Tonight: Bike-in Theater

Forking Tasty, the food fanatic pair of Jason and Anthony Anello, are bringing food, film, and foot-fueled, fossil fuel-free transportation together (too much of a stretch to get the alliteration there?) tonight when they bring a bike-in theater to Greenpoint. The movie is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and will be screened at India and West streets on the Greenpoint waterfront. The screening starts promptly at 8 pm. Here’s the info:

This first one is an experiment and we want you to be properly prepared. We admit to being a little bare bones, especially compared to our normal Forking Tasty Suppers, but we’ll step it up for future evenings.

1. We will have some popcorn on hand for your enjoyment. We’ll make as much as we can but it’s first come first serve. We highly encourage flavor sharing. For those Forking Tasty Supper fans, we are not providing a full dinner. Perhaps one day this becomes a Bike-In-Dinner-Theater. Baby steps for now.

2. We will have some water to sip on but feel free to bring your own drinks. Just a reminder that this is a public street and alcohol is not allowed to be publicly consumed.

3. There unfortunately isn’t a bathroom close by. Two blocks away are a bunch of bars which should do in a pinch.

4. Feel free to bring something to sit on. Blankets could work but there is not grass in this location. It’s all asphalt warehouse wall to warehouse wall. Plan accordingly.

5. In case of Rain, we will try for Sunday. In case of rain on Sunday we will try for next weekend. Don’t worry, we’ll let you know with a reminder email if the weather makes us push it out.

Greatest Hits “L Train Girl”

Greatest Hits give us this love song to every L train missed connection out there. Here’s a dancey song with a faux-retro video for their song “L Train Girl.” Towards the end, there is a breakdown in the song naming the first six Brooklyn subway stops. “Bedford, Lorimer, Graham, Grand, Montrose, Morgan, I’m the man.” OK. Sold.

Via Altered Zones.

Rachel Maddow Says We’re the Best New Thing In The World

Here’s the original post.

For the nine-millionth time, stop blaming “Hipsters” for the census.

Metro: Blame Hipsters for NYSigh. It happened again. After City Councilwoman Diana Reyna stated that “‘hipsters’ may be part of the cause” for the New York City’s inaccurate census results, the media went wild, with L Magazine bringing up the tired “hipsters are too cool” argument, and Metro NY going as far as to accuse hipsters of costing NYC billions of dollars in federal funding. (The Awl has a shot of the even-more inflammatory print headline here).

As we pointed out last April, the “hipster” areas of Williamsburg etc had census return rates that were about on par with the rest of the city, making this more of  a story of media sensation and less a story of substance. It also, as City Limits points out, blatantly ignores very real issues that get in the way of census returns: the fact that so many residents live in inaccessible-to-the-public apartment buildings, that so many residents live in illegally subdivided or sublet apartments, that undocumented immigrants may be less-than-willing to talk about their living situation with a government representative, or that the city’s population may indeed have plummeted due to the this-city-being-so-fucking-expensive-no-one-can-afford-to-live-here-anymore factor.

So can we get over this hipsters-hate-the-census thing already,  and move on to some real problems? Like how you can never reach Northside carservice on weekend mornings, or that it’s been almost two months, and the Weeknd has STILL only put out one mixtape?

ps – you all had better have actually filled out your damn census forms, otherwise I’ll look like a real big idiot.

Looking for New England: Haselore Kohl meets Controlled Bleeding

She doesn’t want to change the world, she’s just looking for New England…
…and she has made it as far as Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York City where world famous editoress and bun-rock jet-set queen Haselore Kohl met up with Controlled Bleeding‘s Paul Lemos last night to ask him her infamous three questions…

Citing modesty concerns, hipster website removes “sexually suggestive” male images from Sit Room Photo

Sorry folks, we were finding those images of a tense Obama and Biden too scintillating to handle.

Crazy Naked Racist Dude Gets Crazy Naked And Racist On Subway

This just reinforces why I don’t trust anyone who wears boxer shorts. Definitely NSFW:

St.Vitus Bar opened in Greenpoint – Liturgy played inaugural show

There’s a new joint for all you heavy rockers in Greenpoint going by the name of St.Vitus Bar. It’s a pretty sweet spot. Dark as hell and run by people that know what they are doing. No asshole security either. Believe it or not, everybody is actually super nice and treats patrons in an accommodating and respectful way. Last Friday Liturgy headlined St.Vitus’ inaugural show. Video of that is below. Check out the bar’s website for upcoming events. Next Saturday for example Supertouch is playing. Yes, that’s THE Supertouch, as in New York Hardcore legends.