Stream the new Cults record

Finally, after what feels like such a long time of being teased with a slow stream of singles, Cults are finally ready to give us their full-length debut. They got picked up by Columbia Records after putting out their Go Outside 7” early last year. On this self-titled album, the duo of Brian Oblivion and Madeline Follin manage to produce ’60s-tinged pop songs that are not of the spacey, Brian Wilson inspired but really just made for stoners genre. But more throwing back to the innocent and good ol’ fashioned fun. It manages to be a great indie pop offering just in time for us to play during every summer BBQ.

Stream Cults at NPR. The record is due out is due out May 31.

Smorgasburg Debuts Saturday On The Williamsburg Waterfront

image via NY Times

via Brooklyn Flea:

Starting May 21, we’re launching an all-food bonanza called “Smorgasburg”—every Saturday at the new Williamsburg site from 9am to 5pm. Smorgasburg (thank Brownstoner for the name and Camden for the awesome design) will feature 100+ food vendors—packaged, cooked, raw, Mason Jar’d, and more—as well as a bonafide GrowNYC Greenmarket with 15-20 farmers (see lineup below).

We’ll have lots of updates in the weeks to come (sign up to receive news at; follow us on Facebook and Twitter). But right now what we want are the very best food vendors/purveyors/growers anywhere to apply for Smorgasburg, so we can create the next phase of local/regional market, and also make the tastiest/healthiest/friendliest food available to as many people as possible.

Click here for map.

We’re fine with the world ending, now that we’ve seen the Fleet Foxes perform live

If the streets of Williamsburg felt a little empty the past two nights, it’s not because The Rapture struck New York’s hipster elite a few days early. The real culprit for the L-train exodus: cult favorite Fleet Foxes, which played two sold-out shows way, WAY uptown at the massive United Palace Theater venue Wednesday and Thursday night. The converted movie theater (which has been characterized as “Byzantine-Romanesque-Indo-Hindu-Sino-Moorish-Persian-Eclectic-Rococo-Deco” ) holds 3,293 people — that’s an awful lot of facial-haired, horn-rimmed glasses-wearing 20-somethings migrating to the northern tip of the city.

The six members of Fleet Foxes fit that description to a tee, but the Portland-based band’s image took a backseat to what these guys are really known for: lush, pure acapella harmonies coasting seamlessly into a neverending rotation of string instruments (which – impressingly – several members of the band often switched mid-song).

“We just randomly met Art Garfunkel,” frontman Robin Pecknold told the audience after a few opening songs. “He was like, ‘Hey there, I heard you guys have been copying my style…”

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Self-Proclaimed Hipster Sets up “Hipster Church” in New York’s Least Hip Neighborhood

Hipster ChurchListen all you godless heathens, your gig is up. Reverand Gage Jung, has gone and set up a church for you. A hip church. Where they hand out Hipster Church wristbands on the street, read the bible on their iphones, and mingle while listening to Arcade Fire and MGMT.

This church is in a Sheraton Hotel in Flushing, Queens.

No word yet on how the Revolution Church, that meets in Pete’s Candy Store, will react, or if we can expect a skinny-jeaned holy war to hit the ‘hood any time soon. But rest assured that, when the rapture comes on Saturday morning you’ll have not one, but two places to run to and repent your sins. Plus side? Should you not get raptured, *both* churches conveniently come with built-in bars.

H/T Daily News

Watch Bethany from Best Coast Talk About, Play a Show for, Planned Parenthood

Did you hear? Everyone’s favorite cat-lady band, Best Coast, jumped on the Planned Parenthood train this week, putting out a video about why the group is so important and announcing they’ll play a benefit show with  country-punk group Those Darlins this summer.

As if you needed a reason aside from the fact that this is the only not-sold out (well not yet) show the band is playing in NYC this summer, tickets to the show are a direct donation to the Planned Parenthood of New York City Action Fund, which does important things like make sure we don’t have politicians in office that hate your lady parts.

Skeletons release new video clip “More Than the One Thing”

Check out Skeletons‘ new music video below. The band just recently released their new albumPeople“.

Smorgasburg Vendors Announced

Smorgasburg is launching this Saturday! There is going to be so much delicious food along the Williamsburg waterfront. The New York Times just posted a list of all the vendors confirmed to be in attendance.
Here are our goals with Smorgasburg: directly connect local/NYC purveyors with regional farmers/producers; make good, fresh, affordable food accessible to as many people as possible; provide purveyors and farmers with a platform to sustain their businesses; and create a market that makes eating and buying food fun, democratic, and easy.

Read the full list of vendors and their descriptions over at The Times. And maybe start fasting now, because you’ll be stuffing your face all day on Saturday.

Last Night Vol.9: Vivian Girls

The Vivian Girls played a homecoming show last night at 285 Kent Ave, the warehouse right next to Glasslands. Below is a video edit of the songs “I Have No Fun” and “Death”.