Truck Spills Broccoli All Over WB Bridge

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A truck’s overturned load shut down westbound traffic on the Williamsburg Bridge at around 5:50 this morning, according to reports. The truck happened to be carrying broccoli. Don’t worry, the driver wasn’t hurt. Clearing the truck took twenty minutes.

Watch SNL/Justin Timberlake Parody Bon Iver

Maya Rudolph killed it hosting Saturday Night Live last night. Justin Timberlake popped in on a couple sketches; most notably, to do a refreshingly great Bon Iver impression. The white butler was really into it. Watch below:

There was at least one very enthusiastic, surprisingly still awake fan of the impersonation:


Wires Under Tension simply destroyed at 285 Kent last Saturday. Watch a 2 song video edit of their performance below.

Phèdre – In Decay

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Real Estate At K&K Super Buffet

In case you missed the show (which was great!):

City Accepting Proposals For McCarren Park Ice Skating Rink

the pool as a concert venue in 2008 via mk

The city has issued a call for proposals to turn the McCarren Park pool into an ice skating rink to operate annually from October to March.

mccarren park pool 1937 via nyc parks department

I got my hands on on the RFP, published two weeks ago, “for the development, operation, and maintenance of a seasonal ice rink at McCarren Park Pool, Brooklyn, NY.” The city is accepting proposals until March 15th and the contract will be for twelve years.

The pool opened under Mayor La Guardia in July 1936 and operated until 1984, when the local government and residents decided against renovating the facility because, according to the Parks Department, it had started to attract vandals and drug dealers and had fallen too far into disrepair. The site re-opened in 2005 as a summer concert venue, which it remained until 2008 when the city announced plans to pump money into the project and make it usable for swimmers once again. Renovations began in 2009 and the new facility will include a recreation center, among other amenities.


I’ve spent years living in North Brooklyn but I really didn’t know anything about it until I was able to see how it was portrayed by 2 Broke Girls, a hackneyed, LA-filmed sitcom created by the “brain” behind Sex and the City and the “brain” behind Whitney. This column will keep track of all the knowledge dropped and questions answered, like: Why do hipsters wear knit hats? Because of Coldplay…of course (seriously, this was one of the first jokes of the series).

This week I learned…

Williamsburg Has Rich, Jewish Doctors Now

The absence of love was in the air last night in the 2 Broke Girl’s Williamsburg as neither broke gal had a date for Valentine’s Day. Same goes for the rest of the show’s racist cast of ancillary characters. As a result of the sadness, the best of the four stereotypes, the black ancillary character, had a heart attack (Get it!?!?!?! Heart!?!?!? Valentine’s Day!?!?!?!?!).

Because everyone on this show is broke or a girl or both, the black ancillary character, who is played by the ever awesome Garret Morris, needs the broke girls to help him get a private room. The formerly rich, currently blond broke girl admits to knowing the family who owns the wing of the hospital in which they currently resided—classic rich girl.

Enter Dr. Shecter, a Jewish stereotype in his own right, albeit a positive one. Dr. Jewberg saves the day and wins the formerly rich, currently blond broke girl’s heart. As a gift, she brings him a t-shirt that says “Williamsburg” (you know, all those Williamsburg t-shirts that they sell everywhere because everyone only wears them, always) because that’s where she lives. Big reveal: Dr. Jewenstein also lives in Williamsburg, as he wanted to “piss off his father” (just like Isaac and Abraham, amiright?). The two rich kids, chuckle at the wild and crazy thought of a wealthy, non-Hasidic Jewish Doctor living in the post-apocalyptic wasteland that is contemporary Williamsburg. If only there was a luxury condo for him to reside. One day, Dr. Jewowitz, one day.

[What I learned from last week’s episode]

This Grammys Ad Has Everyone Talking

You may have thought that the season’s biggest commercials all aired during the Super Bowl, but Mexican food chain Chipotle saved its best for last night’s Grammy Awards. The commercial, which actually debuted on YouTube in late August but hadn’t aired on television until last night, features a farmer raising pigs that get plumped up with pills and shipped off on big trucks, until he has an epiphany and tears down the walls holding the animals. The ad consists of stop motion animation and presents the story in a single, two and a half minute long shot. Willie Nelson’s cover of Coldplay’s “The Scientist” plays throughout. (The spot aired right after Coldplay’s performance.)

The ad, officially called “Back to the Start” has over four million views on YouTube. “The film and the soundtrack were commissioned by Chipotle to emphasize the importance of developing a sustainable food system,” Chipotle’s website states. The response from viewers has been mixed, however. While the chain has publicly promoted sustainable and humane farming practices, it is was once owned in part by McDonald’s, which no doubt is guilty of participating in the factory farming system that the clip eschews.

If you really like the ad, check out the fascinating “making of” below.

As intense as the ad is, apparently more people who watched the Grammys are just wondering who Bon Iver and Paul McCartney are.

Update: Several commenters were quick to point out that Chipotle and McDonald’s parted ways in 2006. Nevertheless, it’s surprising that a food chain once connected to McDonald’s would attempt such a significant re-branding by coming out as anti-factory farming.