Jen Shyu played University of the Streets

From last night’s performance at University of the Streets in Manhattan, the first song of Jen Shyu’s hour long set.

Justin Vernon on the VMAs

Sunday night MTV had their weird award show celebrating videos they don’t air and music they don’t play. Following that Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon posted his response to the event. It’s sort of vague, not quite angry, but somehow very poignant.

there are great moments in awards shows. bruno mars sounded really good doing ‘valerie’ for amy winehouse. i don’t think anyone is bummed that adele is killing everything. her voice was real and focused when i went thru and watched highlights from tonight. kanye and jay z are always murdering. beyonce is pregnant. yes this is awesome as shit, culturally speaking. but can i just ask, the reader, us, we … as non-rhetorically as possible: don’t we seem dumb? didn’t MTV lose the fight against themselves? Didn’t Rock’n’Roll STOP? Why are the lights so bright? isn’t our talent as artists enough? Why do we try SO hard? Does a moonman mean what it did back then? Should we feel pumped when we get one? Should our mom’s cry? I am not even thinking about it that hard. I will close my eyes in 90 seconds and have total peace… But, seriously. Why are we waving around so much? Why do we NEED this shit so bad? Why don’t we just have MUSIC? DO music? soul? I don’t know. I don’t mean to criticize. Anyone. Actually. Except for MTV. You might have had a very large opportunity to be stabilize your self as a global presence of culture and art about 15 years ago and you fucked the dog. Sorry. Im with my girls on this one. Its becoming increasingly clear as I think about it more and more, that the dollars, if they ARE apart of why you are doing something… they are apart of why you are doing something. that’s fucked to me. that’s the absence of spirit, glue, fabric of what makes us a person. it distracts us from what we could be doing: WORK. on EARTH. Better say this: Forget what I say. If you even read this, you’ll probably say to yourself, who is this ass saying shit? It doesn’t matter what i say. it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter. But this one last thought: What would Bill Hicks say?

For more profound VMA reading, see Nick Cave’s open letter to MTV after being nominated for an award.


It was the last night before the city-leveling, apocalypse-inciting, where-is-your-God-now natural disaster of the century that was (or wasn’t?) Hurricane Irene so, naturally, things at Webster Hall‘s Friday night Trash party were going to get a little weird. Well…take a look for yourself…

“Why is he looking at us like that?…Hey! You tripping balls, dude? What’s going on?…”

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Apocalypse now or never! Vuk played on a Bushwick roof top

The day before hurricane Irene was supposed to hit New York City, the end of the world was celebrated on a Bushwick roof top. Among the Artists performing that night was Vuk from Finland.

How did you survive the hurricane?

Hey Irene, Blow Me

Hurricane Preparedness

How did you survive Irene? Gorge yourself on canned goods? Swim in a bathtub of Poland Spring? Me? I evacuated, only to lose power in that apartment while my apartment stayed fine.

I disagree

Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York City 2011
Produced on the day that hurricane Irene hit the East Coast.


Pinkies out! There ain’t nothing wrong with killer tunes, a stellar view, and vodka cocktail specials on a Monday night. The folks over at Kanon have been keeping the guests of their Summer Sessions very happy all season with their organic vodka-fueled soirées in the disgustingly beautiful penthouse of the Mondrian Soho. Stay tuned to host Nicky Digital for details on their next event!

No, this is a birthday suit.

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Hurricane Guide by a Floridian

I’ll spare you from all the “This is nothing compared to where I’m from” triteness our Californian friends put us through during the earthquake. I’ve learned my lesson after talking shit about a little hurricane named Katrina that caused barely more than a drizzle over southwest Florida but subsequently destroyed New Orleans.

Here are the lessons I’ve learned after sitting through—or running from, in the case of Hurricane Andrew—after a dozen or so hurricanes.

1) Electric is going to go down so stock up on food that can stay out. If ConEd doesn’t have their act together, we could be without electric for days after the hurricane. Open up your fridge as rarely as possible because there is little worse than a fridge reeking of rotting foods in the heat. Try eating anything tonight or early tomorrow that would be a shame to let go bad. This also means at the very least that you’re going to need a cooler and ice to keep the beer cold that you will need to steady your nerves and pass the time.

2) Water stops working when the treatment plants go offline. Make sure you are showered and then fill up your bathtub with water. You’ll need this and a bucket to flush your toilet.

3) Towels, lots of them. There is something about hurricanes that bring out the leaks. Also, if you’re on the first floor, you’ll want them for your doorway. We’ve had a lot of rain to soak up already and depending on what quadrant of the hurricane hits us (the upper-right quadrant produces the biggest storm surge, strongest wind and most chance of tornadoes), we might get some serious flooding.

4) Batteries, water, etc. Charge your stuff. Buy Cheetos. You know this drill.

5) We use to tape a big X on windows so that if the glass did break, it would break into bigger pieces. This has been disproved, but I might do it, for old times sake.

6) Those plants on your fire escape? They are now flying projectiles. Bring them in now while you’re thinking about it. Anything outside that can be picked up and tossed around also needs to be secured.

7) Find a Florida friend that isn’t in the evac zone and get an invite to their hurricane party. We are all having them and will be complaining nonstop that we thought we had moved away from all this nonsense. But we will still be the ones with the best board games and the most beer. And the first ones playing outside when its deemed safe(ish).