Now Open: Antoinette Vintage on Grand St.


Miss the days of stealing from your Mom’s closet?  Well, look no further for that blissful nostalgia than the recently opened Antoinette— a vintage shop dedicated to the lost art of “borrowing” from your Mom.  The shop is named after owner Lexi Oliveri’s Mother who’s personal stash fills the store–every single piece comes straight from her closet, “My mom worked in the fashion industry in the late 1950’s for the well known NYC based French milliner Lilly Dache & collected so many great finds from the chicest stores while working in the city in those days” states Oliveri on the shop’s site.  And what a collection it is–with reasonably priced  pieces that span decades and a plethora of accessories and shoes  this shop more than deserves to be added to your Brooklyn vintage store favorites list if you have one of those and if you don’t,  Antoinette is certainly reason to get one started.

119 Grand St (just past Berry St.) ; Store hours: Mon. -Sat. 11-7 & Sun. 12-6

PSA: Save the Hipsters

We were trying to ignore this video, but now that Gothamist picked up the story and it specifically references Williamsburg…

Also, that’s a rather large bag of coke, hobo hipster. Dayum.

Tonight: a&r, Little Star Dweller, Bermuda Bonnie and Infernal Devices

Tonight, PopGun brings awesome Brooklyn-based bands a&rLittle Star DwellerBermuda Bonnie, and Infernal Devices home to Glasslands. The electro-pop cool starts at 8pm.

Image c/o PopGun Booking

“It’s no match for the great sword”

Uh, what the fuck?!

Summerscreen: “Party Time! Excellent!”

I’m not going to bore you with all the facts — just come check out Wayne’s World and a very special performance by Yellow Dogs TONIGHT at the McCarren Park ballfields… you know you can barley hold it together just thinking about the sing-a-long that awaits you!

Yellow Dogs go on at 7pm, movie starts at 8ish!

Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls Showcase at MHOW

Typically on Free Williamsburg we are busy documenting how the influx of children to the neighborhood is giving us hives–but not this time folks!  For now we applaud the little ones and the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls is giving us reason to do so.  The Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls is the Clinton Hill based music and mentoring program dedicated to the empowerment of girls  and women.  Girls aged 8-18 participate in a week long program to get savvy at their instrument of choice and will be showing off their new skills at the Camp’s rock showcase at Music Hall of Williamsburg this Saturday the 16th.  It will be as if  School Of Rock has come alive right before your very eyes, except that Jack Black (thankfully?) won’t be there to ham it up.   Purchase tickets here and help support this fantastic program, doors are at 11am and the show starts at 12pm.

While the camp is no longer taking enrollment for summer it is not too late for fall! If you have a lil lady in your life looking for a hobby get them involved in Willie Mae Rock Camp’s after school programs.

Check out some campers rocking out (appropriately) to Sleater-Kinney below:

Beyond the Burg: July 13 to July 20

image c/o someecards

A few weeks ago, “inter-borough dating” was a mini-trend among the New York blogosphere after How About We surveyed locals if they would dare bridge and tunnel it for love. Not surprising that, in a city of sexy things walking round every corner, a “yes” was predicated on level of hotness.  Oh New Yorkers, you so shallow.

But while some may be crossing the East River for romance, others have realized the single best advantage of doing the walk/bike/train/ferry of shame to true love – having a good time inventory scattered throughout the boroughs. According to Gothamist and The New York Post,  “double-borough dating” allows one to have their cake (Bushwick struggling musician?) and eat it too (Wall Street papi?). Whatevs. No judgment.

Anyways, this week is perfect for showing your special someones how you kinda care (but not enough to be exclusive or faithful or anything):

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Cults Base First Music Video on a Real Cult

Befitting their name, the video for Cults’s  “Go Outside” centers around the story of the People’s Temple cult lead by Jim Jones in the 1970’s. It features both kitschy and haunting original footage from daily life in the cult before the infamous 1978 Jonestown Massacre.

Already in heavy rotation on our summer playlist, after seeing the unique video for this song, we like it even more. We’ve drank the Kool Aid and it tastes good.

Go Outside, by Cults from Boing Boing on Vimeo.

The video’s director, Isaiah Seret, included this statement with the video:

To tell the story of Cults’ hauntingly beautiful track, “Go Outside”, I was inspired to bring the band inside the world of Jim Jones’ famous religious cult, Peoples Temple, and the eventual tragedy in Jonestown. Fortunately, when exploring the feasibility of this video I became acquainted with Fielding M. McGehee III, an expert on Peoples Temple history and the primary researcher for the Jonestown Archive. It is thanks to him and his encouragement that I was able to take on this project and through his support gained access to over two and half hours of home videos showing Peoples Temple in Jonestown. For this music video we didn’t want to put a spin on the footage or the peoples lives—instead we wanted to re-tell and humanize their story. In order to achieve this we used a combination of stock footage, visual effects and other tricks to embed the band into the historical footage. This was achieved through my collaboration with my visual effects supervisor Bill Gillman and my cinematographer Matthew Lloyd. Lastly, I am moved to say when we completed the video we were able to preview it for some of the survivors of the Jonestown Massacre, who expressed their appreciation of our focus on the lives of the People’s Temple members as opposed to exploiting the graphic images of the final tragedy.

In History and Memory,