Holiday Rap

Since it’s that time of year! MC Miker G & DJ Sven – Holiday Rap – BBC 1986:

LEGO Rings- Yay or Nay?

Tiny Stitches

Back in October, I met one of the most iconic indie rockers during CMJ. This would be the handsome man behind Mister Heavenly and IslandsNick Thorburn. My meeting with him was strictly business and before gazing deep into his eyes, I was captivated by this little piece of plastic around his finger. Then as he motioned his hand, I noticed it was a white LEGO ring.

That was my first stumble upon this toy/accessory and on my second, I decided to personally own one. Still unsure if it’s the reason that Nick Thornburn has the same designer copy of the ring or how my childhood memories evolved around building LEGO forts, either way, I have fallen for this trend. Mine was $5 at the Brooklyn Flea which probably added to the desire of purchasing it. You can find high quality editions online or go cheap, and head to your nearest hipster flea market. These kind of creative crafts are always a hit in the DIY community but what are your thoughts, the trend of Lego Rings, Yay or Nay?

Click here for the Etsy links to these rings.

Breaking Bad / Simpsons Mashup

Band Alert- The Yes Way


A couple weeks ago, Brooklyn’s The Yes Way premiered a music video for “Falter” at Cameo Gallery. The story of this video completely reconstructed my thoughts of this indie rock band. It takes us on a journey of a man seeking for a little more, in a dark naughty sense. Certain scenes are raunchy whereas certain scenes are a little depressing. Watch the video below and get a free download of this track at ExportAMusic.

The Yes Way \”Falter\”

Does a professional body whipper really exist in the Williamsburg community?

These guys will be performing next Monday at The Knitting Factory, December 19th. If you happen to be lurking around Metropolitan, stop by and catch their set. The evening is called “Rock Your Face Off!”. Show begins at 7, purchase tickets over here.

Also, take a visit to The Yes Way bandpage.

OWS Holiday Bazaar Comes to Williamsburg This Sunday

If you’re interested in seeing how a holiday market could work without regular currency exchange, check out the OWS Holiday Bazaar this Sunday from 1-9pm at City Life Wellness (75 Frost St., L train to Lorimer). The event will feature a live barter market, skill workshops, musical performances and other fun activities to keep your mind off the problems with our country’s economy. Here’s the lowdown via Peel Back the Curtain:

This is a FREE event! Why? OWS Sustainability and Evolver are committed to building alternative economies out of the shell of the old. Instead of relying on currency to determine value, we believe in a system that allows individuals to work together and assess value for themselves. People are encouraged to bring items or skills of their own so that they may interact with the vendors. The Holiday Bazaar will be packed with workshops and a live barter market, donation based body work, dinner and live music. Everyone is encouraged to bring an item, art, skill, or service to come and barter with. Folks are also free to accept donations as well. [Read more…]

McGolrick Trees & your holiday playlist

So you think Christmas cheer is for squares? Wrong.

Greenpoint’s McGolrick Trees is not only your one stop shop for a fresh Carolina Fraser or the perfect holiday wreath, but now they’re providing the soundtrack to your Christmas Party too.

Started last year by Charlie Poekell, the McGolrick tree stand is open 24 hours for late night carolers, and is manned by a steady staff of neighborhood friends and fellow artists.

“We sell Christmas trees and accessories to locals, by locals,” says the slogan on their Tumblr.

I imagine hanging out all night slinging trees gets cold and maybe a little boring, so with a group of stand workers like Woodsman‘s Trevor Peterson, Edwin white of Tonstartssbandht, Ari Stern of Underwater Peoples Records, Family Portrait‘s Evan Brody, Nate Grace of Pure X, and Jamie Granato of Group Tightener, it was only a matter of time before a compilation of previously unreleased Christmas tree mood music was born.

The comp features holiday tunes from Dent May, Woodsman, Eola, Ava Luna, Family Portrait, Dead Gaze, Flower Orgy, Low Praises, and Samurai Buck.

Oh come all ye faithful, and get a free limited edition recording  at the tree stand starting this weekend. Pick yourself up a copy, get one as a gift, or check it out here

To get you in the spirit, here’s a new take on a classic:

Family Portrait – All I Want For Christmas Is You by firetalk

Now, go buy a tree.

More than just a fix: Craft Coffee

Craft Coffee Holiday BoxCoffee, long may you run our lives, help the hung-over, and get us through our daily plight as semi-creative worker bees. And while we can’t all be coffee aficionados, we don’t have to stand by idly like Bartelby, consuming lifeless and burnt drivel. Some have always known that there’s more to coffee than just caffeine, but for us in the masses it’s not always easy finding the good stuff. That’s all changing thanks to a local Brooklyn service, Craft Coffee. Born right out of the burg they send a sampler pack of three amazing coffees from top roasters around the country right to your doorstep.

No joke, this is the best coffee you will ever taste, and they have the hip barista tasting crew to prove it. Blind taste tests and forty coffees sampled every month means the absolute best coffee for you.

Order now,as in right now, if you want to gift a Holiday Tasting Box in time for the Holidays at ($29.99 free shipping)  Three, six and twelve month subscriptions start at $19.99 a month.

Oregon Bike Trail’s “Cayucas” will make your face smile

While trudging through my iTunes and Spotify, trying to fasten together a serviceable end of the year playlist, I stumbled upon Oregon Bike Trails “Cayucas.” It is the most aggressively pleasant song of recent memory. Are you smiling now? If not, you will be after this song’s four minutes. If you can resist the very Paul Simon three-part harmony refrain, then I’d suggest going to a doctor because you might literally be made out of stone. The music is all written and recorded by the Santa Monica based Zach Yudin. It blends de rigueur beach-nostalgia subtly with more contemporary sampling techniques, but mostly it’s just very lovely. Check it out for yourself, you might as well head into the weekend with a smile on your face: