Whitest Dude On Planet Thinks He Can Rap: “Livin De Life”

I guess we’re “part of the hype” since we definitely “ain’t with it:” [via]

The Most Blogged About Shows Of The Week

Memory Tapes

Memory Tapes

This week’s top shows offer something for everyone, with a nice mix of indie, dance and a dose of hip-hop. At No. 1 we have an extremely Brooklyn-based show at the (non-Brooklyn) Bowery Ballroom on Saturday, with Woods, Ducktails, White Fence and Widowspeak. Before that, join lots of young hipsters on Thursday in Prospect Park for indie faves Cut Copy, and lots of old hipsters on Friday at the Waterfront for Sonic Youth.

If you can afford tickets to Nas at Summerstage ($45!) please invite us to the show; we are low on cash and high on his lyrics. If Cut Copy isn’t enough dance for you, you can trek to Jersey on Sunday for the Identity festival, featuring a super lineup of DJs including Kaskade, Steve Aoki, DJ Shadow and a long list of other talent. Otherwise, join us for Warm Up! at PS1 on Saturday, with Black Dice and a band whose name I would never want to have to pronounce, oOoOO. Find the rest of our weekly top 10 below.


10. Bon Iver @ Prospect Park Bandshell w/ The Rosebuds
Tonight, August 10th at 7pm – All Ages, SOLD OUT

9. Memory Tapes @ Glasslands Gallery w/ Sleep Over and Bell
Thursday, August 11th at 8pm – 21+, $12 -> tickets

8. Little Dragon @ The Music Hall of Williamsburg
Tuesday, August 16th at 8pm – All Ages, SOLD OUT

7. Band of Horses @ Hammerstein Ballroom w/ J Mascis
Thursday, August 4th at 10pm – All Ages, $35 -> tickets

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UPCOMING: The FUN HAÜS with MUSCLES on August 10, 2011! Free with RSVP!

With the constant hullabaloo about how super-sized Americans are, the least you could do is add a little more Muscles to your life, right?

This Wednesday, come work it out at the Fun Haüs with Muscles, joining us from the land down under (where they know a thing or two about beach bodies)! Spinning dark disco alongside resident DJs Stretch Armstrong, Dominique Keegan, and Rok One, the Fun Haüs this week is sure to PAHMP YOU AHP (cue Arnold Schwqndggjnavkavr impression)…

Click here for more details and RSVP!

P.S. Get in the groove by jammin’ our to this mix by Muscles:
NickyDigital.com Pre Party Jamz: Muscles by NickyDigital

Music video: Girls “Vomit”

Like fancy cars? Girls got your fancy cars. “Vomit” is first single from Father, Son, Holy Ghost, which is out next month. The video doesn’t have anything to do with the title of the track, but it’s got porny shots of an old Mustang, so it’s still pretty cool.

Beyond the Burg: August 5 to August 10

Image c/o Unreality Magazine

Check out these event picks for the upcoming week:



Celebrate Brooklyn: Ra Ra Riot with Delicate Steve and Buke & Gass
Prospect Park Bandshell

• Fireside Follies: Yr Friday Nite
Brooklyn Fireproof
Suggested Donation

• The Wonderdonk Bike-In Movie Series: Pee Wee’s Big Adventure
7:30pm to 10:30pm
Bushwick / Ridgewood, 1820 Flushing Avenue
$7 Suggested Donation


Why Participate? Opening Reception
Flux Factory


• Lincoln Out of Doors: Kid Lucky feat. Alfonso Cid and Isabel Del Dia
Josie Robertson Plaza

• Lincoln Out of Doors: Bassam Saba & The New York Arabic Orchestra / Espiritu Gitano and Friends
Damrosch Park Bandshell

• Summerstage: Henry V
Marcus Garvey Park

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Tonight: Hip Hop and Tarot Cards Unite at Mishka

Something happened to the dudes of our generation — a whole big troupe of boys who grew up with video games, sci-fi film and easy access to internet porn. Most of these guys are living in Brooklyn, and I’ve probably had them buy me a drink. I mean, according to OkCupid, every single person with a penis spends a lot of time thinking about space. But it seems they’re onto something…

Enter visual artist, hip hop aficionado and FREEburg’s go-to flyer guy, BeholdTheDestroyer!. Between his own blog, space riddled illustrations and hip hop musings over at Mishka — like the recent in-depth analysis of how L.A. based rapper Zeroh induces feelings of a modern day Jack Kerouac — he’s taught us that rap music isn’t just all about ass, titties and money… well, not all of the time anyway.

We caught up with the artist also known as Ray Smiling via gchat to talk about his new show that opens tonight at Mishka, called “TAROT DE LES VICIEUX PAROLIERS” — works that spotlight hip hop’s heavyweights as foreseers of the future. Did I mention there will be free booze?

Oh and ladies, I’m gonna go ahead and assume that this will be as easy as shooting fish in a barrel, so you’re welcome in advance.

me:  So Tarot and hip hop, huh? Two things that seem very different – how and why did you decide to marry the two?

Ray:  because I’m convinced that if you listen to “Hard In Da Paint” enough you can tell the future. But, only if your future involves gun violence. No, I combined them because they’re both about archetypes.

me:  When making the collection, did you match rappers with tarots that signify them in some way?

Ray:  I matched the attributes of the major tarot cards with the rappers personas, most of which matched pretty perfectly. Like, Tyler The creator as the Devil Card which symbolizes pessimism, lust, obsession and anger which is pretty spot on

me:  On your website you say that you “connect dots on things that never really needed to be related” – other than your current show, give us some examples.

Ray:  At the show I’m also debuting a short book I wrote called “Quotations From Cash Money” At one point in there I believe I compared Juvenile to Shakespeare and God. I don’t think anyone ever really needed to consider those three sitting in a room together. Unless we’re talking about the illest cipher in heaven. Also, nudity and power tools.

Starts at 7pm!
350 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY

High Places: “Year Off”

Since transplanting from Brooklyn out to L.A., High Places have turned from minimal artsy tunes to real booty movers. This new track, “Year Off” (apt title as it’s been a while since we’ve heard new music from these two), is the first single off upcoming Original Colors LP (that’s the album artwork up there!) and is another one of these beat-heavy tracks. Listen below.

The Men played 538 Johnson

Last night The Men kicked off their tour with a chaotic and sweltering hot show at 538 Johnson in East Williamsburg. Standing on a flimsy guitar amp, pressed against the wall, yours truly got knocked around quite a bit. Somehow the general consensus seemed to be, that I’m the perfect launching pad for ‘stage dives’. As a result the footage below is a bit rough at times.