Mexican Summer Celebrate 100th Release With Ford & Lopatin, Tamaryn, & Shannon Funchess

Since 2008, Mexican Summer has been cranking out records from some of our favorite artists like Best Coast, Washed Out, Kurt Vile, Real Estate, Nite Jewel and well, you get the picture, right? So we’re excited to see the release of their 100th record — two tracks from our synth-enamored friends Ford & Lopatin featuring Tamaryn and Shannon Funchess of Light Asylum fame.

May we suggest kicking off your night to the beat of  “Snakes,” then flipping the record for the late-night lullaby “Flying Dream” once you’ve made it back home with a belly full of Frito Pie.

Order the limited edition clear vinyl 12″ over at Mexican Summer & check out the rad cover art poster of all of the label’s past releases after the jump! [Read more…]

48NYC: Page to Stage in 24 Hours

image c/o 48hournycThis Friday and Saturday, members of a dozen New York theater companies will lend their talents to 48NYC: Page to stage in 24 Hours – a self-described chaotic community event. Each night will feature a line up of seven new one-act plays written, designed and rehearsed only hours before showtime.

So if you’re in need of a cultured escape into the city, check the event out:

November 18th and 19th
The Johnson Theater at Theater for the New City
155 1st Avenue, New York

Life Size Maps Tear Up Shea Stadium

Courtesy: Life Size Maps

Thursday, November 10th – Ascending the stairs to Shea Stadium, the sultry chords of St. Claire echoed off the walls. Front woman Emily Forsythe’s commanding, yet distant presence was certainly in contrast to the succeeding post punk/pop groups, but set an intimate tone for the small DIY venue. Reminiscent of Mazzy Star circa 1993, St. Claire relaxed the handful of attendees into comfortable sways and sauntering melodies with her acoustic guitar as her backing Richenbacker, synth, and later, banjo, pedaled the soothing tracks to a pacified and dignified close.

The Fagettes and Heavens Gate followed, waking the crowd from the somber mood, but it wasn’t until Life Size Maps took to the stage that Shea Stadium felt truly alive. The once disassociated crowd burst into bloom when the driving intro of “This Same House” broke out as their first track.

[Read more…]

CSS Release Video For “City Grrrl,” a.k.a. The Transplant Theme Song

I’ve got a special place in my heart for CSS — let it be known that little miss Lovefoxxx’s adorable Brazilian accent can be found bopping around on many a travel playlist in my phone. Why? Because the girl brings me right back to a careless age when everything seemed complicated but was way more simple than I would have ever admitted, especially to my parents or my probably totally confused and tortured boyfriend. CSS’s newest single, “City Grrrl,” off of La Liberacion is basically a play-by-play of a suburban teenager’s weekend, changing in the Penn Station bathroom and hopping in a cab Downtown. But just like the song says, when you’re 13 the idea of paying bills and living on your own in the “big city” is exciting… until you’re a 27-year-old blogger with $100 to spare each month on cheap whiskey.

That said, I think I finally figured out a way to create a wormhole into space and time, or whatever… I’ll be on the train in the near future bumping this song in my headphones while wrapped in six layers of winter clothes reminding myself why New York is and always will be where I call home, while the NYU girl at the end of the train is making her friend listen to the song going “Aren’t we totally City Grrrls!??,” and the gay goth (who’s shoes I’ve been eying for the last four stops) will be subtly voguing to the chorus in his seat, and before we know it our subway car will have vanished into thin air. Now remember, we all have CSS to thank for that.

Free Pirate Wi-Fi On The L This Week

From 3rd Ward:

If you’re riding the L Train between 8am and 10am any day this week, you might want to whip out your smartphone or another device with wifi capabilities. During those hours, if you’re riding between Morgan Avenue and 8th Avenue, you’ll be able to connect to the “L Train Notwork,” a pirate wi-fi intranet that’s being hosted by the creative

The Notwork will include a variety of different features and content, including a live chat room/dating site, curated content from local authors, poets and visual artists, news feeds from popular websites and “a few other surprises.” didn’t get any special permission for the project, as they won’t be breaking any rules. The battery-powered webserves used to create the Notwork’s wi-fi hotspots will be carried onto the train and never left unattended.

New Food & Drink Openings Round-Up

c/o Daily Candy

Just in time for the weekend, here’s your regular food & drink openings round-up.

Gwynnett St: Another seasonal American Nouveau restaurant comes to Williamsburg featuring “beef-rib cap with pickled bone marrow and parsley root, and Amish chicken served alongside sweet potato, turnips and dates”. Draft beers and European wins are featured on a rotating basis. See the full listing here:
312 Graham Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11211 347.889.7002

c/o Blackbook Mag

Allswell: Allswell is the brainchild of Nate Smith, who is most well known for his popular Manhattan gastropub the Spotted Pig. The small space which seats 47 people and has vintage wallpaper that we love features “bar grub (like smoked-trout spread or spicy pork-stuffed pastry rounds); heartier dishes (such as roasted lamb or shellfish stew); and greens (including a chicory salad with figs and pomegranate). The drinks list takes a locavore slant with small-production wines and craft beers on tap, plus a selection of market-driven cocktails.”. Check out the full listing here:
124 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11211 347.799.2743

Mama's Food Shop

Mama’s Food Shop: You may know Mama’s Food Shop as the restaurant in the East Village that’s been open since 1995, and now they’re coming to South Williamsburg. Visit their new place to try “fried chicken, bacon-wrapped meat loaf and corn bread, plus specials, like sloppy joes or spaghetti and meatballs, based on recipes contributed by staff members’ mothers“. Not a place for a light meal, but definitely worth a visit! Check out the full listing here:
310 South 4th Street. Brooklyn, NY 11211 718.486.9606

Lastly, we’ve heard rumors of a new speakeasy type place named “Hermanville” opening in South Williamsburg. We’ll keep you posted.

Kitten Covers

Clearly this is why the internet exists.

Everything Must Go!!! Art Show

Going to art openings is a lot of fun, and a great way to get to know and hang out with the local and visiting artists that are part of what makes north Brooklyn the kind of place we like to call home.

I support independent, original art, and I wish I had the money to patron so many of the artists I know and love. Unfortunately, I can usually only afford to buy the occasional piece, which makes me happy, but I’d love to be able to do more.

Do you like going to art shows? Have you always wanted to purchase more original, even local, pieces of art?

Tonight come check out Everything Must Go!!! at Brooklyn Fire Proof. Everything is supposed to get started around 8-9pm.

This is a great opportunity to see some great art, and purchase some amazing pieces. Get this: Reyka Vodka will host an open bar from 9-10pm!

Brandon Fonville: east of desirable (one)

Brandon Fonville: east of desirable (one)

Art and Photography by:

Matt Dobbs, Brad Westcott Brandon Fonville, Ivan Cazzola, Maria Koulioufas, Chris Bradt, Rosemary Gonzales, Nikos, Bill Wendt, & Sarah Braun

Installation by:

Owen Jones, Federico Frum, & Carson Deyoung

Live Screen printing by Youth Waste and music by Dj Jimmy the kid.

Curated by Matt Dobbs.