North Highlands

The new video from BK’s North Highlands is as perfect as I’d hoped. Subtle and delicately charming – just like singer Brenda Malvini’s voice. Malvini’s vocals are so open and clear, but jump from sweet to haunting in a matter of phrases, playing off of the track’s layers really well.

North Highlands is named after Malvini’s home town, North Highlands, CA, which Malvini has described as “a gnarly suburb trapped in time. It sounds like a beautiful name but it’s not a beautiful place.” Malvini came to NYC as a student at NYU, where she met the majority of North Highlands. The track “Benefits” is about “when you work hard your whole life and then it isn’t enough,” says Malvini. “You realize that and you just say fuck it and go dancing.” [via]

Cheers to that

Stream the new album Wild One here.

Play Nice Tomorrow Ya’ll

A beautiful poster, even if we find it terribly over-the-top. Regardless, we hope the movement keeps growing and remains peaceful. Play nice!

FREE Show: Death + Taxes Presents Suckers, Javelin & Lemonade… and FREE PBR

Not only do you have awesome plans tonight, you now have equally awesome plans for the following night! RSVP here to check out Suckers, Javelin and Lemonade at Santos Party House tomorrow brought to us by Death + Taxes and vitamin water, as well as FREE beer from none other than Pabst Blue Ribbon.

And, like all free events, we suggest you get there early to avoid any possible shitshow at the door!!

John Norris Is Curating The Vinyl Library at Hotel Williamsburg

Could this hotel get any more over-the-top?

Each of the hotel’s 64 rooms is equipped with a Crosley record player. On the main floor is a lending library with a growing album collection already numbering in the hundreds. Nearby Mexican Summer studios even pressed an LP strictly for the hotel.

And don’t expect to see USA Today lining the hotel hallways. Rooms are stocked with Vice, Fader and Brooklyn Magazine.

The lobby leads to a pool area, which will be tented and heated in December, when the hotel plans to host holiday parties. The 150-person rooftop hosts a second party space with a clear view of the Manhattan skyline and will occasionally host bands.

According to Hungate, acoustic shows will take place in the 150-person subterranean restaurant Pillar & Plough, which officially opens on Tuesday. It’s here that Brooklyn-based Alchemy Consulting’s bespoke cocktails will sell for $13. The restaurant, which features a dining bar that faces an open kitchen, serves “urban rustic” cuisine such as dry-aged ribeye and barbecue skate — and is run by Queens native Andres Grundy.

“I’m kind of surprised a place like this didn’t open five years ago,” says John Norris, the hotel’s music director. Sipping a glass of wine in the hotel lounge that opened earlier this month, Norris listens to a mix he created with songs from Dive, Yuck and the Black Keys — the latter from an album that won’t be released for another month. As the hotel’s music director, Norris is responsible for all things music in the hotel, from curating the vinyl library to booking concerts.

Though the hotel is a property of the Minnesota-based Graves World Hospitality, it goes out of its way to keep things local. Staff uniforms are from Brooklyn Industries, Brooklyn Brewery supplies beer and NYC’s Malin & Goetz provides toiletries.

Rooms are priced between $295 and $1,250, with north-facing suites boasting balconies overlooking McCarren Park


Glass Candy: Warm in the Winter

Appropriate song given this weird warm weather:

The World’s First Perfect Zine Release Party

Tomorrow night, come out and celebrate the launch of The World’s First Perfect Zine — the brainchild of David Shapiro a.k.a. Mr. Pitchfork Reviews Reviews — with The World’s First Perfect Party hosted by Tumblr at Other Music.

And what makes a perfect party, you ask? Free booze, for starters, as well as DJ sets by zine contributors Victor Vazquez of Das Racist, Tao Lin and Jenna Wortham of the NY Times.

Shapiro also notes that the zine will have a password-protected Tumblr of supplemental content (photos, interviews, stories) which you’ll have access to by ordering your copy of the limited edition print of The World’s First Perfect Zine… or by solving the below riddle:

What is the first name of the girlfriend of the director in the only 9-minute official music video (presently unavailable in the United States due to copyright issues) by the band whose original guitarist’s older brother was previously in a band whose two other members went on to form a band whose most recent album’s first single prominently features a sample from a song by a now-defunct band whose percussionist is named John Braddock, nicknamed “Dutch”?

Click here for more info about the zine and its contributors (including members of the Brooklyn buzz band hall of fame, filmmaker Lena Dunham and Thought Catalog‘s golden boy, Ryan O’Connell). See y’allz at the party, where the FREEdubs crew will be perfectly drunk!

The Space Formerly Known As Motorino

Any news on when/where/if they are reopening?

King Krule

London based King Krule (aka Archy Marshall) was in BK/NYC during CMJ, playing shows at Glasslands and such. Even though he was just here, King Krule’s visit felt far from sufficient. CMJ shows are weird like that – a really quick and often sloppy introduction to far too many bands. King Krule just came out with this new video for “The Noose of Jah City,” and watching it, it continues to blow my mind that he is only 17 years old. His deep and rhythmic drawl are more fit for a blues veteran, barely the image of a red haired and skinny 17 year-old named Archy.

I saw an interview with him during CMJ and the dude was just chilling in sweatpants, seeming kind of non-plused about the whole thing. His calmness (and deep manboy voice) is intimidating, and I kind of felt bad for the interviewer. This is all good, real good.