Hospitality’s New Video

There are many reasons to love Hospitality’s new video…its a great song, it stars Maeby from Arrested Development, it pits New York friends agains LA friends…and I’m pretty sure New York wins in the end, but, most exciting to me: it also stars Tammi Littlenut.

Hospitality – “Friends Of Friends” from stereogum on Vimeo.

GET MONEY, TURN GAY – Songify The News

Cat Soup With David Cross

Perfume Genius: “Hood”


With two other locations, Bay Ridge and Staten Island, you just KNOW this place is gonna be exquisite. Probably as good as Sea! Just ask Valerie De Lhomme:


Today’s Best Rap Recap of the Bourne Trilogy

Heems, known best for being 1/3 of Das Racist, released a mixtape earlier this week entitled Nehru Jackets. It is jam-packed with his very specific brand of offbeat vocal rhythm, slow flow, political awareness, and cultural irreverence. One stand out track is not particularly political but it has enough irreverence to kill a water buffalo. “Jason Bourne” is a two-minute recap of the Bourne film trilogy set to a sample of the B-52’s “Rock Lobster.” I’m going to just rewrite that sentence so you can fathom how absurd it is: “Jason Bourne” is a two-minute recap of the Bourne film trilogy set to a sample of the B-52’s “Rock Lobster.” Listen below:

Stream the new Cloud Nothings

Cloud Nothings are releasing a new record in a  few days called Attack on Memory. It’s produced by hitmaker Steve Albini! And will come out on Carpark Records! Stream the whole thing below.

Cloud Nothings – Attack On Memory by Carpark Records

Show Alert- White Ring and oOoOO at Glasslands Gallery 1/21

Loud and Quiet

It seems as if “Witch House” is becoming the “Chillwave” of 2012. This eerie genre of music is pretty broad if you think of it. From compressed vocals to digital downbeats, Witch House has some kind of dark allurement that is seducing every listener. This Saturday, our own New York witch duo,White Ring will be performing at Glasslands Gallery with oOoOO headlining and Sibian & Faun as the night’s opening band. As a cherry on top, F∆I†H will be spinning a DJ set. The evening is promised to be atmospherically dusky with bodies swaying to the pulses of “IxC999” and everything else White Ring feeds. Tickets are still available so get on it before they are magically gone, click here.