Salem remixed Britney Spears

If you’ve been running around all week – working, partying, or day-drinking a bunch of Cinco de Mayo margaritas – take this opportunity to just slow down. Goth-y, dance-y weirdos Salem took Britney Spears’ “Til The World Ends” and basically made it sound like a whale song. Or an audio representation of the way a pot-heads brain works. It is paired with footage of strippers and nightvision military footage, which…makes sense? I guess?

Trix bar pays tribute to former topless lounge

In the continuing spirit of the ever changing Williamsburg neighborhood, a former topless lounge/go-go bar has been transformed into an upscale dinner restaurant/bar named Trix on Bedford Avenue and North 10th Street.

Here’s a picture of what the old lounge used to look like.

Trix serves small plates of American Nouveau cuisine, brunch on the weekends and drinks late into the night.

Check out the full listing here:

Trix. 145 Bedford Avenue. New York, NY 11211.

Ai Weiwei Sculptures Exhibit in NY

Dissident artist Ai Weiwei was not in attendance for the opening of his Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads sculpture unveiled today outside Central Park, across from the Plaza Hotel at Grand Army Plaza 5th Avenue and 60th Street. As an outspoken human rights advocate, and critic of the Chinese Communist Party Mr. Ai made enemies in the Beijing establishment and was taken into custody last month. He has been missing since his arrest. You can show your support for Ai’s release by signing this petition and coming to see this inspiring collection of modern sculpture.  Before returning to China, Ai lived in New York for many years, and attended Parsons School of Design.  According to Gothamist,  Ai said in a statement,

“My work is always dealing with real or fake, authenticity and value and how value relates to current political and social understandings and misunderstandings. However, because Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads is composed of animal heads, it’s a work that everyone can understand, including children and people who are not in the art world. I think it’s more important to show your work to the public. That’s what I really care about.”

Our favorite new beer hall: Spritzenhaus

c/o UrbanDaddy

The newly opened Spritzenhaus is a pretty awesome place. It’s 6,000-square feet and is equipped with 100 beer taps, a wood-burning oven, a marble bar, and pretzels, pizzas, and sausages are served to wash down your beer. When the weather is lovely there are outdoor “filling stations”, and for the colder months there’s a huge fireplace with ledged seating to keep you warm. Currently they’re serving a temporary menu, but the permanent one will be rolled out at the end of May.

Check out the full listing here:

Spritzenhaus. 33 Nassau Avenue. Brooklyn, NY 11222.

PHOTO GALLERY: throws an after party for YELLE’s Sold Out Show at Irving Plaza!

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Does the L train hate America or just this guy?

I do not think it is just general apathy causing these people to ignore the asshole trying to incite a “USA!” chant on the L train yesterday, after the news of Osama Bin Laden’s death. People generally do not want to be yelled at on the subway (or, anywhere). But this video of people rolling their eyes and giving the finger to this guy is probably going to be the new face of Williamsburg youth: bored and America-hating. Or, just annoyed.

Liturgy & Extra Life toured Europe

Watch Liturgy and Extra Life play AJZ Bielefeld, one of the oldest and longest running D.I.Y. spaces in Germany.

New Washed Out: “Eyes Be Closed”

From Sub Pop

Washed Out is the operational alias for Atlanta, GA’s Ernest Greene, and on July 12th, we at Sub Pop Records will be releasing the first Washed Out full-length, Within and Without. We are excited about this, to an almost unseemly degree. Greene recorded Within and Without with Ben Allen, who, among a great many other things, co-produced Animal Collective’s Merriweather Post Pavillion, Gnarls Barkley’s St. Elsewhere and Deerhunter’s Halcyon Digest. In 2009 Washed Out released two critically-acclaimed EPs; Life of Leisure (Mexican Summer) and High Times (Mirror Universe Tapes). Most recently, the Washed Out song “Feel It All Around,” from Life of Leisure, was chosen as the theme song for the new and very funny IFC series Portlandia, which features Saturday Night Live cast member Fred Armisen and Sleater-Kinney/Sub Pop alum and current Wild Flag member Carrie Brownstein.

MP3: Eyes Be Closed