachma”

New Spiritualized: “Hey Jane” (NSFW)

Lovin’ the V.U. vibe:

Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans

Sorry. We don’t hate her and we like this video: