Video for Workout’s “Bottom Barrel Boys”

Watch this Rock N Roll epic from hometown heroes, Workout, shot on the mean streets of Bushwick.

Occupy Wall Street Overview

Have you ignored the protest thinking this was a short-lived fluke? Woken up and realized the protest is almost three weeks in and getting as much coverage as Jobs’ death? Realized its time to catch up so you have something to say over the water cooler?

Here is a primer, folks. It is far from being totally inclusive but the amount of articles being written and photos being taken are becoming unmanageable. Now is the time to save on some rent money, sublease your apartment and join them to really understand what’s going on.

I haven’t checked out the scene in a few days, but this video, “Right Here All Over” shows a huge group. If they got a masseuse hanging out, this has gone prime time.

-Notables are coming by! Jeff Magnum played but Susan Sarandon, Former Governor Paterson, Michael Moore have all also stopped by.Penn Badgley too. But don’t call him a celebrity, he’s a public artist.

The protests are all over the country! Mother Jones is updating an interactive map of the 60+ protests that have sprung up.

The New York Observer has been on the ground, covering the event before it was cool to cover the event. They are still plugging away, too.

Slate takes a stab at explaining the finances behind the 1% that Occupy Wall Street reviles.

-There’s been a lot of criticism over the lack of demands. Douglas Rushoff argues on that this is not as big of a problem as mainstream media is making it out to be. Here is the “living document” the protestors are working on to define what they are working towards.

-Yours truly has been dropping by since day one and I’ve kept up taking photos and tweeting up a storm I got interviewed in a podcast, which is a little dated at this point but a good overview on the beginnings.

-Their are protestors who say they aren’t going anywhere for the foreseeable future. To keep up with the growing moment, the group’s website and twitter are good starts.

The Most Blogged About Shows of the Week

James Blake

We apologize for our tardiness today; we are toiling away at our list of CMJ shows to make sure you have the best and most choices available. There is a lot of great stuff in our Top 10 this week, so instead of pontificating, we’re getting right to the chase.

You can be thankful you’re a New Yorker this week, as you get the opportunity to see the two J’s: Jens Lekman & James Blake.  The shows are both sold out, but we’ve heard that StubHub now accepts kidneys in exchange for Ticketmaster tickets.  Bonus if you are in Brooklyn, as both are playing at the Music Hall of Williamsburg.  Other awesome options include Twin Shadow at Diamond Rings at Webster Hall, and Screaming Females at Bowery Ballroom.

10. Ladytron @ Terminal 5 w/ VHS or Beta and Sonoio
Saturday, October 8th at 7pm – All Ages, $25 -> tickets

9. Screaming Females @ Bowery Ballroom w/ Underground Railroad to Candyland and Shellshag
Saturday, October 8th at 8pm – 18+, $13 -> tickets [Read more…]

And I Am Not Lying Live Hurricane Makeup Show at Union Hall

Friend of the site and The Moth favorite Jeff Simmermon has a combination storytelling/burlesque/comedy show tonight at Union Hall. Go out and give him some love. Here’s a sample of Jeff in action:

Dan Lopatin releasing a zine

Dan Lopatin has made a name for himself as the obsessive synth man (both as avante Oneohtrix Point Never, as well as super catchy Ford & Lopatin/Games) He’s made his own record label. (Software) And now, prior to releasing his new record Replica next month, Lopatin has decided to go further and dip his toes into the zine game. Because what makes sense to someone obsessed with vintage synths and 80s pop hooks? Outdated printed media! (but seriously, we love zine culture and are excited whenever an amazingly creative person branches out into a new thing.)

The zine will be called Cool Drool. Volume 1: Our Drool and Why features contributions from Cory Arcangel, Jon Rafman, Prurient/Cold Cave’s Dominick Fernow, Laurel Halo, Robert Beatty, Megazord, and The Wire’s Derek Walmsley. The whole thing will be available through Lopatin’s Software imprint this fall for required cold weather reading.

Jeff Mangum plays Occupy Wall Street Protest

At the Occupy Wall Street Protest it’s a bit crowded, cold, and the distinct smell of the unwashed is as bold as the political fervor.

There are those who see the protests as a popular movement against institutions and corruption. Others criticize the movement for lacking focus or goals, but those there last night were treated to a surprise solo acoustic set by none other than the notorious troubadour, Jeff Mangum

He even took requests. “Sing it if you know it,” he yelled. “Hello my name is Jeff from Neutral Milk Hotel, and I’m occupying Wall Street,” he said to livestream cameras capturing the impromptu performance.

Mangum played All Tomorrow’s Parties festival last weekend in Ashbury Park. Maybe this is a sign his infamously reclusive days are waning.

Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at

From Pitchfork:

“He lead singalongs to Holland, 1945”, “Ghost”, “Song Against Sex”, “Two-Headed Boy Part 2”, “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea”, “The King of Carrot Flowers Part 1”, and “Oh Comely”. The “we know who our enemies are” line in the latter song got an especially big cheer. He also covered the Minutemen’s “Themselves”

After performing, he said, “You guys have done a beautiful fucking thing.”


Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks: “Forever”

Filmed in Williamsburg: