Pictureplane – “Post Physical”

Pictureplane’s new album Thee Physical is out tomorrow on Lovepump United and just in time to get yr  trance-sexual grind on for summer!   In the meantime check out the video for banger, “Post Physical”  below for all your spliced spandex needs.    Oh, and it is imperitive that you get involved with the man himself this Saturday at 285 Kent Avewhere he will play alongside Teengirl Fantasy, Gatekeeper,  and GHE20 GOTHIK–it is sure to be an AWESOME show so ride the weird, friends.

[via Stereogum]

Restaurant Openings: Betto and The Meatball Shop

image c/o becomingbklyn.com

In case you haven’t tried them yet, there are two new high profile openings in the ‘burg. Now you can get your meatball on at The Meatball Shop or avoid the crowds at the slightly more under the radar Betto. Damn are there a lot of great places to eat in Williamsburg these days.

Music video: Theophilus London “Girls Girls $”

Remember when MTV used to show Liquid Television? This new Theophilus London video for the song “Girls Girls $” follows in the same style of pretty messed up cartoonography. It’s sort of reminiscent of the videos we’ve seen from Spank Rock and Das Racist, but bringing TL’s signature swagger to it, and pointing out what his main focuses are: 1) money, and 2) girls. (in no particular order)

Coco 66 shut down, owner arrested

Greenpoint’s generally cool hangout bar/music venue Coco 66 was raided, shut down and owner David Kelleran was arrested.

According to Gothamist:

It seems owner David Kelleran has been operating without a liquor license, and local police tell New York Shitty that the precinct “did a joint operation Saturday with the State Liquor Authority… The owner was arrested and all the liquor was order destroyed by the SLA.” According to one observer, $20,000 worth of precious, life-sustaining liquor was poured down the drain!

Apparently, Kalleran had been buying liquor from retail liquor stores instead of a distributor. It seems like it will be shut down for a long while, with the possibility of getting a liquor license looking pretty unlikely for the foreseeable future.

Williamsburg Bridge Acrobat Charged

c/o Gothamist

Since performing her high-flying antics atop the Williamsburg Bridge on Tuesday, 24 year old acrobat Seanna Sharpe, has her feet firmly planted on the ground and her wrists locked in handcuffs.

Sharpe was arrested for her impromptu performance and charged with a felony for reckless endangerment. In an interview with the New York Post she spoke out against the severity of her charges,”

“I’m a professional . . . The cars on the ground were more of a danger than I was,” she said at Rikers Island shortly before her bail was posted. “Statistically, I, as an aerialist, am less likely to die on my apparatus than you are in a taxi.”

Sharpe had been expecting criminal trespassing charges, a misdemeanor, because, “It’s a public bridge. I Googled it,” she told the Post.

She is currently out on bail that, according to one report, was raised by her online supporters in only 3 hours. Now Sharpe and her fans await with baited breath to see whether she will take the tumble or spring back from her latest exploit.

Sunday Pop-Up Market at Union Pool

Terrific Magazine hosts Pool Supplies, a pop-up marketplace, this Sunday at Union Pool from 2PM to 7PM. Ease your shopping saunter and [insert standard Union Pool hookup joke here] with drinks from the new outdoor booze shack, the famous taco truck and live DJs.

Image c/o Terrific Magazine

Ice Cream Saturday, Sunday, Everyday! YAY!

Naturally, hot and humid July is National Ice Cream Month (as designated by Ronald Reagan in 1984. For realsies). And apparently, various makers of this deliciousness are going to be scooping it down your Billyburg throats this weekend. Yum! So go and bask in this refreshing treat. Because what’s better than ice cream? NOTHING!

Image c/o Inc.




Ben & Jerry’s 2011 Scoop Truck Tour
Score a free scoop of that Cherry Garcia (or whatever you prefer) from the Ben & Jerry’s truck.
N. 6th (between Berry and Wythe)
11:30AM to 2:00PM

The foodie hit will be serving up several local variations on the ice cream theme.  Vendors include the latest buzz creamery Ample Hills as well as other faves People’s Pops, Raw Ice Cream, Early Bird Ice Cream, La Newyorkina, Kelvin Natural Slush, Chozen, Steve’s, Milk Made and Blue Marble.
Williamsburg Waterfront (between N. 6th and N. 7th at the East River)
9:00AM to 5:00PM




For some reason, the Coolhaus truck always eludes us…or calls it quits when a SummerScreen gets mini-tornadoed. Booo. However, we’ve been creepin’ on their Twitter feed, and turns out their ice cream sammies will be out in the Burg this Sunday…and every other Sunday thereafter!
Artists & Fleas, 70 N. 7th Street
10:00AM to 7:00PM

The Ice Cream Takedown
This one’s not in our hood, but 20-30 flavors of ice cream plus booze and a photo booth sound pretty damn tempting (even if it’s in Gowanus).
The Bell House, 149 7th Street
$15 [SOLD OUT]




Van Leeuwen
And of course, don’t forget this local go-to delight we all hit up on the regs.

Van Leeuwen (Truck)
Bedford Ave and N. 7th

Van Leeuwen (Store-Front)
632 Manhattan Ave (between Bedford and Nassau)

tUnE-yArDs and Austra played Pier 54

River Rocks” kicked off at Pier 54 last night with performances by tUnE-yArDs and Austra. I have everyone made it into the the show as the line outside the venue was insane. This must have been the biggest show on the Pier since Matt & Kim in 2009. Video edits of both artists are below.