TV on the Radio – Caffeinated Consciousness

You can also check out a remix of this song by Das Racist over at TVOTR’s MySpace. (that’s what was around before Google+, remember?)


While we obviously have a soft spot for Williamsburg, Manhattan isn’t all evil. Case in point: East Side Social Club at Blind Barber!

It’s okay, guys. They had a spotter.

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Silent Barn’s List of Stolen Gear

Image c/o Silent Barn's Facebook Page

As previously mentioned, $15,000 of audio equipment, house projects and personal belongings were stolen from Silent Barn. Below is a list of the major missing sound gear:

  • 2 powered QSC K8 speakers
  • 2 powered behringer Eurolive B1800D-PRO subwoofers
  • 1 Yamaha MG166CX 16-Channel Mixer
  • 1 snake with 8 XLR inputs and 4 1/4″” inputs
  • 2 Yamaha passive PA speakers (painted white)
  • Peavey Bass Cab
  • Two Peavy power amps
  • Soundcraft Spirit 4 mixer
  • Tape Decks
  • Ampeg bass amp BA 115 bass combo
  • Peavey bass combo amplifier
  • Silver Stanton USB turntable
  • behringer bcf2000 usb mixer
  • If you have information on these or other items taken from the venue, please email [email protected]


    Now, you can also help Silent Barn rebuild via Kickstarter.

    Beastie Boys – Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win

    Directed by Spike Jonze:


    Our free sangria brings all the boys (and girls) to the yard! The Yard at the Soho Grand, that is…

    The only way to do summer right is to double-fist it.

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    Silent Barn got robbed

    According to Silent Barn’s Facebook page:

    This weekend has been incredibly heartbreaking for all of us at The Silent Barn. On top of many issues that we’re currently dealing with, over the weekend our house was completely ransacked.  About $15k worth of audio equipment, house projects and personal belongings are gone.  The violence to the space is almost as upsetting as the theft.  Doors were ripped off of hinges, furniture ripped to shreds, and everything in the space strewn about in a sea of debris. We’ve lost 7 years worth of accumulated equipment, tools, and artwork donated and built by individuals from every end of the scene’s spectrum, and we’re still reeling with what this means for our own lives and the future of the space.  If you would like to find out what you can do, email [email protected]  We need your help to continue.

    Thank you for your concern over the last few days. It means as much to us as the space itself.

    – Castle Oscar, Momma, Kunal, Lucas, Nat, Jordan, James, Joe

    This video was also posted, encouraging people to stop the violence against DIY spaces. If you can help in any way, drop Silent Barn a line.

    Quote of the day…

    “The Catskills is the new Williamsburg. There, I said it! There is more artisanal pork being butchered there than anywhere else.” — John Flansburgh of the great, They Might Be Giants.

    Read the rest of the interview over at Gothamist where Flansburgh discusses the band’s new album “Join Us“,  Witch House and the Williamsburg Waterfront –among other things.  And, as if we need to remind you, They Might Be Giants will play the Waterfront for free next Friday the 29th with Comedian Eugene Mirman kicking things off.

    For now we leave you with TMBG’s first ever music video for the song “Put Your Hand Inside the Puppet head” which was shot at the Williamsburg Waterfront in 1986,  presumably before artisanal pork was being butchered in its vicinity.

    PHOTOS: Fun Haüs Relaunch @ Stay

    Last Wednesday, everyone’s favorite hump day party, Fun Haüs, relaunched at LES’s Stay Lounge, just in time for Eli Escobar‘s D.E.S.I.R.E. EP! With new scenery, new DJs, and a new feel, the reloaded Fun Haüs is sure to wipe away the Wednesday OH-DEAR-GOD-WHYs…

    Pebbles Baby Rox and Contessa Stuto

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