You Will Not See Anything More Idiotic Today…

…than these Brooklyn asshats cutting down a tree to steal a cheap-looking bike. [via]

Rabbis vs. Tank-tops

Photo by Aaron Short

In another bit of culture clash, members of Williamsburg’s Hasidic Jewish community are posting fliers around Southside reminding women not to show too much skin this summer.
Following a decree from the Central Rabbinical Congress, known for enforcing strict dress codes, the Yiddish language signs instruct orthodox Jewish women to refrain from wearing tank tops, short skirts, or any clothing to tight, or too skimpy. Clothing evidently isn’t the only issue of decency and virtue taken up by the congress. According to The Brooklyn Paper:

Last month, members of a neighborhood modesty group stapled posters to lampposts warning women against talking on cellphones in public and urging them to move to the other side of the street when a man is walking on the sidewalk.”

Williamsburgers are no strangers to a few differences in cultural tradition.  Over the years debates about bike lanes, billboards, rent, and woman’s rights have shown us the challenges of living in such a diverse city, and the importance of understanding and communication.

Morgane on Bedford Ave.

c/o Grub Street

Grub Street got the first look at Morgane, which they call a “touch of Balthazar on Bedford Avenue”. Here’s what they have to say:

If you happen to miss Casanis on the Lower East Side (and before that, on East 1st Street), worry not: Yesterday that bygone bistro’s chef-owner Sebastian Maczko opened a French joint right across the bridge, on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg. He’s teamed up with his partners in Chloe 81, Mike Townsend, Brooke Smy, and M Kouger (known to most as simply M), and together they’ve opened Morgane. As you can see here, the menu is straightforward French, with a few Schiller’s-esque comfort-food additions like the Cuban sandwich and macaroni and cheese. Other nods to McNally include design touches that seem to come straight from Balthazar, as well as baguettes and pastries that actually do come from Balthazar Bakery. Morgane has one thing none of McNally’s restaurants have, though — a lovely back garden. It’ll be open for lunch as well, in the coming days.

Fingers crossed the food will be good, we’re always a fan of a nice back garden.

Memory Tapes: “Yes I Know”

Williamsburg Bridge South path closing

Just as summer is beginning, and the choice of commuting by foot or bike is becoming a more viable option, the city is closing down the south pathway of the Williamsburg Bridge. According to Brooklyn Paper:

…beginning on June 13, bikers and walkers will be only able to use the S. Fifth Street gateway as city workers install new roadblocks on S. Sixth Street to prevent small cars from plowing through the entrance to the bridge’s cycle path.

So be careful out there – if you’re walking, be on the lookout for bikers; if biking, slow down when passing pedestrians. Or just re-route yourself and take the Manhattan or Brooklyn Bridge.

(Don’t ask how, but as I was Googling this issue, I came across the site You’re welcome.)

Bon Iver Stream

In case you missed it, the Times magazine did a piece on Bon Iver last week.

Schedule for PS1 Warm Up 2011

Blood Orange to perform PS1 Warm Up on Aug 20

It’s that time of the year again. PS1’s Warm Up series this year will feature Four Tet, Black Dice, Blood Orange and many more. Full schedule after the jump.

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Vans House Parties this summer

House of Vans in Greenpoint is going to be hosting a series of free all ages shows this summer. Only two of the six dates have lineups announced, but they are coming out with guns blazing. On June 30, No Age, Health, Cults and Ceremony will play. Then on July 14, it’s Superchunk, Off! and Lemuria. TBD are the lineups for July 24 and August 4, 18 and 25.

RSVP is required for these shows, so head over to the Vans House Parties site for that and to keep your eyes peeled for the bands playing those later shows.